A Blank Page

I’ll give you a blank page.

So you can write your life over.

You can start anytime.

You must choose to begin.

Let the past go.

Live in the moment.

Tomorrow may never come.

All you have is right now.

So here’s a pen.

You have the paper.

Take care of yourself.

And don’t forget to love.

Be good to others.

Are you ready?

Because you are enough.



Vitamin D Deficient

So the Doc said I had a vitamin D deficiency. And prescribed
a 10,000 i.u. pill. But I have an idea for the deficiency.

I think I’ll be daring.
And hopefully a little dashing.

Maybe I’ll be dazzling and deep.
But I could be a dandy.

Or debonair and dapper.
Then again I need to be decisive and diverse.

So I’m going to be driven.
And delightfully, dreamlike.

But most of all I want to be divine.
I hope I’m deserving.
Because that would be droll.


Peaceful Moment

I imagine I’m lying on the beach.
I hear the waves crashing against the rocks.

The sun is fading,
My mind at ease.

As I listen to my heartbeat,
I realize I’m at peace.

I listen to myself breathe.
Nice and easy.

My mind drifts.
As if floating on air.

It’s a beautiful thing.
I’m calm and relaxed.

Maybe I’ll write.
Or maybe I’ll nap.

I want to hold on to this peaceful moment.
I want it to last and last…


Just End

Is it a sin,
To want the end?

Why must I always choose?
Seems I always lose.

My thoughts I cannot tame.
And everything maims.

This speculation I must not dwell,
Because it has put me in hell.

I hear a voice in the dark.
It says you’re the beast with the mark.

I see a burning door.
And behind it blood and gore.

I try to scream.
Wake up, wake up, it was just…


I Didn’t Fit

I used to worry that I didn’t fit. I could be at a party
and I was still alone.

Alone with my thoughts, I just didn’t belong. I couldn’t figure
it out why everyone seemed to be having a good time. But not me.

This stuck with me all my life. I tried to fit. Of course,
there were a few times when I drank too much, I thought I fit.

Looking back now I know I didn’t and I’m glad. What does it matter? And I realized I like being alone.

Why? No expectations, no one to impress. Unless you count me.
And I’m very hard to impress. So what impresses you?

Humor at it’s rawest. Learning new things, listening to awesome music and,
long conversations with myself about nothing important.
Listening to silence. Trying to write a poem. Trying to
sing and record it on my phone. Getting lost in my
thoughts and forgetting to sleep. Wondering why I still
don’t fit.