Frosty Buzz

Frosty buzz you know a cool buzz.

Not Frosty the Snowman buzz.

Not really rocky mountain high. Frosty.

I said frosty not over the edge saucy.

Frosty. I’m so cool I can’t use spellcheck cool breeze frosty.

And I keep laughing  at myself.  Cause I’m to Febreezy Frosty Buzz Man.

All these voices telling me jokes.

Whispering me words and rhymes.

Use this use this Roger. Use mine Rog please.

And they laugh at me. Did you ever hear this song dog.

Happy laughing.

Frosty laughing

Frosty buzzin’

Frosty freezin’

Cool and frosty and mister bossy saucy. Bossy dog.

Cool as Sandy’s Handy as Randy aint’ that a dandy.

No pretender.

No pretending about coo frosty buzz.

  No waiting cool buzz.



Let Me Introduce Myself

I know we just met.

But I have a bet.

I bet. I can get you to sing a song.

I’ll even sing along.

It will be a duet.

I will be our outlet.

Not to fret.

We will find two more for a quartet.

Then shoot for a quintet.

Skip the sextet.

No need to be upset.

For it’s your Soul I seek to reset.

So, let me introduce a Prince of a silhouette.

Ready set. one two three four.

Little Red Corvette.

Only a trio.

Yes, he’s appearing in Chicago.

Only as a symbol.




I am so confused.  The symbol for no internet is clearly there.  Then the computer asks me, do want to play a game while you wait.  Possibly, I answer.  But does the computer know something I do not?  That I will wait a long time for the internet to return.  Or is it just trying to keep me from getting bored?  The net for me is still down.  Might as well play the game.  Wait a minute.  I did not know that game was even on this computer.  So, if the net is down and the suggested game is not on my computer, where the heck is it located?  It must be a new win 10 update!  Always thinking, huh.  Computers cannot think.  At least not very well.  Yet?  Good think Mr. Computer. 

That must be the answer to my confusion and the question.  I hope…anyway, the other symbol is back. Got to finish this masterpiece.



Terms of Use

No charge to fine love the ad read.

We have your souls match.

They are everything photoshop could imagine.

The profile reads like Unisex Quarterly.

No bad habit or pleasures.

In fact, you will find several more profiles the same.

It was my luckiest of days.

Who would have thunk it, they were waiting for me here all the time?

And of course, it must be true it is on the internet.

Damn, those pesky terms of use.