I was in possession of something that was gone.

Long gone.

Catch my drift?

Let us sift.

And drift. Just me and you.

Getting high getting high.


 Why not?

Sigh. Because it was there.

So, I started to climb.

The mountain of majestic why.

Cause I was high.

Mom don’t sigh.

I’m not going to die.

I must have some.

Some what?

That what I thought.

Then I had another one.

One what.

One thought.

I thought you told me about that thought.

I thought I did too.


Sought.  I thought I forgot.

Whew! Thought. Sought.

Fraught with thought.

Why. Why not?

The damn loop.

What about it?

That’s what I thought.


Absolutely nothing.

You’ve found it.


The why!(Smile)

A very thin disguise.

It’s just a loop you know.

(SMILE) {insert simile here}.




It was Simple

Ok, you can’t be serious all the time. Hope this brings a smile to your face and not you know what. Mentioned below.
Sometimes I wonder where this stuff comes from. lol

It was simple.
Popping that pimple.

It looked sort of like a temple.
That pimple.

And it was as big as a blimp-le?
That pimple.

But it went out like a whimple.
That darn pimple.