Shift Your Spirit

Every day the same.
Who’s to blame?
Your mind is so unkind.
Maybe you’re not aligned.
No need to fear it.
Just shift your spirit.


This Guy

There was this guy.
He prayed to die.
Oh, don’t sigh.

The one day he awoke.
Yep, no joke.
Gosh, he was stoked.

Everything was bright.
Did he see the light?
It felt right.

He heard a song.
And tried to sing along.
He knew he wasn’t wrong.

Suddenly he wants to share.
He wanted to care.
Do I dare?

So in the middle of the night.
He started to write.
And for once everything was alright.


A Lark

It’s not the end.
You just need to start again.
Life getting you down?
Try not to frown.
Listen to some tunes.
And act crazy as a loon.
Get in the car and drive for miles.
I’m sure you’ll find some smiles.
So put sad in park.
And try happy as a lark.


The Moment

The Moment

As my thoughts tumble,
They are all jumbled.

I try to make sense.
But the fog is dense.

Just when I think I’m on the brink,
I start to sink.

A new attitude I must adopt.
To get this madness to stop.

If I want my bestowment,
I need to enjoy the moment.




We Insist You Make a List

We insist you make a list.
A gratitude list.
Not just any list.
Put the people you love on this list.
Add the things that make you feel good to the list.
And goals and dreams to your list.
Ten items on your daily list.
Yes, we insist you make a list.



Don’t be shaken,
When you awaken.

It’s what you chose.
We suppose.

Do the math.
And find your path.

You’re in the right place.
So find your grace.

Feel the shift.
You now have a gift.



Believe in yourself.
Believe in others.
Believe in change.
Believe you’re here for a reason.
Believe there are no mistakes in God’s world.
Believe in love.
Believe in Miracles!


Happy Mother’s Day!