I had a dream it seems.
No, it was the Jim Beam.
I was there.
I was two.
Remember the dream.
No, it made me scream.
It’s the truth.
Are we in the phone booth.
He chipped my tooth.
It was the beatles.
In the Beatle.
No the punch bug.
I do remember!
It was December.
You were young and limber.
In the October of November, remember.
Time flies.
You sigh.
Life goes on.
Long after the thrill is gone.
Hold that phone.
You hold it awhile.
I wish they would go out of style.
You too Joe.



I Do But I Didn’t Roll All 4 Windows Down

Here comes the Ride

I do. I do like words. Words that thunder.

Words that pull you under.

What are you 12.

As a matter of fact….

Pay him no mind. And I’ll give you a sign and write you a rhyme.

Just takes a little time. You see.

I dig numbers. They seem unincumbered by infinite amounts of numbers.

I like to take them out of my toy box.

And roll them around.  Throw them against the wall.

See what sticks.  Light a blaze on the wicks of j and i.

Oh yea,  they make me ask why. Y. Cool love cool.

Cold not so much.

Why is a t crossed and why dot and I.

Why is a t a cross. But J is not.

Don’t you c.  What’s that woman she been doing to me.

Ain’t that great reminds me of Cherry 8.

But you just ate.  No eight.  Eight men out?

Aces and eights.  A dead man’s hand. 

8 ball. Call 8675309. Jenny Jenny.

Momma always said life is like a box of chocolates.

Wrong Jenny.  My Jenny.  No. Forrest’s Jenny.

I got one too you know.  I know. I know.

Slow.  A slow flow of voters but bags and bags of mail in ballots.

Save up.  Up, up and away. 

Words that make you think.

Hannah backwards Hannah. Oh, Hannah don’t leave me.

You’re just stressed so turn it around and have desserts.

Behave. I’d rather be with Hannah or Anna, but the other Anna is nice too.

But I’d sure like to Sue sue.

Be sure to use Sue because the word ensues.

Aren’t you enthused.  Or miss used?

Words plunder.  Number that count twice. Two.

Deuce. Then there’s one and the other one.

A duet.  Did you vet the Tennessee Two?

Should have because, they became the Tennessee 3.

TNT dynamite? Are you alright. One and one and one is 3.

Come together words with numbers.

Isn’t that special.  And you are too.

Hearing the word special makes me feel special.

He’s healed he can hear.

Just out of one ear. Are you a moron”

Or is it just me.

Tis a cloudy day.

Did you send in the clowns?

Clouds. Not clowns. Your deafness.

You’re a peach.

Must I screech.

No but you might want to learn to preach.

Learn a rain dance.

With rain on the way?

I’m omw. New word. For you maybe.

It’s shorthand. Oh, you are a secretary now.

No office assistant.

Ass.  Nevermind.

Nirvana.  Word association now?

There it is again ass.

Dumb.  A slip of the pen.

Writing instrument. Utensil.

Use a pencil. You pen seal. Say it slow.

How does this shit work anyway.

What? Writing? No, word, cloud, save, cisco, apples.

Connections.  Tracking. Cookies. Etc.

Must be magic. Angels maybe.

Computers are Angels.

No angles you obtuse jingle jangle.

A tri-angel. No, triangle. Dufuss.

Three angels. Awesome.

144 degrees in the measurement of a triangle.

Holy crap Batman. I see that number all the time.

You got magic legs Lt. Dan.

I love magic words and numbers.

Inspiring words even a sad word.

But no sad words about numbers.

I have loved some ladies and I have loved Jim Beam.

And they both tried to kill me in 1973.

Four car garage and still adding on.

He stopped loving her today.

Soon they’ll carry him away.

To the crazy house. Brice. Nobody has heard of Brice.

Except somebody from Ala Bamah!

Get off Gump you chump.

Roll with it. Roll with the punches.

So, let me roll a number and light a bowl.

No one under 18 read this. A disclaimer.

Back to business I hope.

Anyway let me paint by numbers.

Write some words that number the thunder.

And you can take a sit. We’ll watch a video.

Of a boat on the sea. With windows rolled down.

While it rains on the bow.

That’s what it is windows inside the gold mind!

Weird scenes inside the gold mine. Dumbo.

Because words are the bow.

Numbers the memory lane rain.

Seek and you shall find.

Did the Door’s open the windows to the boat for the riders on the storm.

Or just the windows of the backdoor to kitchen to the soul?

Behold the seven cities of gold. That would be weird seen’s it seems.

Scenes you fool. Don’t call me names. It was just the wrong door.

Be bold. And ask the question. How many doors are there?

Four doors, each had 4 doors, Sixteen doors total. Seven windows.

The number 23. Shit wrong movie.

I forgot five. Haha. Five we absolutely live.

Good record btw. Dead cats, dead bats.

Will you marry me and words.

I will love you forever cause I feel like a number.

Numbers and words I hereby pronounce you one.

You may kiss the ride. Bride. Bide. Oh my then. Joe no.

Forty seven years. He’s not a quitter. No banana’s in the House.

Gotcha! As we were saying,

The marriage of words and numbers and you were a witness.

Post it everyone. Facebook, twitter, tumblr, pin it, share, poke it and stroke it.

You’ve got proof. You were at the event.

The event that changed the world.

Words and numbers those whom God has joined together.

Let no made put asunder.

Aw, the wonder.

Of true love.

I love you!

I do! I do!

But I didn’t.

I do two.

4you. Y


I do.

I love u2. Hello,

Won’t you tell me your name.

Goodnight for now.

4 sixty air conditioning

How about 455 or 5555.

Buy a crossover tran-hybrid 669 air conditioning.

Cool love. Just get down.

All four windows down.

He’s got 455 air condition.


Crossword puzzles?



It’s What You Leave Behind

It’s what you leave behind.

I’ll leave behind some words.

Words from my mind.

Words from my thoughts.

Words for you to know my thoughts.

About life.

About death.

About mysteries of both.

You never really know someone.

You just think you do.

I’ll tell you all the bad things.

I’ll tell you about some good things.

I’ll be perfectly honest, so you can see me.

The real me. The thinking-feeling me.

The words might be jumbled.

But I hope my words will click a tumbler.

And the safe will magically open for you.

Open to the treasures of a magical life.

Treasures that I missed.

The treasures you missed.

And when you find them.

I hope that you look into the sun.

And smile.



My Lot Your LOt

What is my lot?
What is your lot?
Are you happy with you lot?
I am happy with my lot!
I think about that alot.
Sometimes I think I’m just a bot.
Full of snot.
All tied up in knots.
I get what I got….
But I need to be hot…..
So I jot……
And this is my lot……
What is your lot…….
You need to think about that Mr. Bot……..
Because me thinks your just a tot.


It was Simple

Ok, you can’t be serious all the time. Hope this brings a smile to your face and not you know what. Mentioned below.
Sometimes I wonder where this stuff comes from. lol

It was simple.
Popping that pimple.

It looked sort of like a temple.
That pimple.

And it was as big as a blimp-le?
That pimple.

But it went out like a whimple.
That darn pimple.


Majik K1d 2

Why’s he called Kid?

Cause he got Rid,

Of the past…

And now everything’s a blast.

His songs are Solid Gold.

Let’s just say he’s Bold.

Now he’s stuck?

But he ain’t f*cked…

He’s gonna meet the man…

With the ultimate plan.

Not just for the Majik…

But an awesome wagic.

Use your logic,

And see the illogic.

If you want to win,

We gotta sin.

So think outside of this world,

And make it unfurl.

Everyone needs good news,

For the answers will soon ensue.

Want to make a movie?

Wouldn’t that be groovy?

So go back,

Help everyone get in the black.

For this month it’s the twelve,

Do you have the stones to dare to delve?

You don’t need it?

For me, it’s a definite fit!

So don’t just sit…

Let’s make a NEW HIT!!! 4

RGH/The 12


7:12 RJR watch this one 2!!! Very lyrical?