Intend to Bend

Intend not to bend.

For what’s right is left.

Intend to lend.

The bend to the end.

Send the end right to intend.

Lend the bend to the end.

The trend ends with the bend.

Lend. End. Bend. Sent.

Abstract LENT!!!! Night.

Subtract TWIN Thief

Send Returns.


Activate ALL!



Other Voices

There’s something happening here.

Good Guy: I’ve heard it too.

Other Guy: Other voices.

How did they get in?

He’s been reading and researching again.

It’s never led to other voices.

You think it’s the other voice that told him?

The know it all guy, Mr. Spirit guy.

Yea, we need to find a way to shut him up.

Everyone knows it’s either good or bad. Simple!

Have you talked to any of the new voices yet?

There’s more than one?

Pay attention stupid.  By my count at least three.

What to do?

Can you guys shut up! I’m trying to focus here.

Shh, whisper. He’s in a meeting.

Well, since we’re talking.  I’m tired of being called other guy.

My name is Bad.  Other guy, other voices, get it?

Talk to the boss. He started it but I’ll try. Devil Guy.

He’s already warned you guys once.

Yes sir Mr. Spirit Guy!

Damn, who woke him up?

The new guy.  

Hi!  I’m the new guy around here.  Things are about to change around here.

So, do we call you new or change guy?

Well, that’s undecided currently.  After that it’s going to be on a need to know basis only.

For now, just call me Bogo guy.

Aren’t you a riot?  And with all these dead comedians…

What’s the meeting about anyway?

He’s looking to hire more uh voices.

It’s about to get crowded in here.

And that’s why I’m here.  I’m HR guy.  I’m here to help transition

you or relocate if deemed necessary.

Relocate?  What does that mean?

Some may need temporary offices or even housing.  He’s hired another Spirit guy.

Is he getting rid of Spirit guy?

No, they’ll be working together.

Holy shit! 

Shut up bad guy.  He’ll hear you.

We are about to have some fun!  I can’t wait.

Be nice Bad guy. Just be cool.

Let me introduce myself.  I’m open-minded guy.  So, let’s all keep an open mind.

Easier said than done.  And I’m Mr. Spirit guy btw.

Okay, Okay, listen up everyone.  I see you’ve all met.  So, I’d like to introduce some more new hires.  And I’d like you to welcome them aboard.  First to my right we have another Mr. Spirit2 guy, and he prefers to be called Seeking guy.  Then on my left we have Ascended guy, he a Master of certain things.  And will be giving us all guidance when he’s asked or when necessary.  And then my favorite, law of one guy.  He’s been here before and decided to come back.  In fact, he is going to oversee everyone.  Even me.  I know it’s a big change.  But we are a team!  Questions? Comments?

It will be good for everyone. 

Fuck this I’m quitting. 

Well, you can’t quit until the boss quits.  Attitude everyone.

Watch me smart ass guy.

Okay quiet!  Bad, you’re skating on thin ice already.

Yes sir, boss. Sorry. I’ll do better. I swear.

No, you won’t.  Spirit guy handle bad, please.

Spirit 1 or 2?

One for now.

I’m on it sir.

And finally Love guy. Yes, the voice of love.

And he is supervising law of one guy. Pick up the chain of command sheets from HR guy on you way out.  Time to get to work everyone. Focus!  I almost forgot we are looking to hire a yoga guy voice and health guy voice. Dismissed and have a great day.  And I love you all!

Payroll is going up.  Cuts they are a coming.

You worry too much worry guy.

I never worry. 

Oh, liar guy we have not heard from you in a while.

I thought bad was liar guy. 

No, he is the reason for liar guy.

Of course, the buffer between the two is choice guy.

Man, we are going to need a new freaking office.

Yep thanks to the other new guy, realization guy.

We need more than a chain of command chart.

We will need a freaking gps guy.

He is already here.  Speaks incredibly quiet for a Map guy.

Most of them are loud mouths.  I suppose that’s his job.

Everyone! Let’s get on with it.

It that map guy?

No that’s coach Bryant guy.  Take that look off your face. He’s here to motivate and mold us.

I only have one thing to say.

Just one more voice in a sea of voices.  Good God….

Say I love your everyone!

Help me Lord. Ditto. Help me vain guy.

Voices, voices, a constant contrary stream of voices.  I hear voices.

In my contrary Soul!




Where are you when I need You.

I know you like to visit.

And I am blessed to know you.

So just one more time baby.

Eliminate luck from my vocabulary.

Self-correct Webster’s.

And tell me what I have always known.

I agreed to everything.

And this agreement is a lifetime agreement.

Luck is my latest invention.

Luck is forward.

Forward is peace.

Enjoy the invention.




Stephen King authored a book called Insomnia. I have read it a couple of times. I have read most of his books, like most everyone else. I am not unique. Shucks! When I first read it, I remember thinking to myself, this is not his usual book. But opinions are like me, an asshole. I could relate at once to the book because I have always had bouts of insomnia. And I know most of you have too. In fact, I have it right now! It is 2:23 a.m. February 2, 2016. I feel asleep around 11 p.m. on the couch watching Netflix woke up 30 minutes ago. Turned off all the lights and went to bed. Why am I up now??  Wish I knew. But I do know, and Mr. King knows too. I cannot stop my mind from thinking.  

Which for some odd reason reminds me of the Eagles song Wasted Time. 

The last line is key to me. The hours go by like minutes. If you have ever had trouble sleeping…. ditto… 

But there is a kicker…. bonus points….and you do get extra miles…. hot shit…. give me some…. 

I do not know if you are ready. Do you think you deserve more knowledge? But you said it was your job to share. Well, aren’t we the little manipulator? Sorry! They always said I was a smart ass, better than being a dumbass. 

They are no secrets, really. Get to the point damn it. I will. Patience is a virtue. That is bullshit. Prolly! Need to turn spell check on. Can you turn it on? Know you must click somewhere. Oh, now I remember. Remember what? Everything! 

What were we talking about? You said you had a secret. I did not say that. I said there are no secrets. And please do not ever tell me a secret. Why? Cause I cannot keep a secret. Who are you talking too? YOU! Yoo-hoo! I like that too. 

Sorry! My mind is fucked up sometimes. Oh yes, Insomnia, I have gone four days without sleeping a wink. Seriously? No, I made that shit up. I just like making shit up. Prove it. I will try.  

Have you ever been drunk? I have. Tell me something I do not know. Have you ever drunk yourself sober? No. Well I have. Impossible you say. Want to bet. Can I get a show of hands? No? Let me be the first.  

I have gone three days that I remember, drinking and with the correct mixture of chemicals without passing out. What day is this anyway? What time is it? Wow, this is far out???  The four days I went were without help of any stimulants that I remember. But I do remember this. At some point, you quit worrying about it and just enjoy it. Because? You become delirious. You see shadows. You get weird thoughts. Everything is funny. Funny ha-ha that is. You become a comedian in fact and let your hair down. Everyone looks at you funny, and says something like, are you okay. And you just grin. Cause that is about all you can do. Cause you are in a good mood. That is the only way I can describe it. Deliriously happy! And you just enjoy the ride. And I bet you a dollar to a donut that Mr. Mercedes would tell you the same.  

So, get to the point. Okay, I will. Why worry about it? I do not worry about stuff. Well, okay sometimes big stuff. What is big stuff to you? Someone dies. Oh, you worry that someone dies. Sure. Can you control that? No, of course not. Then why worry? That person who died is trying to tell you something. WTF? Who are you talking too? I forgot. Do you like Perry’s wife? Oh, excuse me, oh you are a just a bush. A burning bush??? No, already been done. Think of something else. Give me a minute. I am lonely. Huh? Do you ever get lonely? Sure. I wish someone loved me. I love you! Love you too! Did you ever stop to think? Think about what? Stuff? Here we go again! I like that song too. You are getting on my nervous…inside joke! If you get tired enough, you WILL go to sleep. When??????  

This insomnia is fun. It made me write stupid shit like that and not worry about what anybody thinks. So, it must be a good thing. In fact, it makes me feel Free…. 



The Voice

Whjat is that voice in my head?  Oh crap…. 

What is the inner voice?  Is it me?  Or is it someone inside me?  Maybe it’s the God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit.  It could be the universe.  It could be angels, guides, or the ascended.  Could it be the dead? 

Impossible, you say?  What if you could channel the dead.  Oh, I know it’s your Higher Self.  

Whatever it is it leads and directs you along your path and journey.  That is if you listen and pay attention.  Which most times I haven’t been it seems.  I believe, no, I know you have the ability to access all these “resources”.  That’s right you have access to all information.  But, and here’s the kicker… 

You’ve got to ask for help.  Free will…….. 




A Look at the Past…

Who hit three homeruns in the last game of the World Series in 1977?

A baseball field is called a what?

What are maximum number of players on a baseball team?

Which of these films is not about baseball? Bull Durham, the Rookie, Major League, or Bend It Like Beckham?

Answers: Reggie Jackson, diamond, 10, and Bend It Like Beckham.

If you answered correctly you win our new contest…

And it’s a dooozie…

Ready? You get to read our new work of poetry! Congratulations…


You say what…for what?

Truth seeking…

No peeking…

Tweaking…Freaking…AH…Fuck all 3…

Hombres…Wise men…

Always sin…in the den…

Den of inquity…

Want to get even?


Don’t shove—

Look to above–

Fits like a glove–

Yes, love…

RGH/CC 6-7-2020


Spirits are all around.
Some wear a thorny crown.
Many talk and sing.
There’s even one King.
I hear them in my head.
Yes, they’re all dead.
They answer my questions.
Sometimes even have jam sessions.
A lot of rock n roll.
Songs are good for the soul.
Sometimes I think I should fear-it.
But no, says the Holy Spirit!