If Know One, Two

If no one has said I love you two-day.
Let me be the 1st.
I Love You!
I do not know you no you but I know I love you.
That’s All I wanted to Say.
Have a great moment!
And then glue this moment to that moment and stick the next one to it too.
I love you, Simple.
See you soon!!!!!

5:05 pm


In walked Jan.
With a cat in hand.
From what land.
The land of the sand.
She’s my biggest fan.
Not a man and has no tan.

Smart and seeking a new band.
She thinks she’s a zero.
But Jan is my hero.
For it is written.
She’s but a kitten.
Young and strong.
And will join out throng.
To right all wrongs.
So Jan be cool.
For you will be but a tool.
Of right, for the fight.
With the eight.
Soon everything will illuminate,
To bright.
Yes, Jan you’ve found your brand.
And it shall be grand.


Good Morning Love

I can’t tell you why.

Sometimes my vibration is high.

Why sometimes I cry.

But right now, I must feel like Frey.

As the morning peeks around the corner.

The glint of the sun stretches to reach.

A lost spirit of the forgotten.

To awaken the ones that wait to run.

My heart was once lost.

On a sinking ship.

The ship had no compass.

And as my spirited soul drifted.

The veil was suddenly lifted.

Not to what I once searched.

But of a world of wonder and hope.

And in the end.

There was no end only hope.

Hope like a star.

Billions of stars in the sky.

And my childlike wonder returned.

My wonder pretended.

That the stars in the sky,

Flew to you and you and you.

And all that was left was love.



King Rat Dad

Man said son I’ll blow up everything between your ears
You got to face bout 20 years.

We weren’t meant to stay the same
And now from this cell
I’ve a story to tell…
Cumberland Mountain Number Nine

John Thomas Crain, songwriter

The Charlie Daniels Band

Saddle Tramp

King Rat Dad

I was talking to this old guy once upon a time, it was when I was younger,  In fact we were drinking a little drink.  I was pissing and moaning about my life.  All of a sudden, he start laughing and laughing.  I waited for him to stop and ask what’s so funny?   You, he says.  Why is that I retort. 

Let me tell you a true story.  About my existence.  First, my dad died before I was three.  Mom did her best, but you know how that shit flows.  I soon discovered cigarettes, booze, women, rock & roll, and pot etc.  And guess what I liked ever damn one of them.  And wished for more.  And keep searching for more.  Then right out of high school I become a dad.  Nineteen and dazed and confused.  So, what do I do?  I buckled down and do what is right.  We get married.  She drinks just enough.  Weekends, only weekends.  But there were exceptions.  Like if you turn the light on your car and the lights come on.  Good enough!  But that was the only one.  Or if someone died.  Maybe birthdays.  Or if you were invited to a wedding.  That till death do us part lasted 3.5 years.  There were issues.  Many issues.  I will not lay blame.  I did my share.  We were young.  I would do it again. 

Then along came a Cherry Spider that loved the vino cider.  She was hot, older, an artist, had money.  She absolutely loved to party.  Do you feel the neon light.  Let’s boogie aboard.  We had so much fun I want to do it right now.  The smartest human being I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. We are still undefeated at Trivial Pursuit.  I knew Sports and Leisure and she knew everything else.  And I said she was an artist.  Well, artistic doesn’t even begin to describe her talents.  She could draw too.  Just kiddin’.  Watercolors, oils, pastels, sculpting, woodworking, cross stitch, knit, drink and do coke.  My kind of woman.  Plus, the other thing.  Zoom, zoom.  I still have some of her paintings. Let’s see number 2 lasted 1.5 years.  I miss her and wish I could see her.  She has departed.  Love you.

One other thing.  While I was married to 2 my best friend was killed at the plant, we worked in.  I went a little crazy.  You know, treatment, AA, and relapse.  Twenty-five?  Problem with substances.  Get out of here.  I had no intentions of stopping anything. I was just going to get out of trouble and keep on trucking.  So, I did.

Next 3.  She did not do any kind of chemicals.  Baptist, loaded father, good looking, somewhat of a prude.  But no partying.  Awesome, she will fix me.  Plus, I could be the boss.  Old school young lady.  Love it.  I quit everything.  Found me a good one here.  Time to grow up.  So, I did.  For 8 years.  Seven of those we were married.  Until 4.

4.  what do I say about 4.  More. No more.  There you go.  But thanks for the memories darling. It was a gas.  But alas, I will bypass you ass.  Damn shame too.  A reverse diamond in the rough.  But she was tough.  And she gave me Shelby.  I’ll give her a get out of jail forever on that one.  Even though she is not speaking to me at the present.  Due to 4.  And probably the reason Jennifer doesn’t either if the truth be known. But the world keeps rocking’ and I keep knocking’.  So, to speak.  And we will not speak of Leak.

So quit pissing and moaning.  There’s more.  Let me spin you a tail of love and laughter, of seeking for hereafter, a true story of a life, a wife or 4 a smile only one, and a spirit once three, now thee, hee-hee.  You may think it bad or sad, no way dad, it was rad.  It was my launch pad comrade.  And I was never a dead-beat dad.  We all screw up a tad.  So how did I wind up in dad Stalingrad.  Con GRAD.  Nothing is iron clad.  You’ll see one day both of you will see Galahad Dad and Grand Dad.  A true nomad.  Who was Einstein’s undergrad, who was once a lad, an Olympiad, who provided a doodad, a sketch pad, for you for both of you tads.  Sad?  Mad? Memories never go bad.  No expiration my lad.

So, looking in the mirror and realize you can change you and your life.  Change and change again.  Fuck it, every now and then you got to say it.  Let if feel good.  Where are you at this moment?

Listen to this old man.  YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE! There are no mistakes.

And so, this is the moment girls. Write it down.  And it will happen.  Someone is listening!

This is a cheer for all teachers, moms, orange banana’s, college grads, and models.  The future has arrived.  And dad has an idea that all Riyadh’s are not created equal. 

Try to get along. Btw, Jenn, Shelby hates the Vols.  Roll tide Shell.

 Gotcha both!

I love you….




You didn’t love me anymore.

You told me yourself.

Or was I dreaming

Was I having a nightmare?

I was sleepwalking. Walking to my death.

Wake me from this nightmare.

Our Burning bed.  That once held our love.

That once held our life.

You say karma will find me.

And the wind will blow it back to the liar.

I was sleepwalking. Walking to my death.

Wake me from this nightmare.

You had just left.

I prayed you’d be there…so we’d both go up in  a blaze.


 In our burning bed.

It’s the only place I can still hold you tight.

You didn’t love me anymore.

You told me yourself.



What is True of Fate

The Inspiration.

Oh, what if it’s true?

Better ask the man inside…
Oh, oh, there seem to be two…

One steals the love, and the other one hides!!!!

Be true too EACH OTHER!

Two spirits. Two souls.

That become one Heart and one Soul.

And they become One.

Be true too EACH OTHER!

The two of us.

And it will be true.

And the thief is revealed.

And the other accepts.

Souls on loan from dead spirits.

Wait at their pearly gates.

For their fate.




Wrote Me A Letter

So I wrote me a letter…
I mailed it to the prez.

Do you know what it say?
I’ve been lost. Forever
Suicide debating.
But forever, well be forever…
Si I bend behind.
Evil thing, my behind.
And here’s ever line.
Without further adue or pomp.
I hope it rezs with said Prez.
I hope he still has snail mail.
Cause I got points to nail.
To some ones tail.
And without fail.
He needs to assail.
While I wail.
Not that whale bruh.
No worries ya dig.
Not evil or vile.
Veil. Unveil.
The wrud has self CO RRECt. This time around.
What I need is a Worldedit CO RRect. Co-Creater.
A cheat.
Word World Beater Co Creator.
Create that cat.
So here I at.
Thinking of this and that, fat cats, rats.
In my black hat and you can bank that.
You black bat leader of the rat pack.
No we the peeps won’t be snatched at.
Contact at:


Hat tap…
Walkin’ the Dog. Aerosmith for the inspiration.

Rufus Thomas{song writer}


Write Me A Letter. Aerosmith_Steven Victor Tallarico{song writer}
From the album Aerosmith_Aerosmith

Read the Letter Hear:


You Had to Be There

You Had to Be There

When you said you get on my nervous with a cheesy grin.

Had to be there.

Dad don’t change the station it’s Carry on My Wayward Son.

Had to be there.

Winning One thousand dollars on a four-dollar bet.

Had to be there.

Crying at my best friends funeral unashamed.

Had to be there.

Crying as I left you at your first day at school.

Had to be there.

When you would, get up, and make my coffee even though you hate coffee.

Had to be there.

When she told me about winning all her Fantasy football leagues.

Had to be there.

The feeling I’ll get when you read this and you think about your,

Had to be there moments.



The One

You will always be the one.

Number one in my book.

My book of love.

You got lucky.

Consider me the blessed one.

I didn’t know love.

You will always be the one.

Number one in my book.

My book of love.

So, let me play the Whitley version

And remember that New Year’s Eve kiss.

The dance.

You will always be the one.

Number one in my book.

My book of how not to love.




Who Made You

Was is your environment.

Or was it the one who abused him.

Was it the one who knew you.

Conversation not their strength.

Except those true stories.

The one who eliminated fear.

And pain. To you.  And only you.

Was it the one who looked,

Straight in your eyes. And

Said. You can do anything.

If you chose too.

Because one day.

You will have an epiphany.

And see it clearly.

You’re doing fine.

Cause he spirits around.

He made you.

And YOU can do anything.

You did the impossible.

You completed him.



Alabama Hold ‘em

Texas hold’ em, hell. Bull!

Give me some Alabama hold ‘em.

It’s my favorite game.

Just two cards.

A king and a queen.

Together we make aces.

No side bets.

Just the original version.

And we’re both all in.

All the time.

And we play it all night.

And every day.

Twenty four seven.

So, no Texas, no seven-card stud.

No five-card draw.

Just classic Alabama Hold ‘em.

Ante up. Let’s play.

You’re bluffing!


No, don’t put it back on.

Continue to show.

Yep, we’re playing the classic version.

I love poke her. Poker! Sorry!

Spell check broke.