In a Heart of Woe

Cut him if he stands.

For he is not the strand.

From behind the door.

Is anyone there?

A pain of sorrow.

From tomorrow.

There is no pain.

For the insane.

Take that grain.

And feed the masses.

For they are but lasses.

Lost and beyond feeling.

Numb,  in need of healing.

The cut will close a hole.

In a heart of woe.

Feel the wind blow.




Please Share Your Location

Please share your location.

Or drop a pin.

Just send me the link then.


I need to be where you are.

Right Now.

You are leaving?  Why?

Why would anyone leave Heaven?

Got to fix what?

Ok, sure, I’ll be happy to help!

Not a problem.

Send me the address.

Got it.  You’re easy to find!



The Legacy I Would Leave

That I taught everyone I touched to fight the muck.

If I can learn to love.  Anyone can.

If I can learn to trust someone. Anyone can.

If I can learn to verify that trust.  Anyone can.

And if I can Believe.  Anyone can.

If I can discard hate.  Anyone can.

And if I can adjust my Beliefs.  Anyone can.

That is the Legacy I Left.



It Works

If no one has told you they love you today, let me be the first, he replied as he shook my hand.

If I would have known I would never see him again, I would have replied differently.

Because the narrator thought at the time. Today?

In fact, I do not recall.

And I have deserved the telling. 

And if you happen to see him. My scars are not as painful.

Thank you!  That I had not discarded our Craftsman’s tools

And I love you too!



Embrace to Kill List

I had a fear of the dark as a small child.

Even older if I must admit.

And at times as an even adult.

Twas my Embrace to Kill List that eliminated my fear of the dark.

Ghost stories are better in the dark.

Sneaking up on someone is better in the dark.

Whispering is better in the dark.

Sex is better in the dark, sometimes.

Disappearing is easier in the dark.

Looking in the mirror is better in the dark.

Having my picture taken is better in the dark.

Fear has a page, I liked, no I hearted it.

I am now the dark to fear.

Now you have a fear of the dark.

Do you want to use my list? Whoops, I shredded it.

I can read your eyes, nowhere to run. 

I was just kiddin!

Seriously? There is a fear of jokes syndrome?

Oh, I see. You will get it eventually.




You say the thrill is gone.

You say your thrill, is only to taste ripple.

You say your thrill is undeniable.

You say your thrill, is accepting they were right, only pain.

Your say your thrill, is that aging killed your taste for desires.

Your say your thrill, is waiting.

You say your thrill, is dying.

I say, wait alone while I breathe infinite life, quitter.



The Eyes Have It

It was your eyes that took me aback. They lit up the entire room. And I felt the slightest recognition as ours connected.  I knew instantly I wanted to look into those eyes for eternity.  Your eyes rose pedals of the heart.   I wanted to look into your eyes so that I could whisper into your spirit, possess the soul of those eyes.  Those eyes were the movie trailer. I instantly wanted the box set with demo versions, and the history of those eyes.  I want the making of those eyes.  I want to spend the rest of my life searching for answers in those eyes, to unasked questions.  I want to spend all night talking about the Beatles, the Doors, and Elvis and watch those eyes sparkle like glitter.  I want those eyes to be easy as they are right now.  I want those eyes to feel no fear ever.   I want those eyes to always be free, feel free, and know they will never be judged by me.  I want to feel the flow of love from that emits from those eyes, always.  I want to see the dreams of those eyes.  And make those eyes dream about me. Because those eyes are a dream come true.  But most of all I want to stare into those eyes and feel like I do in this moment, immaculate.



It was the Nuke

It was perfect,

It was the energy,

It was the chase,

It was peeking out the blinds,

It was time consuming,

It was all consuming,

It was the smokey white devil,

It was the insomnia,

It was the new diet,

It was shit,

It was new management,

It was that we just grew apart,

It was the nuke,

It was the Dukes,

It was disposable cash,

It was the rose stem,

It was hitting the bottom,

It was hopelessness,

It was a moment of clarity,

It was acceptance,

It was a Higher Power,

It was an awakening,

It was humility,

It was more revelations,

It was my choice,

It was my destiny…



Terms of Use

No charge to fine love the ad read.

We have your souls match.

They are everything photoshop could imagine.

The profile reads like Unisex Quarterly.

No bad habit or pleasures.

In fact, you will find several more profiles the same.

It was my luckiest of days.

Who would have thunk it, they were waiting for me here all the time?

And of course, it must be true it is on the internet.

Damn, those pesky terms of use.




You know everyone has doubts.
Doubts, about your sanity they shout.

Doubts you’re nothing but a burn-out.
Bouts. You think, asking for help is a cop-out.

So you wait day-in day-out.
And you function and block it out.

Hoping you’ll know when to bow out.
So you better watch-out.

You hope you can correct your route.
Or slow the bout.

The black-out or the break-out?
But for now you hideout.

You think you’ll know when to punch-out!
Before they decide to rub you out.


You Still Light My Fire

You can’t take love out of the heart.
You can take you, away from me.
You can move. You can remarry.
But, you can’t stop my heart from loving you.
Even though it’s been over two decades.
I know you must feel.
The love in my heart. And my soul.
Why else would we still connect?
Because your heart knows.
Because you heart feels…
The love in me for you.
Because you still light my fire….