Dead Psycho Dreams

A dream the same every night.

It seems I am never alone.

But I’m too dead to run.

Voices call to me.

Stream in 1080p.

Scream in hi-def for the deaf.

They are trying to reach me and teach me.

There’s a crowd that has assembled.

In this manic walk of psycho dreams.

Try as they may I can’t grasp,

The same insane psycho dreams.

Night after night they parade to talk, teach, or preach.

Let me just fade to black.

Let the darkness overtake the barricade.

So, that my brain, brains all sound.

And I remain sound in my brain.


Silence this wild psycho dream.

From aristocrats, to dead bats, thots, and rats.

Feral cat’s from hades, dogs from the underworld.

The swollen eyes of Robin’s a sobbing.

Gods, mythic pawns, proverbial fabled fools.

They invade, assail, and assault my shadows.

They leech upon my soul.

Tell me it’s been already been sold.

That I may as well fold.

These beggars, freeloaders chip pieces of my heart.

And without a word depart.

Why did this curse start?

My nightmare howls.

You’re assured to go down.

Down, down, down to the abyss.

Escorted by all these jesters.

These jokers deceive, dupe,  or outwit.

My two cosmic Pantaloons.

The great deceiver and master lizard.

Bewildered by psychobabble.

I ogle angel clouds in hopes of rousing,

My spirit of sentience.

To reconcile those dead psycho delusions.

If not visions, hallucinations, or treasures.

For seekers, applicants, and petitioners.



The Eyes Have It

It was your eyes that took me aback. They lit up the entire room. And I felt the slightest recognition as ours connected.  I knew instantly I wanted to look into those eyes for eternity.  Your eyes rose pedals of the heart.   I wanted to look into your eyes so that I could whisper into your spirit, possess the soul of those eyes.  Those eyes were the movie trailer. I instantly wanted the box set with demo versions, and the history of those eyes.  I want the making of those eyes.  I want to spend the rest of my life searching for answers in those eyes, to unasked questions.  I want to spend all night talking about the Beatles, the Doors, and Elvis and watch those eyes sparkle like glitter.  I want those eyes to be easy as they are right now.  I want those eyes to feel no fear ever.   I want those eyes to always be free, feel free, and know they will never be judged by me.  I want to feel the flow of love from that emits from those eyes, always.  I want to see the dreams of those eyes.  And make those eyes dream about me. Because those eyes are a dream come true.  But most of all I want to stare into those eyes and feel like I do in this moment, immaculate.




Dreams of you.

Streams of you.

They haunt, they smile, they laugh.

Dreams only I knew.

Reams of you.

They spin, they shine, they disrupt.

Dreams thought forgotten of you.

Seams of you.

The pain. The moment.

Dream loop of you.

Redeems of you.

They are eternal.