In walked Jan.
With a cat in hand.
From what land.
The land of the sand.
She’s my biggest fan.
Not a man and has no tan.

Smart and seeking a new band.
She thinks she’s a zero.
But Jan is my hero.
For it is written.
She’s but a kitten.
Young and strong.
And will join out throng.
To right all wrongs.
So Jan be cool.
For you will be but a tool.
Of right, for the fight.
With the eight.
Soon everything will illuminate,
To bright.
Yes, Jan you’ve found your brand.
And it shall be grand.


The Ultimate Revenge

Did you ever pray to your God for answers.

Have you ever listened after the prayer for answers He gives.

Have you ever hit rock bottom.

And had that moment of clarity.

Have you ever been so depressed, down, beaten by life and saw no hope.

So low you considered suicide as you only option.

But you were gutless and couldn’t do it.

Have you ever felt like the last person on earth, alone.

Have you ever been so in love with a person that you believed they were too good to be true.

And they were.  But you stayed just to get the three days out of the month when they treated you perfectly.

This same person who was jealous of you, but you laughed and said I’ve met someone (you) who I would never ever disappoint.

Because  you knew you had found what you had been looking for and didn’t want anyone else.

But they did and you just let that slide. 

Yet, they renewed your hope in the human race.

There’s actually a person like this!  Who loves everyone even you sometimes.

Have you ever been told I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you.

And you thought this person is out there.

And then suddenly they proved their love for you.

By walking away from everything for you and said I can’t live without you.

Then after falling madly in love found out everything this person said was a lie.

And to come to the realization it wasn’t you it just the fact you “new” to them that they actually treated everyone like that, especially those that didn’t come on to them.

And realize so what I still love them. They make me feel like no one ever has.

Have you ever had someone hurt you so bad, you cried, cried, and prayed to die.

And didn’t tell a sole about it because you wanted to remember that pain.

Not because they disappointed you. But because they somehow renewed your hope in love.

And you loved them unconditionally. Somehow and thought what the fuck is wrong with me.

And then they crushed your soul as only true love and can do.

And you somehow survived the survivable.

And you looked in the mirror at your reflection and smiled and said out loud.

God how I love you.  If I could only go back and live that pain again. Just to see her smile.

Just to feel that touch only she had one more fucking time.

And realize darling you may hate me I’ll always love you.

The ultimate revenge.

I still love you.

Your loss.

And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

Thanks for the memories.

I know you remember too.

Just  thinking out loud dear.

Don’t be bitter. lol

I told you, you’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Reserved only for you.

You said you’d love me forever. 

Did you fib my love.

I didn’t.



To Me

Upside you’re turning me.

Around and around, you’re burning me.

Inside out you’re spurning me.

Can’t you see you’re learning me.

Surround sound you’re returning me.

I know it’s all concerning me.

This overturning me.

This wave of churning me.

Sometimes I use rote learning me.

And I feel the lust for learning in me.

It’s beautifully discerning to me.

Oh, it fulfills the yearning in me.




Designer Mug

My  life is not normal.

My life is Normal.

Normally my life is not normal.

There is not a normal life there is only life.

Do you want to live it.

Or live to regret it.

Which mug do you drink from?



Roll Tide

Spell Funky First

The words came first

Who created the words

Each of us as we arrived (born)

How, instant, record, play, sim,

Why, not why, just is. Not even creator knows.

Words first, word first, first word,

Computers first word

Or computers first, no word first

Word first, cloud rain scrabble letters.

Creator mad. Send flunky to pick up letters.

Flunky whine, more flunkies to help.

Flunkies learn to spell junky.

Monkey, funky, spelunk, uncle, antsy moray.

Apples and nuts cut buts and sluts.

But too much Such, In as much way too much.

And of course, not enough.  But I deserve it.

Will work for food.  Zoom. Letters all up Sir.

Dismissed. Right turn Clyde. You mean Left Turn Clyde.

And Rocky Balboa is knocked out.

Hear that? What? Ringing bell. Angel got wings.

Well, I never been to Spain.

But I’ve been to jail in Clarksville.

I don’t recall.

I really can’t remember.

This is November.

On, December what does it matter.




While look for my merry.

I found a shake topped with a cherry.

So, I took the ferry.

To the dairy.

Opinions may vary.

But it was very scary.

You see she wanted to marry.

Oh, contrary.

She announced I would be primary.

But here I sit at the library.

As I read all about berries.

Or is all this imaginary.

You think that extraordinary?

A bit reactionary.

While I check my itinery.

I’ll head to the apothecary.

But I found my merry unmarried Mary.

How necessary that unitary.



Letter Writers Selling news
Tell all the people that you see
Follow me
Tell all the people that you see
Follow me down. It’s free.

Walk Away

Blacklist me.  

Walk Away.

Curse me.      

Walk Away.

Bully me.          

Walk Away.

Evict me.          

Walk Away.

Analyze me.      

Walk Away.

Materialize me.

Walk Away.

Number me.      

Walk Away.

Restrain me.

Walk Away.

Mask me.

Walk away.

Distance me.

Walk away.

Lie to me.

Walk away.

Limit me.

Walk away.

Destroy me.

Walk away.

Anger me.

Walk away.

Leave me.

Walk away.

Walk away.

Walk the other way.

Threaten me.

 I Walk your way.



A Band on the Run

Feeling fried?

Just for fun.

It’s just a try away.

It’s  lying-in wait.

Oh great.

Don’t be late.

You know, it’s fate.

Awaits the click of the date.

To propagate.

The long run.

Of sun. See the light.

Feel strong. And sing along.

You already know the song.

Same old song and dance.

So, dance a little dance.

And listen to the words.

Just as birds fly.

You shall mystify.

The multitudes of flies.

Waiting to land in the by and by.

For a band on the run.

Will lead you to the fun.

Run, run, run.




The Cloud of the Watcher

Watchers watch.

Watches watch.

The watch of the watchers.

The watcher hides behind the cloud.

What are you hiding for?

I’m afraid to let anyone see I’m watching.

I see, you’re ashamed of what you’re watching.

No, I’m just ashamed.

What are you ashamed of?

Everything, but mostly for being born.



*Five Trick Kings*

Five trick kings.  With a ring on a wing of an eagle prayer flies through the window of the doors of perception. And the mirror of illusion that leads to a Kingdom of Kings. Forty years and 20 spears lead to one King.  A King with two rings for the second time around. He circles an eight of five lives. Then drives and arrives alive to a valley on a mountain in the dells of things unknown.  But once shown alone will shake the universe to the bone.  The tone of the telephone scathed with barbed wire scratches the ears they ease drop.  The Czar awaits revulsion. But the compulsion of grit sit upon the throne of the Sought.  Measurements are attached to the latch of the coffins.  Play for blood,  that’s just my game. And so, it begins again. The Sand of the hour, counts, then pronounces the end of the time and beginning of  being the circle love. As the five kings duplicate the zero of Nero.




Gonna 86 It

We Gonna fix or we Gonna eight six

They call me Trixie, or they call me Dixie.

I call tricksy.

The Guilty dog always points first.

So, we Gonna fix or we Gonna eight six.

Then sing Dixie.

This 76er is riding with you Hick sirs.

The huskers and shuckers

WE got yo back.

Not cutting’ any slack Jack.

So, get in back cuz.

WE all ways be with u bruh.

Cuz we are spinning’ or spun’

Or totting’ a gun just for fun

You understand cuz’ but we’se still be prayin and sayin blessings.

We got this Dad.

We been waitin propagating’.

Not just Satan.

But on you too.

We can dig on some peace and love Dog.

We Gonna fix or we Gonna 86.



Waiting, Waiting

Waiting, Waiting


A theory about fating.

While others are baiting.

I keep waiting, waiting.

Others seem to have found the Gating.

But to my surprise they are not celebrating.

Waiting, waiting.

That empty feeling of not rating.

I think I’ve found it but it’s abating.

Time can be terminating.

Waiting, waiting.

Its, frustrating, grating.

While I try conflating and mating.

The world keeps dictating.

But there words need translating.

This constant debating.

I need to get on with consummating.

 I will try arbitrating.

This waiting, waiting.



Torre, Torre, Torre

Let me spin you a yarn.

 And at the end you will say darn.

Truth is of what I speak.

 A tribute to Joseph Torre I do seek.

What I found was a satori.

Spiritual awakenings can lead to glory.

Joe  a Brave Cardinal manager for them Bombers.

He called the Angels.  Met the Mets.

Managed to not to dodge the Dodgers.

Hall of Fame.  A baseball executive in his own elite category.

Joseph Paul Torre that’s amore.

How could I ever forget 1996. I wish my mind would go  blank.

Because James Joseph Leyritz made bank.  He put my Braves in the tank.

Born December 27 on my birthday.  Wohler’s pitch he did yank.

Because the Joseph’s it seems had us outflanked.

Enough Joe’s and woes. After all it was the Show.

 Let, this be a tribute to Joseph Torre.  Aka Frank. Born Frank Joseph Torre.

He should have been a Yank.  Think Frank. From Brooklyn, NY.

Playing first base number 14 Frank “the Yank” Torre.

Gold glover in his own right.  His story warmed our soul, as my heart sank.

Let’s not forget brother Rocco.  No Joe in this Torre that I know.

So that’s the baseball  Torre’s and All-American Bordeaux.

Thanks,  Joe for the memories! 



Why Cardinals dealt Orlando Cepeda for Joe Torre

For such a straightforward deal, the trade of Joe Torre to the Cardinals for Orlando Cepeda took some twists and turns involving pitcher Nolan Ryan and center fielder Curt Flood.

On March 17, 1969, the Cardinals sent Cepeda to the Braves for Torre in a swap of first basemen.

The Braves were shopping Torre because he was feuding with general manager Paul Richards and hadn’t signed a contract. Most thought Torre would go to the Mets, who’d been in trade talks with the Braves for several weeks.

The Mets offered pitcher Nolan Ryan, first baseman Ed Kranepool, infielder Bob Heise and a choice of catchers, J.C. Martin or Duffy Dyer, for Torre and third baseman Bob Aspromonte, The Sporting News reported. Torre and Aspromonte were Brooklyn natives.

Ryan, who would become baseball’s all-time leader in strikeouts, impressed the Braves but was a raw talent. Richards rejected the four-for-two proposal because he wanted catcher Jerry Grote or outfielder Amos Otis, but the Mets “labeled them untouchables,” according to Atlanta Constitution sports editor Jesse Outlar.

“We aren’t making a deal with the Mets unless they change their minds,” Richards said.

When the Mets wouldn’t budge, the Braves offered Torre to the Dodgers for catcher Tom Haller, but the Dodgers weren’t interested, the Constitution reported.

Cardinals general manager Bing Devine offered Cepeda and Flood for Torre and outfielder Felipe Alou, according to the Constitution, but Richards wouldn’t trade Alou, so the clubs settled on Cepeda for Torre. Seven months later, when the Cardinals traded Flood to the Phillies, he refused to report, prompting his legal challenge of the reserve clause and opening a path to the creation of free agency.

Cepeda feels chill

The Cardinals were willing to trade Cepeda because his performance declined in 1968 and he miffed management by reporting late to spring training in 1969.

After batting .325 with 111 RBI and winning the National League Most Valuable Player Award with the Cardinals in 1967, Cepeda hit .248 with 73 RBI in 1968.

Cepeda “found himself taken advantage of by well-wishing friends who helped him pile up debts and other problems that didn’t endear him to the Redbirds management … especially when at times he’d duck out of the dugout between innings to conduct personal matters,” Bob Broeg of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

The Cardinals hoped Cepeda would be more focused in 1969, but he informed Devine by telegram he would report late to spring training.

When Cepeda arrived at camp on March 5, he said he’d been sick, but Devine fined him $250 for reporting 48 hours later than he said he would.

Cepeda said he detected “a coolness” from Devine, and Broeg reported “Cepeda realized there had been a change in attitude toward him.”

“Bing was not terribly friendly, and he was all business,” Cepeda said in his 1998 book “Baby Bull.”

In his 2004 book “The Memoirs of Bing Devine,” Devine said, “I thought Cepeda might be on the way down.”

I almost forgot sir.  If they ever make another movie about the Joes.

Remember the name Joseph Pierre Torry from St. Louis, Missouri.

He’s in a Hall of Fame too!  That concludes my Poetic Justice for number Six.

Ironically, Cha Cha Cepeda played parts of six years for the Braves.

And to think we could have had the Ryan Express. Sorry.

And your reckoning continued in 1999 to sweep up another crown.

Warm Thoughts

Let’s have some fun Pop.

Are you too old to drink?

No. But now I stop and think.

This Beam will make you be-bop.

You have no clue.

Let me give you an example of what it will do.

Little things like pass out in the shower.

After all it was only a four hour shower.

Damn water heater.

My teeth still chatter. 

How about the time in college. Let’s see 14 degrees.

Eight inches of snow on the ground.

A clubbing we were bound. Closed them down.

 Passed out in a 68 Camaro.  Rather narrow.

Someone found me in the passenger seat.

All doors wide open and windows down.

I must have looked like a clown. 

My favorite song blaring, I’m as Cold as Ice.

Or the little hiccup with five guys. 

One night leaving some dive.

They were high. But I was higher.

Ten foot tall and bulletproof sky higher.

I won’t be a liar. 

I can tell you there five beat my ten.  It was a sin.

Go have some fun you young pup.

Pop will stay and be-bop a cup of warm thoughts.

And here wear the jacket, it’s getting cold tonight.