Whispers I hear whispers.
Whispers of what is to come.
Whispers of silence.
There’s a sign on the wall.
But I want to be sure.
So I listen to the song bird.
It cries help me.

It cries help me, it cries help us.
I look to the west and cry.
As the whispers become screams.
In the night for me to fight.
Then the light whispers and soothes.
And I know what I must do.
I’ll stay long they say.
Whispers I hear whispers.
We won’t go they say.
We got you. Whispers the wind.
Screams the wind.
You, without sin, get on with it and,
Win. For us. Nothing can stop you.
Whispers all.
But can you do one thing.
Cover your eyes.
Cover your eyes, please
Whispers someone.
We got you. Forward, for us.
All of us.