Truth SPUN

Have you ever been spun.

Let me tell you about the fun.

And then, none.

First, you’ll see the sun.

And that is not a pun son.

Try not to come undone.

We’ve only just begun.

Because you are about to run. Run, run, run.

Make a bank run.

But try to avoid a cost overrun.

Call the cook your stepson.

He’s homespun!

He can help your bull run.

Alas, another dry run.

But hope endures,  soon you shall be number one.

Just in case, keep handy a hand gun.

Relax not for the long run.

Because you’re about to hit a home run.

One that will stun.

Enjoy the bread Sally Lunn.

Hopefully before you forget you were once someone.

That you even have a grandson.

Remember you bought him a mister machine gun.

His first and only water gun.

Do you feel you’ve done a gross ton.

I know. You enjoy this mock sun.

You will not be outdone.

So, keep watching the rerun.

Soon someone will call a Father and nun.

Or you could just use the shot gun.

Bye everyone.




Once Upon a Time While Seeking

A floating neon sign appeared.

FREE policy upgrades. And!

 LIHEAP can help! Free sparks.!

Ah, free add on. No. #ads. #tva #liheap.

Awesome! Bossy, saucy.


I got to get me some.

Me thinks. Love the hoops.

Just a jump clicks away. I’M pumped.

Stumped. Dumped. Lumped. Bumped. A frump.

All at once!

What are you waiting for?

A mask?  You ask.

HTTP 402 error.


Dam mint they said FREE!

Funny Rog. The spelling ha ha.

Think they’ll get it?

Eventually, eventually.

Smart ass!





I am so confused.  The symbol for no internet is clearly there.  Then the computer asks me, do want to play a game while you wait.  Possibly, I answer.  But does the computer know something I do not?  That I will wait a long time for the internet to return.  Or is it just trying to keep me from getting bored?  The net for me is still down.  Might as well play the game.  Wait a minute.  I did not know that game was even on this computer.  So, if the net is down and the suggested game is not on my computer, where the heck is it located?  It must be a new win 10 update!  Always thinking, huh.  Computers cannot think.  At least not very well.  Yet?  Good think Mr. Computer. 

That must be the answer to my confusion and the question.  I hope…anyway, the other symbol is back. Got to finish this masterpiece.



Embrace to Kill List

I had a fear of the dark as a small child.

Even older if I must admit.

And at times as an even adult.

Twas my Embrace to Kill List that eliminated my fear of the dark.

Ghost stories are better in the dark.

Sneaking up on someone is better in the dark.

Whispering is better in the dark.

Sex is better in the dark, sometimes.

Disappearing is easier in the dark.

Looking in the mirror is better in the dark.

Having my picture taken is better in the dark.

Fear has a page, I liked, no I hearted it.

I am now the dark to fear.

Now you have a fear of the dark.

Do you want to use my list? Whoops, I shredded it.

I can read your eyes, nowhere to run. 

I was just kiddin!

Seriously? There is a fear of jokes syndrome?

Oh, I see. You will get it eventually.



Terms of Use

No charge to fine love the ad read.

We have your souls match.

They are everything photoshop could imagine.

The profile reads like Unisex Quarterly.

No bad habit or pleasures.

In fact, you will find several more profiles the same.

It was my luckiest of days.

Who would have thunk it, they were waiting for me here all the time?

And of course, it must be true it is on the internet.

Damn, those pesky terms of use.



Just Listening

The devil? 

He is still here.

How may I help you?  Oh, I see.

Of course, then there is the matter of your soul?

Well you sure do not seem to be using it.

I understand.  So, we have a deal then?

Yes, this deal only applies to this lifetime.

The hereafter is at best a question mark.

No insurance is not available.

But we do offer two courtesy drinks on the trip.

The trip to your destination after our business is completed.

No, I cannot say.

That is classified.

But you can read the file afterwards.

No, of course this is a one off and not covered in your policy Book.

It is a loophole, you might say, so no need to worry.

See you soon…



Sketch Magic

You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.

Robin Williams

Alcohol makes your brain an etch-a-sketch.

Robin Williams

Ebay Deals

My brain is an etch-a-sketch.

It has a magic screen.

It can create anything.

Or nothing.

Sometime nothing is something.

So, I’ll keep my magic screen handy.

And let it etch-the- magic.

And sketch-the-nothing.



This Guy

There was this guy.
He prayed to die.
Oh, don’t sigh.

The one day he awoke.
Yep, no joke.
Gosh, he was stoked.

Everything was bright.
Did he see the light?
It felt right.

He heard a song.
And tried to sing along.
He knew he wasn’t wrong.

Suddenly he wants to share.
He wanted to care.
Do I dare?

So in the middle of the night.
He started to write.
And for once everything was alright.