Today I announce my candidacy for President of the United States !!!


The Past is Past

You won’t last,

If you live in the past.

It’s over and done.

And tomorrow hasn’t begun.

So if you live in the here and now,

You may take a bow.

Because your life will grand.

You’ll be guided by the Hand.

And the goodness unfurls.

Cause you’ll have the best of both worlds.



Happy Easter everyone!

A Blank Page

I’ll give you a blank page.

So you can write your life over.

You can start anytime.

You must choose to begin.

Let the past go.

Live in the moment.

Tomorrow may never come.

All you have is right now.

So here’s a pen.

You have the paper.

Take care of yourself.

And don’t forget to love.

Be good to others.

Are you ready?

Because you are enough.



Suddenly Around

I had a feeling everything was upside down.
I needed to turn it around.

If I didn’t I knew I would drown.
And suddenly, I met a Man with a thorny crown.

He said, follow me, and he led me to a mound.
Give me your soul and good things will abound.

We prayed and I knew I’d been found.
I was no longer bound.

His last words were don’t ever frown.
Cause I’m always around.


Peaceful Moment

I imagine I’m lying on the beach.
I hear the waves crashing against the rocks.

The sun is fading,
My mind at ease.

As I listen to my heartbeat,
I realize I’m at peace.

I listen to myself breathe.
Nice and easy.

My mind drifts.
As if floating on air.

It’s a beautiful thing.
I’m calm and relaxed.

Maybe I’ll write.
Or maybe I’ll nap.

I want to hold on to this peaceful moment.
I want it to last and last…



I dreamed of a team.
They were all around it seemed.

I was surrounded,
And good things abounded.

I was protected.
I was directed.

No need to worry.
No need to hurry.

In the mirror, I searched my face.
And knew I was in the right place.

They said because He bled,
You’re being led.

So take up your pen,
And go where no one has been.


Show the Way

Show the Way

Homeless people.
Hopeless people.
We build crystal churches,
More super God houses.
We pray to do the right thing,
Give money to the church.
Buy salvation?
Ten percent.
Tithes and offerings.
While senior and children go hungry.
And the sick get sicker.
Can’t you see,
It’s all a farce.
Stand up for what your heart knows.
It’s time to change,
And love one another.
Truly help others.
Starting today.
Show the way!


Take a Break

Take a break.
And meditate.

Close your eyes.
Let your spirit rise.

Breathe in the air.
There’s nothing to compare.

Let your brain go blank.
And your heart rank.

Free you will.
And be still.

Your mind untangles.
And you’ve joined your, Angels!


His Majesty of Love

He pondered his legacy.
Somewhat testily.

They would never call him your majesty.
At times he felt his life a travesty.

But then an aha moment.
And he took it as an omen.

He’d always tried to love.
And felt yes that fits like a glove.

So that’s what he’d weave.
And eventually, leave.

His Majesty would leave a legacy of Love!!!


A Story

I used to be bad to drink.  My friends and family said I had a problem.  I said I’m not hurting anyone, leave me alone.  It’s my life.  Then bad things started happening.

Drinking became my life, my only life.  It was all I thought about.  All day, every day and every minute.  I drank at home, at work, when traveling, and if I couldn’t drink, I was plotting how to sneak a drink.

A few years later I was alone, all alone drinking.  No one wanted to be around me anymore.  Which was fine with me.  I wasn’t hurting anyone.  It’s my life.  What’s wrong with everyone?

I had been drinking for four days straight.  Drink, oblivion,  pass out, wake up drink, drink, oblivion, wake up etc.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

I woke up at 3 a.m.  Reached for my bottle.  It wasn’t there.  I searched and searched.  What I found was my loaded 38.

I sat down with it and placed it in my lap.  I looked up and there was my bottle. Hidden in plain sight.   I automatically reached for it.  My 38 tumbled to the floor.  As I tried to catch the 38, I knocked the bottle to the floor too.

I was staring at the gun and bottle like I’d never seen them before.    It appeared I had two choices.  I chose to live!