Emotional Paradise

It seemed I had but two emotions.
But then I received a potion.

Anger or feat,
To the point, I couldn’t care.

So I dug a hole,
Straight to my soul.

The potion hit me like a ton.
And it made me see the sun.

It smiled and said,
Before long you’ll be dead.

Please look at the light.
Shining so bright.

Try happy, joyous, and free.
And see what you can be.

Try my advice,
And you’ll find emotional Paradise!



Why must I hate,
When I’m late.

It really grates,
And puts me in a dizzy state.

I must be there at eight.
Cause I have a date.

But it must be fate,
That I have too much on my plate.

Maybe one day these feelings will abate.
Until then I’m at a stalemate.


Let’s Play a Game

Ok let’s play a game,
We need to reprogram your brain.

We’re going to drive you insane.
And nothing will ever be the same.

We will take you to the brink,
And there you’ll find a link.

But you don’t get to click it,
Because you already own the free ticket.

The deal’s already done.
And the fun has begun.

You didn’t know it,
But the name of the game is Dead Poet.

It won’t be rags to riches,
It will be tags and pitches.

So when your brain starts to scramble,
Try not to ramble.

As you ascend to a certain level.
You’ll be able to revel.

So put down the knife.
You’ve won free poems for life.


Reversed the Past

After all the damage was already done to you.
You always thought you’d pass it on to them.

The fear was always there.
But life’s struggles got in the way of it stopping, you mused.

But then a moment of clarity in the twilight.
In your heart, you knew you’d stopped the cycle.

You had reversed the past!
But what about the reflection of their new past.

You know it’s up to them now.
Just as it was up to you!



Really Random Thoughts

As I was sitting down in my recliner,
I heard I love you!
But, I’m the only one home.
I replied I love you too!
The voice responded, who are you talking too?
I said, everyone.

And the voice smiled and laughed.
We laughed so hard we cried.
Don’t let anyone know it sniffed. Through tears of joy.
About what I responded?
That you laugh about talking to no one.
My lips are sealed!  How about you?


Perfect Picture

I took a perfect picture today.
I didn’t use a camera.
The picture was in taken in my mind.
And it’s still developing. I’d like to show it to you,
But this picture only I can see.
Because it’s the picture of your perfect soul.


Especially for You

I wrote you a poem, no rhymes.
There you were walking thru my mind.
As usual! So I decided just to think about YOU for a while.
I thought of your beautiful heart and soul.
Because that’s where your true beauty resides.
It’s not all on the outside for everyone to see.
It’s inside where only my heart can feel.
It’s in your kind and pleasing touch.
It’s in your electric smile.
It’s in your aura–bright as the sun.
When we’re apart these thoughts connect our consciousness.
Because our souls are engraved on each other.
And that’s why I wrote this, especially for you.


I Saw Something Beautiful

I saw something beautiful.
It was you.

I saw something beautiful.
It was me.

I saw something beautiful.
It was the sea.

I saw something beautiful.
It was you and me by the sea.

I was something beautiful.
We were free.

I was something beautiful.
We were on the other side.