A Blank Page

I’ll give you a blank page.

So you can write your life over.

You can start anytime.

You must choose to begin.

Let the past go.

Live in the moment.

Tomorrow may never come.

All you have is right now.

So here’s a pen.

You have the paper.

Take care of yourself.

And don’t forget to love.

Be good to others.

Are you ready?

Because you are enough.



Sent From Above

You must have been sent from above.

For only me to love.

I know it will sound lame.

But these feelings I can’t tame.

Being with you is a pleasure.

Each moment I treasure.

You’re one of a kind.

And my go to in a bind.

I can see you clearer.

When I look in the mirror.



Miracle Path

Do the math.

You will find your path.

Ask your spirit.

No need to fear it.

Look for signs.

You are here by design.

Humbly ask your Angels.

You will feel the changes.

There will be no wrath,

When you find your miracle path.



I Know Pain

I know the pain of heartbreak.

The pain of loss.

I know the pain of regret.

The pain of guilt.

I know the pain of addiction.

The pain of sobriety.

I know the pain of fear.

The pain of lies.

I know pain.

And once it drove me insane.

Pain is a friend.

I know well.



I Remember

I remember when I first saw your face.
I’ll never forget the moment we first kissed.
You didn’t like me at first.
You said I’d never change.
You didn’t like my smoking.
So I quit, one of many changes.
I remember where we first made love. Do you?

I asked you to marry.
Boy, were you warry.
We got married in Tennessee.
I thought it was my lucky day.

Of course, things went bad.
And I’ll take the blame.
So I guess I didn’t change.
Because now you’re gone.
You left and never came back.
And I’m all alone.
I didn’t deserve your love.
And you sure as hell didn’t deserve me.


You’re Swell

She said I think you’re swell.
And I replied do tell.

I told her, I think you’re fine.
Oh, is that just a line?

How about you and I go on a date.
She said okay but don’t be late.

Who knows you might fall for me.
She said you’ll probably get down on one knee.

I said confident, aren’t you!
No, convinced are you?


A Conversation with God

What if I told you I had a conversation with God?
Would you believe? This is what happened.

I was lying in bed and mind was quiet. I began to pray.
Suddenly, a question entered my mind.

Have you ever stopped and listened for the answers after you
pray? I said, no I haven’t. Well, they will come if you listen.

At that moment I felt a change. My prayer continued.
What should I do next I asked?

That is your choice, but remember you exactly where you are
supposed to be.

I get that, I answered, but I still have worries and fears.
And you have faith and the Spirit is within you. You were
created in My image. You have enough and most of all you are

I’m enough? I want to be more. You are more than enough.
Try to enjoy what you been given. Enjoy the moment, the day,
the beauty I’ve created, the beauty of life. Remember this–
I’m everywhere in everything. I’m in you so go deep within
yourself, and love and spread that love! Strive to be–Me!
For I am love and you are too.


Suddenly Around

I had a feeling everything was upside down.
I needed to turn it around.

If I didn’t I knew I would drown.
And suddenly, I met a Man with a thorny crown.

He said, follow me, and he led me to a mound.
Give me your soul and good things will abound.

We prayed and I knew I’d been found.
I was no longer bound.

His last words were don’t ever frown.
Cause I’m always around.


The Park

We played on the see-saw.
It made me want to hee-haw.

Then we went to the slide,
And boy did we glide.

Next to the swing,
I was so happy I wanted to sing.

On to the jungle gym.
Boy, we were out on a limb.

It was just a lark,
Us going to the park.

That’s where you stole my heart.
And I hope we never part.


Spiritual Dots

What does it all mean?
Why are we here?
What is the meaning of life?

Oh, I’ve pondered these questions.
The answers a mixed bag.

One day I had an epiphany moment.
If was suddenly very clear.
We’re here to be happy and enjoy life.
We’re here to love and spread the love.

To be a positive force in people’s life.
To help the less fortunate.
To grow spiritually and help others do the same.

We’re here to connect the spiritual dots!


Show the Way

Show the Way

Homeless people.
Hopeless people.
We build crystal churches,
More super God houses.
We pray to do the right thing,
Give money to the church.
Buy salvation?
Ten percent.
Tithes and offerings.
While senior and children go hungry.
And the sick get sicker.
Can’t you see,
It’s all a farce.
Stand up for what your heart knows.
It’s time to change,
And love one another.
Truly help others.
Starting today.
Show the way!


Tracks of Love

We held hands as we walked down the path.
Young and free.
The beach was empty.
The sun just peeking thru.
I kissed you by the sea.
You broke free from my embrace.
And began to run.
You raced toward the rocks.
I followed but lost sight.
But then I saw your tracks in the sand.
I followed those tracks of love.
And found your heart.


Take a Break

Take a break.
And meditate.

Close your eyes.
Let your spirit rise.

Breathe in the air.
There’s nothing to compare.

Let your brain go blank.
And your heart rank.

Free you will.
And be still.

Your mind untangles.
And you’ve joined your, Angels!