Today I announce my candidacy for President of the United States !!!


Last Forever

I think I’m gonna pout.

All my stuff wears out.

It seems things once lasted longer.

They were made stronger.

Everything is made cheap.

But the price is steep.

As I think about the past,

Makes me wonder how long I’ll last?

Oh well, I’ll still endeavor,

To last forever.



Miracle Path

Do the math.

You will find your path.

Ask your spirit.

No need to fear it.

Look for signs.

You are here by design.

Humbly ask your Angels.

You will feel the changes.

There will be no wrath,

When you find your miracle path.



Want to Trade Lives

My life sux he said.
I’d just as soon be dead.

I replied, want to trade lives?
As he searched my eyes.

I have that power.
So don’t cower.

It’s not forever.
And I can make it all better.

How would you do that?
Oh, well I wouldn’t stand pat.

I’d open my heart.
And make a new start.

I’d smile and be happy.
And sometimes a little sappy.

I find beauty in the world.
Maybe dance in a swirl.

I’d get rid of hateful.
And be forever grateful.

For your thoughts are the key,
To your destiny!


Spiritually Connected

Feeling connected?
Well, you’ve been selected.

He came to me in a vision,
And told me of our special mission.

He said let it begin.
For it never ends.

Forget life as you know it to be.
And serve the One you can’t see.

Heaven awaits.
So walk thru the gate.

You’ll never be deselected.
If you’re spiritually connected!


Emotional Paradise

It seemed I had but two emotions.
But then I received a potion.

Anger or feat,
To the point, I couldn’t care.

So I dug a hole,
Straight to my soul.

The potion hit me like a ton.
And it made me see the sun.

It smiled and said,
Before long you’ll be dead.

Please look at the light.
Shining so bright.

Try happy, joyous, and free.
And see what you can be.

Try my advice,
And you’ll find emotional Paradise!


I Dreamt About Having a Dream

I dreamed I dreamed of you,
It was perfect.

I was watching myself dream,
Floating like a cloud.

When all at once!
I was awake.

And I realized it was a dream.
It had been a farce.
They began to laugh.

I smiled.
I felt silly.

Because it’s all a dream.
Or is a memory.

That one day will merge,
If you so urge.

4:01 A.M.


Being a bore?
It could be a chore.

To go to your core.
And find the door.

Then, what’s it for?
Promise there will be no gore.

According to lore,
But still, there’s more.

So it’s either, or,
Will you please help the poor.

And your reward is to roar.
And of course, soar.

When the world is tore,
You will stop the war.

4 you’re the 1
it is 4

3:56 A.M.

Don’t Assume

Don’t assume.
You know,
Who I am.

Don’t assume,
I should change,
Or rearrange.

Don’t assume.
You can’t accept,
That I’m just me,
And, not you.

Don’t assume.
I don’t care,
Cause I’ll be there,
If you ever want to share!

For M.Y./B.S.

Some Things You Can’t Change

Like a dog who still chases cars,

After being hit.

Like an alcoholic who still drinks,

After cirrhosis.

Some things you can’t change.

Like the mom who still loves,

The addict son.

Like a sister who still loves,

The failed brother.

Some things you can’t change.

Like a heart who still loves,

The one who was wrong.

Like me in me!

Some things you can’t change!



3:36 A.M.

The 15

The Goat

I didn’t want to be the goat,
But I always seem to miss the boat.

I kept hoping,
But I had trouble coping.

Then things got strange.
People thought I was deranged.

It was almost a riot,
So I kept quiet.

What was the deal?
Oh, I began to feel.

I was awake.
I thought it was fake.

But then the light,
I knew it was my plight.

To obey,
And to be the “Gateway”.


One of These Days

One of these sunny days,
We’ll find out if you pray.

The Freebirds still fly,
High, high, in the sky.

You’ve got dreams,
So let them stream.

One of these days,
You’ll go out in a blaze.

But for now, enjoy the ride,
For you’ll never hide,

From the craze,
One of these days!


Jenny Leigh


Can’t you see…

You’ve got to bee…

Like a tree….

Don’t you see…

Leigh rhymes with


Don’t Say,


Jenny is a very…


Like the tree…


So make life a leaf…

And leave…

That’s right ride a bike.

Take a hike—

Ride a trike—

And get SIKED…

Cause you’re my

Happy 40th Birthday!!! my Jennifer Leigh!!!



8:24 PM

Love ya!