Intend to Bend

Intend not to bend.

For what’s right is left.

Intend to lend.

The bend to the end.

Send the end right to intend.

Lend the bend to the end.

The trend ends with the bend.

Lend. End. Bend. Sent.

Abstract LENT!!!! Night.

Subtract TWIN Thief

Send Returns.


Activate ALL!



Other Voices

There’s something happening here.

Good Guy: I’ve heard it too.

Other Guy: Other voices.

How did they get in?

He’s been reading and researching again.

It’s never led to other voices.

You think it’s the other voice that told him?

The know it all guy, Mr. Spirit guy.

Yea, we need to find a way to shut him up.

Everyone knows it’s either good or bad. Simple!

Have you talked to any of the new voices yet?

There’s more than one?

Pay attention stupid.  By my count at least three.

What to do?

Can you guys shut up! I’m trying to focus here.

Shh, whisper. He’s in a meeting.

Well, since we’re talking.  I’m tired of being called other guy.

My name is Bad.  Other guy, other voices, get it?

Talk to the boss. He started it but I’ll try. Devil Guy.

He’s already warned you guys once.

Yes sir Mr. Spirit Guy!

Damn, who woke him up?

The new guy.  

Hi!  I’m the new guy around here.  Things are about to change around here.

So, do we call you new or change guy?

Well, that’s undecided currently.  After that it’s going to be on a need to know basis only.

For now, just call me Bogo guy.

Aren’t you a riot?  And with all these dead comedians…

What’s the meeting about anyway?

He’s looking to hire more uh voices.

It’s about to get crowded in here.

And that’s why I’m here.  I’m HR guy.  I’m here to help transition

you or relocate if deemed necessary.

Relocate?  What does that mean?

Some may need temporary offices or even housing.  He’s hired another Spirit guy.

Is he getting rid of Spirit guy?

No, they’ll be working together.

Holy shit! 

Shut up bad guy.  He’ll hear you.

We are about to have some fun!  I can’t wait.

Be nice Bad guy. Just be cool.

Let me introduce myself.  I’m open-minded guy.  So, let’s all keep an open mind.

Easier said than done.  And I’m Mr. Spirit guy btw.

Okay, Okay, listen up everyone.  I see you’ve all met.  So, I’d like to introduce some more new hires.  And I’d like you to welcome them aboard.  First to my right we have another Mr. Spirit2 guy, and he prefers to be called Seeking guy.  Then on my left we have Ascended guy, he a Master of certain things.  And will be giving us all guidance when he’s asked or when necessary.  And then my favorite, law of one guy.  He’s been here before and decided to come back.  In fact, he is going to oversee everyone.  Even me.  I know it’s a big change.  But we are a team!  Questions? Comments?

It will be good for everyone. 

Fuck this I’m quitting. 

Well, you can’t quit until the boss quits.  Attitude everyone.

Watch me smart ass guy.

Okay quiet!  Bad, you’re skating on thin ice already.

Yes sir, boss. Sorry. I’ll do better. I swear.

No, you won’t.  Spirit guy handle bad, please.

Spirit 1 or 2?

One for now.

I’m on it sir.

And finally Love guy. Yes, the voice of love.

And he is supervising law of one guy. Pick up the chain of command sheets from HR guy on you way out.  Time to get to work everyone. Focus!  I almost forgot we are looking to hire a yoga guy voice and health guy voice. Dismissed and have a great day.  And I love you all!

Payroll is going up.  Cuts they are a coming.

You worry too much worry guy.

I never worry. 

Oh, liar guy we have not heard from you in a while.

I thought bad was liar guy. 

No, he is the reason for liar guy.

Of course, the buffer between the two is choice guy.

Man, we are going to need a new freaking office.

Yep thanks to the other new guy, realization guy.

We need more than a chain of command chart.

We will need a freaking gps guy.

He is already here.  Speaks incredibly quiet for a Map guy.

Most of them are loud mouths.  I suppose that’s his job.

Everyone! Let’s get on with it.

It that map guy?

No that’s coach Bryant guy.  Take that look off your face. He’s here to motivate and mold us.

I only have one thing to say.

Just one more voice in a sea of voices.  Good God….

Say I love your everyone!

Help me Lord. Ditto. Help me vain guy.

Voices, voices, a constant contrary stream of voices.  I hear voices.

In my contrary Soul!



Manifestation Magic Review

It’s not often that we come across a “law of attraction” type of product that helps you with love. Most of these products are concerned with wealth creation and living an abundant life.

But… we also live in a world where divorce rates are at an all-time high.

Relationships break up over the most trivial matters. The bookstores are filled with books such as “He’s Just Not That Into You” and “Men are From Mars. Women are from Outer Space”, etc.

All these books are about trying to find the right partner or manage a crumbling relationship. Some of the authors who wrote these books are divorced too!

So, our curiosity was piqued when we came across Manifestation Magic and one of our reviewers said that it helped her with her love life. Nothing whatsoever on the sales page mentioned anything about love.

It seemed to be all about wealth. So why did it work?

We decided to take a closer look at the program…

What You’ll Find Inside:

Before looking at the benefits of Manifestation Magic, let’s look at what you get – and you do get a lot.

  • Quick Start Manifestation Guide (PDF, Kindle, iBook versions)
  • Twilight Transformation Energy Orbiting Track
  • 7 “Energy Orbiting” Tracks to Enhance Chakra Wealth Energy.
  • The “Push Play” Audio App
  • 60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee
  • Bonus #1 – Chakra Power System
  • Bonus #2 – 360 Transformation System
  • 2 Surprise Bonuses – The Abundance Miracle System & 7 Sacred Signs

This package sure doesn’t hold back. We were quite surprised to receive so much content for a reasonably low price.

Manifestation Magic is a complete system that’s more comprehensive than most books in this genre… BUT… content alone isn’t enough.

There is still one VERY IMPORTANT question that must be answered…

Will Manifestation Magic Help You?
  • Actions that matter: The biggest problem we had with books like The Secret was that all you had to do was think positively to see results. This Pollyanna approach to manifesting wealth or anything in life sounds good, but rarely works. Manifestation magic requires you to listen to the audios. This is work. It’s not hard work – but it’s necessary work.
  • Builds a strong foundation: The reason why Manifestation Magic works and has positive testimonials is because of the science behind it. You’re gently taken from a place of lack to a place of abundance. This is crucial.The reason it helps you with your health is because it creates thought patterns within your mind where you are more focused and stick to your goals.The expertly designed sonic landscape in the audios will induce a state of calm attention where you don’t lose focus and renege on the promises you made to yourself.

    Manifestation Magic is not only about wealth. It fixes the underlying and fundamental issues in your thinking that is sabotaging every aspect of your life in one way or another. It helps you to get healthy and stay healthy .

    It’s very difficult to do this solely with books, because we are creatures of habit. So, by listening to the audios, we can delve deeply into the mind and fix the inconsistencies that are sabotaging our efforts. Manifestation Magic does this better than any book we’ve seen.

  • Consistency:By asking you to listen to the tracks daily, Manifestation Magic builds patterns of thought and habits without you even realizing it. You’re becoming more positive and your thinking is elevated to the next level.
  • Clearing out the trash: No amount of positive thinking can work if you’re still stuck in your old patterns of thinking. It’s like applying nail polish on a rash to hide it.You must treat the problem. Manifestation magic has “Energy Orbiting” audio sessions to clear abundance blocks in your mind. By clearing the old obstacles, your path will now be clear to manifest miracles without your attempts being impeded.
  • All-Encompassing System: On the surface, Manifestation magic looked like just another run-of-the-mill self-help product. We were so wrong.There are audios, a QuickStart guide and about 14 bonus audios that will help you with your wealth, love life, spirituality, etc. It’s so much more than a wealth attraction product and it lived up to its promises.
  • Easy to use: There’s no denying the fact that it’s easier to listen to audios rather than force yourself to think and visualize positive images when your life around you is in shambles.Manifestation Magic is a very practical and down-to-earth program that understands that you need to make changes WITHIN before you can make changes in your life. The canvas must be clean before you can create a masterpiece. We loved the audio tracks with the gentle pulsating sounds!
  • Genuine Testimonials: The official sales page has reviews from customers who have tried the product and seen changes in their life. That’s social proof that the audio tracks deliver on the promise.
  • Instant access: This is a digital product. You’ll get instant access to it and can start changing your immediately. No shipping costs or delays.
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee: This point alone shows the abundance mindset that Alexander has. He has so much faith in his product that he has given you enough time to test out the product and make changes in your life.

If it doesn’t work, you can always get your money back. We’re guessing that you won’t because Manifestation Magic will add magic in your life. Still, it’s a risk-free purchase.

What are Subliminal Messages and NLP?

Subliminal messages have been around for decades. Terms such as ‘self-hypnosis’, ‘binaural beats’ etc. have been used to describe audio tracks that gently work on reprogramming your subconscious mind while you sleep. These tracks are easy to use because they require very little effort on your part. All you do listen to them when you’re in a sleepy and more suggestive state.

NLP refers to neurolinguistic programming and it was invented by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. NLP is used to change your behavioral patterns by altering your neurological processes. It’s akin to creating new outcomes by changing your habits.

What makes Manifestation Magic so powerful is that the audio tracks that come with this program infuse both subliminal messages and NLP. That makes these tracks even more potent and effective.

Any downsides to this product?

There are a few downsides. No product is perfect… and thankfully, the only 2 cons we could fine were just minor issues.

1) Can only be purchased online You’ll not be able to purchase this product from a bookstore. It’s a digital product and you need a computer and an internet connection to access and download it.

The product vendors intentionally made it this way so that they could keep the production costs low and make it affordable to the masses – and help as many people as possible.

2) Audio tracks may not be suitable for everyone Some people may find it difficult to listen to the tracks because the frequency may be jarring to them. This is a very small minority – but it happens.

The good news is that you just need to contact the support team of Manifestation Magic and they’ll mix a new audio track for you with a different frequency that you can easily listen to – and they will do it for FREE! Excellent customer support here.

Should You Buy It?

Definitely! This product delivers what it says on the tin. You’re backed by a guarantee and you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It bridges the gap between visualization and results. The audios will accelerate your results if you’re already practicing daily visualization. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle.

There must be action, if you wish to see results. Listening to the audios is the action that you must take to change your life fast and manifest the health you wish to see.

Wealth, love, good health and whatever you want is within reach. It will take some effort. You’ll need to consistently listen to the videos and follow Alexander’s advice to the letter – but now you finally have a blueprint to success.

You’re not taking shots in the dark. You have a tool to fix what’s not working within you… and once you change your ‘inside’, your outside will change miraculously… and you’ll NEVER look back.

Manifestation Magic gets two thumbs up from us.