A Conversation with Myself

I don’t understand.

Self: What is it?


Self: I know but try to tell me.


Self: How do you like me now.

Not very much.

Self: That’s your problem.

You are not very helpful.

Self: We made it this far.

Just shut up.

Self: No can do.

I know how to shut you up.

Self: Tell me again you can only have a couple.

I dislike you very much.

But anyway, how come if the covid thing is over Taco Bell still wears masks.

Self: It’s a thing called liability. Just being cautious.  Plus, there trying to protect their employees.

Yea, sure…

Self: Then what’s it about big guy?

They planted the seed of fear and they are just keeping it fertilized.

Until the next crisis they hype. 

Self: You are very distrusting.

I mean come on it’s either safe or not. 

I would think differently, but I don’t even know anyway who had it.

I didn’t even see that much talk on Mask-book. Lol

Self: I like that. 

I don’t get it big Dan.

Self: But they will when they  feel that tree limb.

Btw,  Student loans are now call Federal Family Education Loans.

With the acronym (FFEL)

Self: First glance it looks like FEEL.

They won’t feel so good with they graduate and owe a bill of $200.000.

Self: Don’t matter they won’t pay it anyway.


Self:  What is everyone going to do when a tank drives runs over the gatehouse of your gated community. 

Call 911

Self:  It goes straight to voicemail.  Hi, this is 911 please leave a message.

Or talk to the driver of the tank and surrender if he hasn’t already fired.

If you have a FFEL please let us know.  We have a job for you. 

Lit Your Fuse

You once said I lit your fuse.

Now you just feel used.

If only I’d seen the clues.

Your love only a ruse.

You win and we lose.

Just another notch for the blues.

I’ll dare not breathe the news.

To your new muse.

Let him discover the hidden dues.

The long nights of verbal abuse.

And the heartbreak that will ensue.

He seduced his noose.

Now let me vamoose.




Let’s talk about two words Free and Freedom.

They are misspelled and need redefined.

What you mean jellybean.

Show me some free.

Always a fee.

Leave out that R.

Correct am undo.

Now freedom.

Give me some free-dumb.

You catch on quick. Passes go.

Get out of jail free?????

Zippy doo dah.

I’m feel numb.

What about free checking.

Let just light up and move along, wrong.

Freedom rings. Where?

America land of the free dumb.

But they are brave.

How about free puppies.

Vet bills. More puppies. Dog food.

Free fees for free dumb.

Freedom is a decision. A thought, a dream.

When you say you are free.

King said, Free at last. Free at last.

He became a part of.

Freedom is free when you say you are a member of the human race.

When you look in the mirror and realize everyone has the same thoughts, dreams, illness.

In other words.

You are just like me.

Look at the man in the mirror.

Change and be free.

Free. No one can make me any other way.

Except me. I am free.

I am freedom. I am me.

King’s dream lives free.

He paid the fee.

And his dream is in all of us.

What would King’s speech be concerning the election.

Nothing comes for free not even dreams.

I had a dream that one died to make us free.

Many died for our rights, our right to vote.

In the freest country in the world.

I have another dream the Secret Service of Freedom.

The serve and protect our Constitution and right to honest verified elections.

It’s the only way we have any freedom.

I volunteer to protect freedom

And will march to my death to do it.


I with ya!

I found something free.

Long distance phone calls.

Take that at and t.

Free in the dome.

Free at home.

Free all alone.

Free in the zone.

A free dumb thought to give you.

What did you think? PayPal fee?

No, but I am free zing.

You are not fee sing.

I mean you do not sing free.

But we don’t make no charge for air and water.

Air and water is free.

But gas and oil we make a charge for that.

Wrong.  Where is air free anymore?

Water maybe if they got a hose.

I got another one.

Buy one get one free.

Yep, but everything else in the store is jacked up.

Doubled, double crossed you.

Just as free as I’ll ever be.

No, we don’t have a lot of money.

Seven times.

Told you they were spelled wrong.

You’re dumb.

At least I don’t give it away free.

You assume. That makes an ass/u/me.

That one is on me. A freebie.



Wrote Me A Letter

So I wrote me a letter…
I mailed it to the prez.

Do you know what it say?
I’ve been lost. Forever
Suicide debating.
But forever, well be forever…
Si I bend behind.
Evil thing, my behind.
And here’s ever line.
Without further adue or pomp.
I hope it rezs with said Prez.
I hope he still has snail mail.
Cause I got points to nail.
To some ones tail.
And without fail.
He needs to assail.
While I wail.
Not that whale bruh.
No worries ya dig.
Not evil or vile.
Veil. Unveil.
The wrud has self CO RRECt. This time around.
What I need is a Worldedit CO RRect. Co-Creater.
A cheat.
Word World Beater Co Creator.
Create that cat.
So here I at.
Thinking of this and that, fat cats, rats.
In my black hat and you can bank that.
You black bat leader of the rat pack.
No we the peeps won’t be snatched at.
Contact at:


Hat tap…
Walkin’ the Dog. Aerosmith for the inspiration.

Rufus Thomas{song writer}


Write Me A Letter. Aerosmith_Steven Victor Tallarico{song writer}
From the album Aerosmith_Aerosmith

Read the Letter Hear:



Body an extension of the soul.


Body does not control soul.

Soul does not control body.



Just my humble opinion.

Where does the mind fit?

And who is driving the damn mind anyway?

And who gets to make the final freaking decision anyway?

And who the hell am I talking too?

And why am I even thinking about the stupid shit?

Discovery!  What a concept!

Smart ass.

Learning!  I live for it.

Very! Want to try it?



I Love Learning

I stumbled upon a new word today. New for me anyway.



  1. last but one in a series of things; second last.
  2. “the penultimate chapter of the book”

In linguistics. The term penultimate is used in linguistics and in grammar books to refer to a particular syllable in a word: the penult or penultima. This is the second to last syllable in any word, such as “la” in “syllable”. 

What is the meaning of ‘penultimate step’?

High Jump Penultimate Step Definition. The penultimate step or penultimate stride is the second-to-last step before an athlete takes off! It’s used extensively in the long jump and high jump. Many expert coaches believe the penultimate step is part of the jumpers takeoff. 

What does the name penultimate mean?

Definition of penultimate. 1 : next to the last the penultimate chapter of a book. 2 : of or relating to the next to the last syllable of a word a penultimate accent.

Is there a word for after penultimate and ultimate?

“Properly used, penultimate means ‘next to last,’ as the penultimate game of the season and the penultimate syllable in a word. It is sometimes used incorrectly where the word ultimate is called for, especially when meaning ‘representing or exhibiting the greatest possible development or sophistication,’ as in This car is the penultimate in engineering and design .

Why is this important? I have no idea but I like it. I learned something new today. I’m pretty happy with that. Have a nice day…..and tomorrow too….

Props to good old bing…lol…maybe google is not the devil…

The Breeze

Ronnie said he was the breeze.
So, I think I’m gonna seize..
The Breeze…
And be the sleaze.
Just tease.
No I’m not here to please.
I’m here to be me.
Just like a Buddy,
Who needs to study.
It’s his duty.
To get off my cloud.
Find your on cloud.
Let me say that loud.
Look for a shroud.
And be proud.
Of what you have learned.
Cause you have earned…
A bonus. To be paid in full.
When you realize…
You are not just a shooting star.
You just shot par.
You’re even with the universe….
Now begin again….
And again…..
It gets better.
I swear!