Chosé to Be You

Chosé to bê you.

Or not.

Let us décidé,

To redecide.

Just one blink is all It takes.

One think.

And fake-It.

Until you make It.

As the French Say,

 “Imaginer c’est choisir.”

To imagine is to choose.
– Jean Giono

A Band on the Run

Feeling fried?

Just for fun.

It’s just a try away.

It’s  lying-in wait.

Oh great.

Don’t be late.

You know, it’s fate.

Awaits the click of the date.

To propagate.

The long run.

Of sun. See the light.

Feel strong. And sing along.

You already know the song.

Same old song and dance.

So, dance a little dance.

And listen to the words.

Just as birds fly.

You shall mystify.

The multitudes of flies.

Waiting to land in the by and by.

For a band on the run.

Will lead you to the fun.

Run, run, run.




The Cloud of the Watcher

Watchers watch.

Watches watch.

The watch of the watchers.

The watcher hides behind the cloud.

What are you hiding for?

I’m afraid to let anyone see I’m watching.

I see, you’re ashamed of what you’re watching.

No, I’m just ashamed.

What are you ashamed of?

Everything, but mostly for being born.



As the Words Stream to Me

“A ruin! A ruin! I will make it a ruin!” – Ezekiel 21:27   2 1 27

What will be the next stone in the democratic republic of hate of the great divide and conquer.  To separate the spirit of souls.  Ezekiel holds pen in a divine claw of suspended virtual hypocrisy of claims, illuminated by disruption.  Sanctified by clean clops of mud.  Sanitized with droplets of blood bloated, blocked, and eroded with fear.  The smears of hand prints paint reflections of twins. Twins that float on a boat of blues with no hope.  But the dope twice inhaled has stoned the pope who cloaks all that listen for the Bear.  Unaware, unawake, undead! Fed, red, and lead to slaughter.  Please sir. May I have another.  Time darns not.  Prayers ring empty. Missions turn away. Brothers seek death. Shame is openly shared.  Insanity repeated and downloaded.  Firewalls, codes, back tracked and left open. Loop holes buy one get more loop holes for an infinity of aces and eights.  The slate salty and wiped.  Just for you my pretty one.  A rare trap.  A rap trap of rat tramps. Rat a tat trap. Are you a Sap. Hold the applause! Waiting on the End of sin Mr. Twin. Come on in and lend.



*Five Trick Kings*

Five trick kings.  With a ring on a wing of an eagle prayer flies through the window of the doors of perception. And the mirror of illusion that leads to a Kingdom of Kings. Forty years and 20 spears lead to one King.  A King with two rings for the second time around. He circles an eight of five lives. Then drives and arrives alive to a valley on a mountain in the dells of things unknown.  But once shown alone will shake the universe to the bone.  The tone of the telephone scathed with barbed wire scratches the ears they ease drop.  The Czar awaits revulsion. But the compulsion of grit sit upon the throne of the Sought.  Measurements are attached to the latch of the coffins.  Play for blood,  that’s just my game. And so, it begins again. The Sand of the hour, counts, then pronounces the end of the time and beginning of  being the circle love. As the five kings duplicate the zero of Nero.




Frosty Buzz

Frosty buzz you know a cool buzz.

Not Frosty the Snowman buzz.

Not really rocky mountain high. Frosty.

I said frosty not over the edge saucy.

Frosty. I’m so cool I can’t use spellcheck cool breeze frosty.

And I keep laughing  at myself.  Cause I’m to Febreezy Frosty Buzz Man.

All these voices telling me jokes.

Whispering me words and rhymes.

Use this use this Roger. Use mine Rog please.

And they laugh at me. Did you ever hear this song dog.

Happy laughing.

Frosty laughing

Frosty buzzin’

Frosty freezin’

Cool and frosty and mister bossy saucy. Bossy dog.

Cool as Sandy’s Handy as Randy aint’ that a dandy.

No pretender.

No pretending about coo frosty buzz.

  No waiting cool buzz.



Groovy Situation

Lights arise and delight and fly

We are going to change the world.

Starting tonight

Right now.  With one word.

One little groovy word.

I’m tired of feeling hollow.

Groovy that’s the word.

But we’re just going to cut to chase.

Just name everyone Groovy.

No numbers except a Groovy one.

 Is that Groovy or what?

Nice to meet you Groovy.

This is so weird.

And you  won’t believe me.

But my name is Groovy.

Isn’t that Scooby Doobie Super Groovy.

And this are my  kids Groovy, Groovier  and Grooviest.

This little one here’s just newborn and his name is no name groovy.

That is so Groovy. 

Peace, love and chicken grease groovy.

Nice to meet you.

My pleasure Groovy.

Heaven really is Groovy.



Gonna 86 It

We Gonna fix or we Gonna eight six

They call me Trixie, or they call me Dixie.

I call tricksy.

The Guilty dog always points first.

So, we Gonna fix or we Gonna eight six.

Then sing Dixie.

This 76er is riding with you Hick sirs.

The huskers and shuckers

WE got yo back.

Not cutting’ any slack Jack.

So, get in back cuz.

WE all ways be with u bruh.

Cuz we are spinning’ or spun’

Or totting’ a gun just for fun

You understand cuz’ but we’se still be prayin and sayin blessings.

We got this Dad.

We been waitin propagating’.

Not just Satan.

But on you too.

We can dig on some peace and love Dog.

We Gonna fix or we Gonna 86.



Guitar Champ

The greatest guitar player you ask.

I love them all.

But there’s only one purple haze.

The guitar does his talking.

See you over yonder.

And about the time you realize this shit’s good

You’re wondering again. Is this shit any good.  

Back to bottom of the sea.

His guitar does his talking.

Are you listening?



Waiting, Waiting

Waiting, Waiting


A theory about fating.

While others are baiting.

I keep waiting, waiting.

Others seem to have found the Gating.

But to my surprise they are not celebrating.

Waiting, waiting.

That empty feeling of not rating.

I think I’ve found it but it’s abating.

Time can be terminating.

Waiting, waiting.

Its, frustrating, grating.

While I try conflating and mating.

The world keeps dictating.

But there words need translating.

This constant debating.

I need to get on with consummating.

 I will try arbitrating.

This waiting, waiting.



Secret Poetry Cipher

Good Morning, I was reading the daily blues this morning, while enjoying a cup of Sumatra one source coffee when I came upon this headline on news.

Infamous Zodiac Killer Cipher Solved After Five Decades

The Zodiac Killer’s “340 Cipher” has been solved by codebreakers 51 years after it was sent to the San Francisco Chronicle, the FBI has confirmed.

Infamous Zodiac Killer Cipher Solved After Five Decades | CBR

I read the article.  I then had a cup of Espresso and thought to myself.  I could write a poetic cipher.

So, I did.  To much time on my hand. Probably, but being retired and the fact that I love learning new things I decided to try. I learned several things along the way.  And that’s the point for me.  It keeps me young.  Learning, growing, and living life on Life’s terms.  What did I learn you ask.  Be right back got to get another cup of Joe.  (See previous blog entry) Home | Stream of Consciousness | Random Thoughts & Writings (  See I told you everything is connected.

Don’t believe me?  I’ll show you.  Just keep reading please.  I know you are hooked.  Please try to be patient. I’m having trouble waking up this morning. I need more coffee.  Think I’ll try the Italian blend next.

The Caesar cipher is named after Julius Caesar, who, according to Suetonius, used it with a shift of three (A becoming D when encrypting, and D becoming A when decrypting) to protect messages of military significance. While Caesar’s was the first recorded use of this scheme, other substitution ciphers are known to have been used earlier. Caesar cipher – Wikipedia

How cool is that? 

Today is the twelfth day of the twelfth month of twenty, twenty. The twelfth of never maybe?  Just kidding.  That’s first thing I learned.

The Roman number system was very cumbersome because there was no concept of zero (or empty space). The concept of zero (which was also called “cipher”), lead to cipher meaning concealment of clear messages or encryption. Cipher – Wikipedia

Of all the gall.  Concealment of secrets.  Sorry.  My mind  just work’s that way.

What did Caesar do in Gaul?

Caesar in Gaul Caesar was appointed governor of the vast region of Gaul (north-central Europe) in 58 B.C., where he commanded a large army. During the subsequent Gallic Wars, Caesar conducted a series of brilliant campaigns to conquer and stabilize the region, earning a reputation as a formidable and ruthless military leader.

Julius Caesar – Play, Quotes & Death – HISTORY

Let’s see. 58 B.C.  I was born in 58 but not B.C. I’m not that old. Close you say.  And then depression set in.  Not really but I did get sidetracked a bit.  Dang, my mind is so sublime.

Today is 12/12/2020. And I didn’t even think of that before I started working it out the cipher in my mind. That sent me down another rabbit hole. Because if you add that up it’s seven.  They called it 340 cipher. Three plus four equal seven. Seven and seven equal 14 when added together equals five.  Then I thought about my horoscope. I’m a Capricorn so here’s it.

Horoscope for Capricorn

There is some probability you’ll want to escape from reality today. You are not anxious to face a situation which demands that you commit yourself. Is this because you are afraid you may lack the ability to assume this new responsibility? Yet this is an honest-to-goodness chance to fulfill your dreams of success. There can be no question of evading it!

There’s a smart ass in every crowd.  The people who know me just pointed.  No matter.  That’s just the way it is.  So, I think to myself.  I’m not avoiding anything today that I know of. I’m just going to watch college football on this rainy day and chill. But it’s early,  I couldn’t avoid the challenge anymore. Because I sure would like to fulfill my dreams.  Lol It must have been the Java.

Let’s see, where was I?  I remember.  I was in today.  December 12th.  Gotcha!  Are you sure?

October 41582 — Julius Caesar famously came, saw and conquered and was a brilliant Roman general. But he wasn’t very good at sums. And the calendar that he devised in 46 BC – named the Julian calendar in his honor – was flawed, even though it was to last for 1,600 years. Gregory Conquers Julius Caesar – On This Day

When it comes to calendars, small errors can add up over time. The Julian calendar—the prevalent calendar in the Christian world for the first millennium CE and part of the second millennium—was an improvement over the Roman republican calendar that it replaced, but it was 11 minutes and 14 seconds longer than the tropical year (the time it takes the Sun to return to the same position, as seen from Earth). The result was that the calendar drifted about one day for every 314 years. Ten Days That Vanished: The Switch to the Gregorian Calendar | Britannica.

I’m not so sure anymore.  I hope they fixed that. Close enough so I’m not going to worry about it today. But the thing is how did I get here?  I know.  I was going to write a cipher poem.  And I keep finding all these anomalies.

A CONSPIRACY theorist claims that the ancient Mayan civilization has predicted that the world will end this week.

No more coffee for you.  I think you need to take a chill pill and write the damn poem.  No, I’m having fun.  Do you think Caesar did another cipher? 

What year is it according to the Mayan calendar?

Before the Gregorian calendar that we used today was introduced in 1582, people used different kinds of calendars to keep track of the date, including the Mayan and Julian calendar.

The Gregorian calendar was created to reflect the time that it takes for the Earth to orbit the Sun.

However, 11 days of time were said to be lost in civilization’s shift from using the Gregorian calendar to the Julian calendar. Over time, the lost days have accumulated, and conspiracists claimed that we should actually be in the year 2012, not 2020.

What did the Mayans predict?

The Mayans prophesied that the world would come to an end on December 21, 2012.

Scientist and Fulbright Scholar Paolo Tagaloguin fed into the conspiracy theory on Twitter, posting “following the Julian Calendar, we are technically in 2012.”

“The number of days lost in a year due to the shift into Gregorian Calendar is 11 days.

“For 268 years using the Gregorian Calendar (1752-2020) times 11 days = 2,948 days. 2,948 days / 365 days (per year) = 8 years.”

By Tagaloguin’s calculations, Earth will be destroyed on June 21, 2020.

What has the Mayan calendar predicted about the end of the world? – The Sun

Then I found this little tidbit on the same page.

1408 Order of the Dragon: The Order of the Dragon was first created on December 12, 1408 by Emperor Sigismund, then King of Hungary, and his wife Queen Barbara of Celje following the battle for possession of Bosnia.

The Order of the Dragon (LatinSocietas Draconistarum, literally “Society of the Dragonists” and “Order of the Dragon” respectively) was a monarchical chivalric order for selected higher nobility and monarchs,[1] founded in 1408 by Sigismund of Luxembourg, who was then King of Hungary (r. 1387–1437) and later became Holy Roman Emperor (r. 1433–1437). It was fashioned after the military orders of the Crusades, requiring its initiates to defend the cross and fight the enemies of Christianity, particularly the Ottoman Empire. Order of the Dragon – Wikipedia

Where am I going with all this?  When I started I just intended to write a cipher poem.  And after I read the article about the cipher being solved that is what I did.  So the poem was written already before I made the rest of these discoveries.  Chew on that little tidbit.

Okay, that’s it no more coffee or wiki for you.  I’m going to watch football Caesar. I hope your cipher is not to blame.  We have nine more days.  It’s the little things Rog.  Enjoy life without strife. I will but I’ve already written that one too. Enjoy Life | Stream of Consciousness (

I hope you enjoy.  I won’t post the answer in case some wants to decipher my cipher. Have fun!  Live a little dream and try not to scream….

Secret Poetry Cipher

I created a cipher.

To die for.

But in skipped no one.

My encipherment was read by none.

So, I joined a club.

And after the game we went to a pub.

I had beer and a Caesars salad.

And shared my key. That’s invalid.

You could hear the shout.

What the hell is that about.

But my friends warning.

Put me in morning.

I went home Will Robinson.

And married Mrs. Robinson.

Ironic that I would marry a woman with that same name.

My cipher is not to blame.



Click on the link below to decipher my Secret Cipher Poem.

Enjoy Life | Stream of Consciousness (

Torre, Torre, Torre

Let me spin you a yarn.

 And at the end you will say darn.

Truth is of what I speak.

 A tribute to Joseph Torre I do seek.

What I found was a satori.

Spiritual awakenings can lead to glory.

Joe  a Brave Cardinal manager for them Bombers.

He called the Angels.  Met the Mets.

Managed to not to dodge the Dodgers.

Hall of Fame.  A baseball executive in his own elite category.

Joseph Paul Torre that’s amore.

How could I ever forget 1996. I wish my mind would go  blank.

Because James Joseph Leyritz made bank.  He put my Braves in the tank.

Born December 27 on my birthday.  Wohler’s pitch he did yank.

Because the Joseph’s it seems had us outflanked.

Enough Joe’s and woes. After all it was the Show.

 Let, this be a tribute to Joseph Torre.  Aka Frank. Born Frank Joseph Torre.

He should have been a Yank.  Think Frank. From Brooklyn, NY.

Playing first base number 14 Frank “the Yank” Torre.

Gold glover in his own right.  His story warmed our soul, as my heart sank.

Let’s not forget brother Rocco.  No Joe in this Torre that I know.

So that’s the baseball  Torre’s and All-American Bordeaux.

Thanks,  Joe for the memories! 



Why Cardinals dealt Orlando Cepeda for Joe Torre

For such a straightforward deal, the trade of Joe Torre to the Cardinals for Orlando Cepeda took some twists and turns involving pitcher Nolan Ryan and center fielder Curt Flood.

On March 17, 1969, the Cardinals sent Cepeda to the Braves for Torre in a swap of first basemen.

The Braves were shopping Torre because he was feuding with general manager Paul Richards and hadn’t signed a contract. Most thought Torre would go to the Mets, who’d been in trade talks with the Braves for several weeks.

The Mets offered pitcher Nolan Ryan, first baseman Ed Kranepool, infielder Bob Heise and a choice of catchers, J.C. Martin or Duffy Dyer, for Torre and third baseman Bob Aspromonte, The Sporting News reported. Torre and Aspromonte were Brooklyn natives.

Ryan, who would become baseball’s all-time leader in strikeouts, impressed the Braves but was a raw talent. Richards rejected the four-for-two proposal because he wanted catcher Jerry Grote or outfielder Amos Otis, but the Mets “labeled them untouchables,” according to Atlanta Constitution sports editor Jesse Outlar.

“We aren’t making a deal with the Mets unless they change their minds,” Richards said.

When the Mets wouldn’t budge, the Braves offered Torre to the Dodgers for catcher Tom Haller, but the Dodgers weren’t interested, the Constitution reported.

Cardinals general manager Bing Devine offered Cepeda and Flood for Torre and outfielder Felipe Alou, according to the Constitution, but Richards wouldn’t trade Alou, so the clubs settled on Cepeda for Torre. Seven months later, when the Cardinals traded Flood to the Phillies, he refused to report, prompting his legal challenge of the reserve clause and opening a path to the creation of free agency.

Cepeda feels chill

The Cardinals were willing to trade Cepeda because his performance declined in 1968 and he miffed management by reporting late to spring training in 1969.

After batting .325 with 111 RBI and winning the National League Most Valuable Player Award with the Cardinals in 1967, Cepeda hit .248 with 73 RBI in 1968.

Cepeda “found himself taken advantage of by well-wishing friends who helped him pile up debts and other problems that didn’t endear him to the Redbirds management … especially when at times he’d duck out of the dugout between innings to conduct personal matters,” Bob Broeg of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

The Cardinals hoped Cepeda would be more focused in 1969, but he informed Devine by telegram he would report late to spring training.

When Cepeda arrived at camp on March 5, he said he’d been sick, but Devine fined him $250 for reporting 48 hours later than he said he would.

Cepeda said he detected “a coolness” from Devine, and Broeg reported “Cepeda realized there had been a change in attitude toward him.”

“Bing was not terribly friendly, and he was all business,” Cepeda said in his 1998 book “Baby Bull.”

In his 2004 book “The Memoirs of Bing Devine,” Devine said, “I thought Cepeda might be on the way down.”

I almost forgot sir.  If they ever make another movie about the Joes.

Remember the name Joseph Pierre Torry from St. Louis, Missouri.

He’s in a Hall of Fame too!  That concludes my Poetic Justice for number Six.

Ironically, Cha Cha Cepeda played parts of six years for the Braves.

And to think we could have had the Ryan Express. Sorry.

And your reckoning continued in 1999 to sweep up another crown.

Warm Thoughts

Let’s have some fun Pop.

Are you too old to drink?

No. But now I stop and think.

This Beam will make you be-bop.

You have no clue.

Let me give you an example of what it will do.

Little things like pass out in the shower.

After all it was only a four hour shower.

Damn water heater.

My teeth still chatter. 

How about the time in college. Let’s see 14 degrees.

Eight inches of snow on the ground.

A clubbing we were bound. Closed them down.

 Passed out in a 68 Camaro.  Rather narrow.

Someone found me in the passenger seat.

All doors wide open and windows down.

I must have looked like a clown. 

My favorite song blaring, I’m as Cold as Ice.

Or the little hiccup with five guys. 

One night leaving some dive.

They were high. But I was higher.

Ten foot tall and bulletproof sky higher.

I won’t be a liar. 

I can tell you there five beat my ten.  It was a sin.

Go have some fun you young pup.

Pop will stay and be-bop a cup of warm thoughts.

And here wear the jacket, it’s getting cold tonight.



Original Lyrical

I’ve been aware of the highway to hell.

But I’ve been busy climbing the stairway to heaven.

And I’ve always been crazy.

Sadly, I still went insane.

I let her pour some sugar on me.

But our D I V O R C E was final yesterday.

Now this little J O E is going away.

Hopefully, on magic carpet ride.

With no pusher man.

Of course, l Believe.

One day I’ll hear this is Austin.

And the words I still love you.

So, say a prayer for the pretender.

I guess she hid her lying eyes.

Shame on the moon.

Billy Bob still loves Charlene.

Cause the devil went down to Bama.

Searching for a rainbow.

And found the whipping post.

In Sweet Home Alabama!