Soul Thriller

She was a soul thriller.

She was a soul killer.

Waiting to happen.

I unleashed the killer.

It must be my nature.

I bring out the best.

In women.

Always have.

She said I bring out the worst.

In everything.

Empowerment misused.

Energy stolen.

She was a misuser.

She became a soul killer.

She is still a soul thriller.



On a Roll

I’m a star and play the title role.

Everything is on cruise control.

And I’m number one on the public opinion poll.

I can find every loop hole.

I am the heart and soul.

Cause I’m on a roll.



Southern Words and Phrases

Being from the south (Alabama) I was thinking about words and phrases you might here only in the south.

So I wrote this using some of them. Hope you enjoy it.

What in tarnation are you doing? I’m fixin’ to go over yonder and get me a coke. It’s hotter than hades and I’m sweating like a sinner in church. I’ll be back directly. Well give me some sugar. I reckon that tickles me pink.

On second thought you need to sit down and eat. It’s supper time. And I ain’t just whistlin Dixie. Let’s say the blessing first. Well, I’ll declare.

Dear Lord bless this food to the nourishment of our body. I pray for granddaddy who recently passed on. He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but we loved him. He’d probably still be kicking if he hadn’t drank all that shine. You can’t do that at 80. When they found him they thought he was playing possum, but he was deader than a door nail. I guess he was happier than a dead pig in the sunshine for awhile, cause he still had a smile on his face. Anyhow, bless him Lord.

He was mad cause they wouldn’t let him sing at church. He couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it. Forgive us when we’ve sinned. Amen.

You know son, you just ain’t right. Aw shucks! Let’s eat. Fine and dandy.



Write Me a Story

Write it about you.
Write it like I see you.
Full of life.
Full of beauty.

Can you write me a story?
Write about how I feel about you.
Make it kind and generous.
Just like you.

Make it smile the way you do,
When I look in your eyes.
Tell me how much in love with you I am.
Can you write me a story like that?


Just Me to Create

It’s me I berate,
Because I can’t create.

I must put it away.
It will come I say.

Trying to get the spark,
Might as well catch a lark.

It’s like the peach,
Just out of reach.

Maybe real soon,
There will be a boon.

And in time,
I will find the perfect rhyme.

But for now,
I wonder how.


His Majesty of Love

He pondered his legacy.
Somewhat testily.

They would never call him your majesty.
At times he felt his life a travesty.

But then an aha moment.
And he took it as an omen.

He’d always tried to love.
And felt yes that fits like a glove.

So that’s what he’d weave.
And eventually, leave.

His Majesty would leave a legacy of Love!!!


Want to Trade Lives

My life sux he said.
I’d just as soon be dead.

I replied, want to trade lives?
As he searched my eyes.

I have that power.
So don’t cower.

It’s not forever.
And I can make it all better.

How would you do that?
Oh, well I wouldn’t stand pat.

I’d open my heart.
And make a new start.

I’d smile and be happy.
And sometimes a little sappy.

I find beauty in the world.
Maybe dance in a swirl.

I’d get rid of hateful.
And be forever grateful.

For your thoughts are the key,
To your destiny!


If My Dreams Came True

If all my dreams come true,

Would I cease to be blue?

Would I be undaunted?

If I got everything I wanted?

Surely life would improve.

And I’d find my groove.

Or would more problems ensue?

I just have more to see to.

So I’ll just be happy here.

And spread some cheer.

And if it happens anyway,

It will make my day!



A Son

I prayed to have a son.
Oh, how we’d have fun.

He would carry on my name.
And feel no shame.

I could watch him grow.
And he’d make me smile when I was low.

I’d teach him to skate,
And I know he’d be great.

I’d buy him a baseball glove,
And teach him about true love.

I’d tell him a joke,
And buy him a coke.

I’d tell him about the mystic.
Just for kicks.

And when he was grown,
I’d be proud of the seeds I’d sewn.


Spiritually Connected

Feeling connected?
Well, you’ve been selected.

He came to me in a vision,
And told me of our special mission.

He said let it begin.
For it never ends.

Forget life as you know it to be.
And serve the One you can’t see.

Heaven awaits.
So walk thru the gate.

You’ll never be deselected.
If you’re spiritually connected!


Emotional Paradise

It seemed I had but two emotions.
But then I received a potion.

Anger or feat,
To the point, I couldn’t care.

So I dug a hole,
Straight to my soul.

The potion hit me like a ton.
And it made me see the sun.

It smiled and said,
Before long you’ll be dead.

Please look at the light.
Shining so bright.

Try happy, joyous, and free.
And see what you can be.

Try my advice,
And you’ll find emotional Paradise!