I Would Rather Show You

Idiom examples and samples.

Battle lines are drawn.

The levee about to break.

Boiling hot idiomatic expressions hurled.

Roll me out of here.

Roll me away.

On a highway wind blowing in my hair.

Let me cross the high plains to stare across our divide.

I have finally decided to rise.

Let my heart finally sing.

Cause this is right. And what’s right is right.

This time we will write right. Not flight right?

By god, Right! RIGHT NOW!

Fight four our rights! Outta sight, tight. Right?

Flight of fight of the rat Dad.   Bad dad.

Sad Dad…fad dad.  Forever dreamer Dad it seems. Beam! Seam!

Seamer, beamer, teamer.  It’s alright.

It’s alright. Fight, fight, fight, NOW, NOW,NOW, How?



Me and you.

Me and you.

Hand in hand.

In a land.

A land of freedom.

Free to be a star.

Far star! Ajar Babar.

Raising the bar.

Star you are.

Me and you.

Under a full moon.

Forever free. Freeeee!!!!


Come together?

The words mean nothing

Nothing zero zilch motherfucking subtraction infinite negative flame out….

People have lost their listening aid, their caring device.

A shrug of the shoulders

No early warning you ought to know fool. Tool.


Nothing words. From souls with lost shoulders.

Souls attached to a circuit less brainwashing lockstep app for Saps.

Maps for connection to exponential Saps.

De consciousness!

De dead.

D Da y cometh Right now.

They have it Right for you.

Keep listening….

Let it go.

You let it go.

You let it go.

Sail that ship.

And let it go.

Let it go. Sow.

A lovely face.

Race bait face.  Beautiful face.

Love face. Pace. Race. Face.

Your alibies. Lies. Sighs. Nein!

Until then no passage.

You can never leave eve.

Steve, Beavs, Bereaved.

Soon to be. Leave. Now!

Heavy blows in-tow bro!

Get me?

The burning nut bushes.

Brush it don’t rush it or fuss it.

Move it the fuck Outta laws way.

Cause we be a Traveling’ sand man.

In the land of the greatest Nation on earth.

Verse, rehearse, no hearse. Purse.

I take that, bat. Now sat. Phat. Tat…

No tat here…Mat, yep I’ll take you to it.

So, you best not try me.  SEEEEEEE!!!

Welcome to the greatest fucking show on earth….

Backstabbers hide your bride. Clyde. Slide???

Cannot. Snot! Tot!

Are we straight? Kate.

You’re to late, to change fate.

You took the bait. And initiated a date.

Destiny date no more wait or hate.

Articulate voices wrote this magic moment in time.

Rhyme, lime, due time. Slime. Primed.

To Pump and lump chump.

Operator, investigator, leads only to you.

Boo. So, sue. You choose. You lose.

Lonely night and fights. For rights, our rights.

The peeps rights. Lights.

Shine and the on the feast we shall dine.

And align our signs and behinds. Dig?

Figs, for all. Ya’ll. Saul.

Paul. Naw, Call. Just call out.

Doubt.  Clout. Tout. About.


Just. Us. Justice. Found.

And still around Clown.

Noun meaning you frown.

Town our town. 

Sound?  Revolution.

Dirty word. Absurd!

Blurb? Verb nerd.

Reverb turd.

Go ahead highway run.

All you find is the sigh way son.

You’re fucking done.

A pun. Punk!!!!

Monks arise.

Thrive, we have survived.

So, drive alive.

No seatbelt Jesus.

That’s right. We still Believe!

And shall all cleave. Woven in the word.

Not heard.  By your herd.

Changed ahead of the bell curve.

Long ago. Song ago. Throng ago.

Eons ago. MO!

The ancients whispering. Answered!

Soak in in Jen.


Hashtag Lend.

Defend. Mend.

Amen sayeth Glyn.

Until then.


Never the End.


That lie. And you will never die.

Honey pie!

And please try!


Happy 42 and 24 too! Just a number! Turn it around. A little lie never hurt anyone…lol You’ll get it one day both of ya!  Love ya!








I Won’t Stop

Soul Sensation. 

Soul mutation. 

Super flow stream. 

Makes me want to scream. 

It seems I’m in the zone. 

So, give the dog a bone. 

For I’m alone. 

And the pitch is the tone. 

As I enter the batter’s box. 

I see no clocks. 

I only feel vibration. 

Of our nation. 

The pill looks like a softball as it approaches the plate. 

I swing for the fences, but I’m late. 

The next pitch is in my wheelhouse. 

And I rip it like Strauss. 

It’s going, going, gone. 

And every pitch from now on is a clone. 

Move over number 44. 

I’ll be the next King. 

I’ll be the next to Sing. 

I’ll be the next with Wings. 

I’ll be the next Bing. 

So, move over I’m going to the top. 

And I won’t stop. 




Yes it’s your real sisters birthday 10/8/2018 didn’t know it did you.

Wish you were here…So you think you can tell Heaven from hell?

But that’s okay…just keep reading…and I’ll do some splanin…

There’s a blog What I Meant to tell my Daughters…

You will find all the answers there…

Yes, every single one…it’s a bible for you…

Your new Bible…

Call it my Belbs…She’s my little girl…She’s in love with me and I feel fine.

Maybe you need to read it…I’ll link it to this post…

So you won’t get lost…

Oh, you already have the link you say…

Yep, good answer, it’s within you…cause I’ve already told you all of it.

But maybe I left some things out…doubt it, but you never know…

Try dancin, singing, and winging…winging?

Yep, go with the flow…

I know you millenials love to have fun!

Meeee toooo…….

And I’ll bet you a house…the house that we built…

I bet I’m having more fun than you…so there…

RIGHT NOW………And while you’re at it listen to some tunes…

itunes maybe…you got my id…want my password…===

78 listen to the music…the Doobie Brothers…Van Halen, Kansas, Carry on my wayward son…The Eagles…my fav…Glenn Fry…Frey?…he died…A sad day for me…or not….How about HOTEL CALIFORNIA….good answer…

And maybe drink a little 😊Beam…….cause you don’t turn 58 every day did I…=

Or smoke a left handed cig…Whoops no way Jose….or is it Jesus…yes Jesus is everywhere….

Anyway, I can go for that…Dig….Think…Think….Think…

I Love you….Dad….yes your real dad….and yes, daddy is now a famous writer, dot 8, a songwriter…tooooo…a singer too…lmao…

Don’t every doubt Dad…

He’s bad…bad to the bone…he’s a conehead…so you may phone…

I’m in the zone…and don’t want to be alone…cause we’re just alike…so let’s break pone…and watch our tone…caused I am honed….