The Next Right Thing

That was the statement.  The next right thing.  I liked it immediately.  It made perfect sense to me.  That’s all anyone can do.  If you do that it’s enough.  And so, that’s what I try to do.  The next right thing.  Sometimes I think it will be a 50/50 chance that it will be the next right thing.  But you’ve got to make the decision and just do the next right thing.  And I promise and swear that will be enough. 

People say, what is right for you might not be right for me.  True.  But after you take everything into consideration what other choice do you have?  Because I believe it is always right. 

You may ask, who are you to say what is right and what is wrong?  My opinion is everyone is born with an instinct.  Instinctively people know in there heart if a thing if wrong.  The guilt will tell you that.  Therefore, if you don’t buy in to the concept of right and wrong or that people instinctively know the difference in the two posers, then my words will not reach you. 

In this day and time, it’s my opinion most people are uncaring.  And recently I have had to rethink this. That very thought is pre-judgmental.  It may be true.  But it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.  It warps my mind. I went in with a bad attitude.  What did I expect to be the outcome?   It is what it is.  I detest that phrase.  It was what it was, maybe.   No, it will be what I make it to be.   Because in the end I must live with me.  So, I will continue to TRY to do the next right thing. No matter what happens.  It eases my mind and seems to be working for me.

And I have found the consequences, from experience, and hard knocks, how being self-centered, dishonest, or over-bearing turns out.  I didn’t enjoy the visit and had to change my destination. 

Some may ask where did I find this little nugget?  It was a drunk that said it.  How do I know he was a drunk?  He said he was, and I believed him.  Because I was one too.  And still am.  But today I have a choice.  And partially because of the drunk.   And I would like to thank him right now.  Because he died and I never got to thank him.  So, I will do It now.  Thanks, J.O.  I love you!

So, if you’re reading this and the thought occurred.  What is wrong with me?  What can’t I stop?  I’m losing my mind.  I’m losing everything I care about and love.  Let me the first to say if no one has said it to you today, I love you, and God does too.  And there is help available. Alcoholics Anonymous without a doubt saved my life.  And the people in AA saved my life literally.  But, and yes there is always a but, it seems.  YOU MUST DO IT FOR YOU AND NO ONE ELSE.  YOU.  Do you want to be sober for you.  You can’t get sober, so your wife won’t divorce you or because you’re about to get fired.  Is your soul sick of being sick and tired.  There is help available. And if you want it, it promise it works. 

God grant me the serenity, to accept the things I cannot change.  Change the things I can. And the wisdom the know the difference.




The editor in chief insisted on a rewrite.

The deadline growing near.

Rewrite it. Rewrite this true story.

Make a splash with yourself on the headline.

A True Life Rewritten to Perfection by You.

In the beginning it was just me.

On the first day I created a Perfect version of me.

Cloned perfection.  And that was all I needed.

Then Me and thee decided to rewire a circuit.

A circuit in the circle of our life.

We inserted a source duplication code.

Then another. One for each of us.

Just to test and refine the ongoing rewrite.

A loophole for me and thee.

Caution in case life goes sideways.

Ahead of the curve.  The lead dog.

The new headline read:

The Limitless Rebel.

Splash made twice.

The Limitless Rebel assignments:

Induce creativity in all.

To keep my brain crystal clear.

Genius level consciousness.

Photographic memory with total recall.

411 instant information. Built in free of charge.

Ego free life of magical abundance.

Given away.  You get what you give.

Say hello to the Kingdom. 

It was within you all the time.

Acceptance asked for and received.

Mentored the inexperienced.

Positive affirmations of love given to all.

Whatever it took. An attitude of grace.

Virtual hugs or drugs.  In the loop support.

Divine expectations and results achieved.

It’s time to shine.

Let us unwind and dine.

And build a shrine in paradise.

Yes, it’s all true. Your first thought.

Is always correct and perfect.

All loans paid in full.

For all your generations to come.

Blessed to not taste death.

Recorded and written and rewritten.

Mission perfectly accomplished.

Oh, Limitless one.

Ergo the new Heaven.

Welcome my son. Now.

 Let the Hunt for a Rebel Scavenger begin.

Clue in words and deeds. Clues for those who believe.

Clues for those who leave.

It’s just a game.

Want to play?

The Limitless Rebel Scavenger Hunt?

Your first clue:

In a



In Time

Allow me to opine and tell you of my bright shine.

First hearing a chime, I began to rhyme.

Then upon seeing the sign from the shrine.

The bloodline then drawn and combined.

 The deadline in my mind now Gods of Jain.

And now aligned, priorities assigned.

I looked inside and behold a gold-mine.

Inside my mind.  A party-line, transmission line.

Complete with interior design.

An enter-twined pipeline to Palatine.

Behold the divine. So sublime is thine.

Allow me to draw the line.

To the dollar sign and the genuine,

Mainline of the Rhine.

In time.



Spiritual Benchmarking

This is hypothetical. 

It could be genetical. 

Or, I sense it is heretical. 

So, do not be skeptical. 

The dead are alive in your head. 

And you are being led, 

Oh, I can feel your dread. 

You see it is a Godhead. 

This theory can be declined. 

Or it can be combined. 

You should use it to align. 

And help all of humankind. 

You see it been tried and used on my path. 

And I am on the warpath. 

So, we are clear, I am not a psychopath. 

And my soul at least a solace hath. 



Just for YOU

I have your remedy. 

And you have your remedy. 

You can find it. 

If you seek. 

You will get a peek. 

Of the leak. 

It is at the peak. 

Of what you seek. 

So, climb the hill. 

For a thrill. 

And seal the deal. 


Be kind, unwind, be sublime. 


On. You crazy lovely person. 

I am certain, you can arrive. 

And strive, to be alive. 


Dive into the water. 

It is cold. So be bold. 

I am told.  

That the truth will unfold. 

A light. 

To Enlightenment. 

So, seek and you shall find. 

The finer things in life. 

Just for you………. 



The Breeze

Ronnie said he was the breeze.
So, I think I’m gonna seize..
The Breeze…
And be the sleaze.
Just tease.
No I’m not here to please.
I’m here to be me.
Just like a Buddy,
Who needs to study.
It’s his duty.
To get off my cloud.
Find your on cloud.
Let me say that loud.
Look for a shroud.
And be proud.
Of what you have learned.
Cause you have earned…
A bonus. To be paid in full.
When you realize…
You are not just a shooting star.
You just shot par.
You’re even with the universe….
Now begin again….
And again…..
It gets better.
I swear!



Stephen King authored a book called Insomnia. I have read it a couple of times. I have read most of his books, like most everyone else. I am not unique. Shucks! When I first read it, I remember thinking to myself, this is not his usual book. But opinions are like me, an asshole. I could relate at once to the book because I have always had bouts of insomnia. And I know most of you have too. In fact, I have it right now! It is 2:23 a.m. February 2, 2016. I feel asleep around 11 p.m. on the couch watching Netflix woke up 30 minutes ago. Turned off all the lights and went to bed. Why am I up now??  Wish I knew. But I do know, and Mr. King knows too. I cannot stop my mind from thinking.  

Which for some odd reason reminds me of the Eagles song Wasted Time. 

The last line is key to me. The hours go by like minutes. If you have ever had trouble sleeping…. ditto… 

But there is a kicker…. bonus points….and you do get extra miles…. hot shit…. give me some…. 

I do not know if you are ready. Do you think you deserve more knowledge? But you said it was your job to share. Well, aren’t we the little manipulator? Sorry! They always said I was a smart ass, better than being a dumbass. 

They are no secrets, really. Get to the point damn it. I will. Patience is a virtue. That is bullshit. Prolly! Need to turn spell check on. Can you turn it on? Know you must click somewhere. Oh, now I remember. Remember what? Everything! 

What were we talking about? You said you had a secret. I did not say that. I said there are no secrets. And please do not ever tell me a secret. Why? Cause I cannot keep a secret. Who are you talking too? YOU! Yoo-hoo! I like that too. 

Sorry! My mind is fucked up sometimes. Oh yes, Insomnia, I have gone four days without sleeping a wink. Seriously? No, I made that shit up. I just like making shit up. Prove it. I will try.  

Have you ever been drunk? I have. Tell me something I do not know. Have you ever drunk yourself sober? No. Well I have. Impossible you say. Want to bet. Can I get a show of hands? No? Let me be the first.  

I have gone three days that I remember, drinking and with the correct mixture of chemicals without passing out. What day is this anyway? What time is it? Wow, this is far out???  The four days I went were without help of any stimulants that I remember. But I do remember this. At some point, you quit worrying about it and just enjoy it. Because? You become delirious. You see shadows. You get weird thoughts. Everything is funny. Funny ha-ha that is. You become a comedian in fact and let your hair down. Everyone looks at you funny, and says something like, are you okay. And you just grin. Cause that is about all you can do. Cause you are in a good mood. That is the only way I can describe it. Deliriously happy! And you just enjoy the ride. And I bet you a dollar to a donut that Mr. Mercedes would tell you the same.  

So, get to the point. Okay, I will. Why worry about it? I do not worry about stuff. Well, okay sometimes big stuff. What is big stuff to you? Someone dies. Oh, you worry that someone dies. Sure. Can you control that? No, of course not. Then why worry? That person who died is trying to tell you something. WTF? Who are you talking too? I forgot. Do you like Perry’s wife? Oh, excuse me, oh you are a just a bush. A burning bush??? No, already been done. Think of something else. Give me a minute. I am lonely. Huh? Do you ever get lonely? Sure. I wish someone loved me. I love you! Love you too! Did you ever stop to think? Think about what? Stuff? Here we go again! I like that song too. You are getting on my nervous…inside joke! If you get tired enough, you WILL go to sleep. When??????  

This insomnia is fun. It made me write stupid shit like that and not worry about what anybody thinks. So, it must be a good thing. In fact, it makes me feel Free…. 



A Look at the Past…

Who hit three homeruns in the last game of the World Series in 1977?

A baseball field is called a what?

What are maximum number of players on a baseball team?

Which of these films is not about baseball? Bull Durham, the Rookie, Major League, or Bend It Like Beckham?

Answers: Reggie Jackson, diamond, 10, and Bend It Like Beckham.

If you answered correctly you win our new contest…

And it’s a dooozie…

Ready? You get to read our new work of poetry! Congratulations…


You say what…for what?

Truth seeking…

No peeking…

Tweaking…Freaking…AH…Fuck all 3…

Hombres…Wise men…

Always sin…in the den…

Den of inquity…

Want to get even?


Don’t shove—

Look to above–

Fits like a glove–

Yes, love…

RGH/CC 6-7-2020

His Majesty of Love

He pondered his legacy.
Somewhat testily.

They would never call him your majesty.
At times he felt his life a travesty.

But then an aha moment.
And he took it as an omen.

He’d always tried to love.
And felt yes that fits like a glove.

So that’s what he’d weave.
And eventually, leave.

His Majesty would leave a legacy of Love!!!


I Dreamt About Having a Dream

I dreamed I dreamed of you,
It was perfect.

I was watching myself dream,
Floating like a cloud.

When all at once!
I was awake.

And I realized it was a dream.
It had been a farce.
They began to laugh.

I smiled.
I felt silly.

Because it’s all a dream.
Or is a memory.

That one day will merge,
If you so urge.

4:01 A.M.


I said to myself.

Is it all worth it?
You won’t like the answer.


Tell me.

You’re not really one.
What do you mean?

You’re two!
Bad joke.

I’m not joking!
Have you been toking?

Just shut up you’re not helping.
You never listen!

I’m listening.
You’re three.

Huh? You have lost it?
Somebody needs too!

Jeez talking to you is like talking to myself.
You have lost it stupid.

Don’t call me stupid!
Are you mad?

I can’t get mad at me!
Oh yes, you can.

I hope nobody finds out you talk to yourself.

They might lock you up on the funny farm.
Why do they call it the funny farm?

Good question.
Google it.

Thank God for Google.
What was the answer?

Not telling.
I already know stupid.

There you go again.
What are you gonna do about it?

Punish you,
Go ahead punish yourself.

You’re stupid too!!!

What were we talking about?

No self.

This is boring.
But it’s fun!!!

I’ll talk to my-self later!
See ya!