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Point Clear….

I found where God lives….don’t believe me??? I knew you wouldn’t.  That’s okay! You believe what you want and fuck you if you can’t take a joke.  I sit here in room 4122. At the Grand Hotel Marriott Resort. It’s a very famous hotel.  It’s in a register called the Historic Hotels of America 2016 Annual Directory. It’s on page 11 in the directory. Famous people have stayed here.  Margaret Thatcher, Dolly Parton, Patti LaBelle, Colin Powell, and Barbara Bush to name a few. Jesus may have left Chicago and was bound for New Orleans but he musta got lost and took a left at Bayou Labatri or somewhere and wound up at Point Clear.  He musta ran outta gas. Or road??? And He said to himself, Self, Let’s chill. Okay. Cause the world ends right here and begins right here. I found where he lives…HA! Can I get an Amen???

Cause I’m a Traveller…so you now know  I”m crazy, right. I”m a true hilly-billy. Hick, redneck, and please keep thinking that. You were right all along.  Please don’t come to see this place. I made it all up.  So leave us alone throw that damn thing away. And just fly the fuck over.  Please…..but do you want to think…. think…. think…..

I’ve been in this neck of the woods before.  And I always knew it was great. But yesterday something happened. I went to Atmore, AL and someone stole my cell phone or maybe I lost it??? I was upset and thought about going home.  You see, I got spontaneous and took a road trip. So, I decided I wanted to gamble. Because I felt lucky. Whoops…my luck ran out.. Nope, who gives a shit about the phone. Bought me a new one, a throwaway.  So I headed south on 65. And at exit 54 I saw the sign Poarch Creek Indian Reservation. Really, wtf….who cares??? So I said I’m in no hurry. I’m gonna see what’s on the reservation.  Not much, cows, grass, pasture, people. I didn’t see any Indians…but you know what I took away??? It was like a flashing neon sign in my brain. Maybe??? It had arrows in it. What’s the neon sign??? WE Are fully self-supporting…huh???

Yes, they have everything we do. They have a doctor, a dentist, a sheriff, a police station, and I saw one gas station.  My point??? They take care of each other, they buy from each other, and help each other, and support one another. Google Poarch Creek Indians, Atmore, Alabama.  I did and this is what I learned The Poarch Creek Indians did not give up their fucking land. Were not removed from their tribal lands and have lived together for 200 years in and around Atmore.

The Poarch Creek tribe is the ONLY federally recognized tribe in ALA-Bama, Forrest Forrest Gump!!! How do you get recognition Forrest…. well two ways actually….do something remarkable…. or say NO to the Federal Govenment…this is my shit and you know what Ringo…I hate to disappoint you but this ain’t the first fucking time I’ve had a gun pointed at me…and this is my shit… and if you’re gonna take it, one of us is going to die or a bunch of us…. so motherfucker….look into my eyes… and if you are willing to die…..let’s get it on…because all my brothers, sisters, standing behind me… feel the same….they may be scared but they are willing to back my fucking play..cause like I said you gotta take a stand…somewhere, sometime, and this is that fucking moment….I am willing to die right now….ARE YOU!

I want that to be me…..That’s a bold motherfucker.  And I want to say to him. You’re God.

Can I play too!!? I’ve got your back.  Cause I damn well know he’s got mine. I wouldn’t even hesitate.

The sun is just peaking over the horizon this morning at 5:38 a.m. as I look to the east at Point Clear. I see THE point.  It clear as the upcoming day….I spent years waiting for my ship…to come in…and this morning I realize it already has…..and…..I know what I need… a Ghost Writer… A best friend…a partner in crime…a soulmate…someone who wants to have a little fun…Do you know anyone like this??? Cause I intend to have room service….forever…….Thanks T…..

And you can check out anytime but you can never leave……cause no one will ever forget you……Eagles

Roger G Hayes

2/8/16 6 am 8:18 am to

Fat Tuesday 5:48
Out of the blue, out of the night

You came along and you changed my life

You got me feeling things, I swear I never felt before

You looked at me, that’s all it took

You read my heart like an open book

Well, it was true love- right from the start

True love- straight from my heart

True love- ain’t no doubt about it, baby

True love- now I can’t live without it

Before I met you, baby, I was alone

Thought I was happy livin’ on my own

But now I realize this world was made for two, like me and you

With you by my side, everything’s fine

There ain’t no mountain, sugar, we can’t climb

We got a true love- that’s all we need

True love- it’s got a lifetime guarantee

True love- so hard to find

True love- put your heart on the line now

True love- makes every day a little brighter

True love- makes every burden just a little lighter

True love- it’ll make you be a better man

If you had true love, you’d understand

Out of the blue, out of the night

You came along and you changed my life

You got me feeling things, I swear I never felt before

You lift me up, you make me strong

You give me lovin’ lastin’ all night long

When it’s a true love- right from the start

True love- straight from my heart

True love- need you here beside me baby

True love- need your love to guide me

True love- I can’t deny this feelin’ no no matter how hard I try

I just know what I feel, and it’s a true love

She’s my baby, she’s my girl

She changed my life, oh, she changed my world

She’s my buttercup, oh, fill me up

Talkin’ about love, talkin’ about love, it’s gotta be a true love

Glenn Frey

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