It’s a delight.
Just to write.
I know it’s right.
Cause I feel outta sight.
It’s night.
And the moon is bright.
I think I’ll be a kite.
And fly into the night.
So don’t fight.
Be the light.
You’re always write.
Except when you’re right.
So soar to new heights.
And you’ll feel no fright.
Love with all your might.
The feeling will not be contrite.


A Bird

I looked outside this morning and a bird was fighting it’s reflection in my side view mirror. I watched it for a few minutes. It was funny. I went to get my phone to video it and when I got back it was gone. I guess it won or just got tired of fighting. So, I go to get in my truck and the mirror is broken cracked.

This got me thinking about my life when I was younger. I was just like the bird, fighting everyone and everything. Even myself. Never satisfied with anything. Never happy with anything I was given or worked for.

I guess I’ve changed because I try to enjoy life and take time to be grateful. I guess I was like the bird, tired of fighting.



A Conversation with God

What if I told you I had a conversation with God?
Would you believe? This is what happened.

I was lying in bed and mind was quiet. I began to pray.
Suddenly, a question entered my mind.

Have you ever stopped and listened for the answers after you
pray? I said, no I haven’t. Well, they will come if you listen.

At that moment I felt a change. My prayer continued.
What should I do next I asked?

That is your choice, but remember you exactly where you are
supposed to be.

I get that, I answered, but I still have worries and fears.
And you have faith and the Spirit is within you. You were
created in My image. You have enough and most of all you are

I’m enough? I want to be more. You are more than enough.
Try to enjoy what you been given. Enjoy the moment, the day,
the beauty I’ve created, the beauty of life. Remember this–
I’m everywhere in everything. I’m in you so go deep within
yourself, and love and spread that love! Strive to be–Me!
For I am love and you are too.


Signs From Above?

Did you ever want to just quit life?  What’s the point right?  I’d been feeling like that lately.  Drowning in self-pity, pissed off at the world, and wondering why I’m here.

So I asked myself.  Why are you here?  No answers were forthcoming.  So a couple days ago I’m in McDonald’s getting a cup of coffee to start my day.  As I’m waiting I glance over at the auto-order machine.  On the screen, it says, “do you want to continue”.  Did I want to continue what?  Life?  I took this as a sign to change my attitude.

So I got my coffee and I was leaving touched “yes” on the screen and walked out.  I was in a good mood for the first time in days.  Amazing sometimes where signs, messages, or what can prompt a change, or lift your spirits!