Twist a Phrase

Something is different.

I feel it in my heart.

Something has changed.

It’s as if someone synced our pulse.

The words I write and think,

Keep being repeated on the net.

So, I search for a meaning.

And I can feel you searching too.

It’s as if I’m with you.

And I feel your shadow peeking over my shoulder.

Wake up crazy one.

Too late, too late we already have.

Writers before the storm.

Just too twist a phrase.



You Want It All

You want it all.

Stand tall.

Fight for the ball.

Then have the gall.

But remember you must fall.

Again, again, beat that wall.

Yes, you will feel so empty and small.

So, you bawl, even crawl.

Until everyone’s appalled.

Stuck behind the eight ball you finally call.

To, late to take off that pall.

And your exit smile says it all.

You were to tardy this time for the gala ball.



Truth Is

Truth is there is no truth.

I know the truth will be here when the world’s on fire.

My world has always been on fire.

That’s the truth.

Do this and you’ll be happy.

Accept, be good, give, and karma smiles.

Yes, just enough then boom.

And you tell me see, change the way you think.

I know it’s how you think about me.

But you see I really did get it.

It’s your own fault.

And it is.  Ultimately.

That’s the truth.

For me.  Why can’t you see the truth?

And does it really matter?

A Conversation with Myself

I don’t understand.

Self: What is it?


Self: I know but try to tell me.


Self: How do you like me now.

Not very much.

Self: That’s your problem.

You are not very helpful.

Self: We made it this far.

Just shut up.

Self: No can do.

I know how to shut you up.

Self: Tell me again you can only have a couple.

I dislike you very much.

But anyway, how come if the covid thing is over Taco Bell still wears masks.

Self: It’s a thing called liability. Just being cautious.  Plus, there trying to protect their employees.

Yea, sure…

Self: Then what’s it about big guy?

They planted the seed of fear and they are just keeping it fertilized.

Until the next crisis they hype. 

Self: You are very distrusting.

I mean come on it’s either safe or not. 

I would think differently, but I don’t even know anyway who had it.

I didn’t even see that much talk on Mask-book. Lol

Self: I like that. 

I don’t get it big Dan.

Self: But they will when they  feel that tree limb.

Btw,  Student loans are now call Federal Family Education Loans.

With the acronym (FFEL)

Self: First glance it looks like FEEL.

They won’t feel so good with they graduate and owe a bill of $200.000.

Self: Don’t matter they won’t pay it anyway.


Self:  What is everyone going to do when a tank drives runs over the gatehouse of your gated community. 

Call 911

Self:  It goes straight to voicemail.  Hi, this is 911 please leave a message.

Or talk to the driver of the tank and surrender if he hasn’t already fired.

If you have a FFEL please let us know.  We have a job for you. 

Real Life Virtual Answers

Bless your heart, you poor man!

You sent Today at 10:31 AM

At least now I realize that little thing.

You sent Today at 10:32 AM

It was always poor me.

You sent Today at 10:32 AM

And that is always my problem.

You sent Today at 10:32 AM

And I am blessed today.

You sent Today at 10:33 AM

And you helped me be.

I think I replied well! It’s the little things!

For Now

I am different.

But not unique.

I am not worrying.

I am thinking.

I have faith.

But most of all I believe.

Miracles happen daily.

We’re just to busily blind to see them.

If you do not believe.

I hope it helps you to know I do with fabric of my soul.

And I love you.

And always will.

No matter what happens.

So, so long for now.

See you in the future.



Match Game

That’s the game we play.

We’re in a game to match and level up.

We know how to play to win.

Put me in coach.

I know I can win.

And we do.


Until we don’t.

So, we find a better match game.

Cause we feel unhappy.

And justify our selfish actions.

Blame game just a fraction.

If only there was discovery,

Like a court tv drama or recovery.

And we think there will be no consequences.

Wrong answer Homer.

As the shit piles up.

We just keep eating it.

And say, aren’t you glad I didn’t step in it.

What do you know? You’re old.

Correct, I am more experienced.

And I won’t let that stop me from helping the inexperienced.

Think about that fellow gamer.

Sometimes you need to be still, chill.

Play a match game against yourself Phil.

And not take a pill.

A one off.

Remember your history.

Our history.  There is no magic eraser.

Feel the similar past.

And ask will it work at last.

Feel, listen for nothing.

Then listen for a peaceful voice.

Trust that silent calming voice.

You call b.s.?

It will work. Always.

I was made to go to church.

I could never make the big decision.

Because I was seeing one thing.

Show me that it works. Match.

Nope throw out that batch.

Your preaching what they say.

But the results, they make you pay.

And you’re unhappy every day.

So, I rode that pain fence.

And you just kept screaming foul.

But always the darkest sheep, come on.

And I could never reach that next level.

So, I quit your game.  I thought. But what the devil?

Things didn’t improve for this naysayer.

I had to take a long look at the main game player.

And the players. And the game.

Then I realized you were the issue at times.

And you didn’t even know it.

Most never will.  And I must deal.

That’s okay too.

Just remember I’m still playing boo.

Please try too for both our sakes.

Of course, I hope we can just shake.

But I must inquire some more.

Are we even playing the same game anymore.

Because the only way to win a match game,

Is to be perfect match and the game to be basically the same.

And the whole world to be wanting to get along in the maze game.

Don’t you see this game will have multiply winners.

We’re all the same.  But just think different about our dinners.

There is only one game for all.

Ultimately. I can’t change the game before I take the big fall.

I only think I can and what a shame.

Sometimes I must accept the game as it exists.

I’m right at the correct level for now.

And take my bow.

Now where do I go and figure it our somehow.

I can only try to be an honest match without fear.

Honesty, a forgotten word in the lame game with the end near.

Are we both playing the same game.

And is the game the same or insane.

Fame and fortune the game you say.

Wrong game. Let me pray.

Doubt me? 

Who put this guy in?

Yes, I am unfiltered.

One day you will be too.


Because in this match game.

Cheaters abound to destroy the game.

And just eliminate you and your game.

For nothing or no reason.  Just win baby.

And your unfiltered brain.

Tells your pure heart.

And you are behind a fire wall.

Protected but rejected.

But they’ve already hacked you.

Jacked you. 

Which gave them back-door access to me.

Personally, I’m tired of that stinging bee.

I’m still learning the ever-changing game.

And for that I grateful.

Yep, I got your back.

Do you have my slack?

Because some of us play the long game.

And learned most are insane in there pea-brain.

Or just don’t use that thing called a brain.


Because they opened there mouth.

Besides that, we believe in truth in the south.

Tastes good in my mouth.

See you later. Alligator.



Old Videos

I look back at my old videos.

Damn, they suck.

No wonder I didn’t get likes.

Or followers.

I kept trying to make new videos.

And still no hits.

I thought. Until the mirror said, hey look, you have bruises.

They were hits alright.  Just no likes.

Then a moment of clarity.

I’m making videos.

And some people are making movies.

Full length films with staring roll.

And all actors happy and signed.

They have likes and followers.

So, I hired a new director.

To direct my new favorite forever movie.

I’m just the assistant director.

What can I say.

I’m basically lazy.

Thank God!

Cause this is the longest movie ever.

And for that I’m grateful.




Who will you pray to when you are starving.

Will you finally give in?

Will you believe then.

After you wasted what is given.

What you worked for all your life.

You think it just a game.

So, drift but you see the wrong.

But let some else delete evil.

Your life is good.

Go on lie to yourself.

Hunger, murder, rioting, and human decay everywhere.

Love and caring for each other.

That’s what we all need.

Try it please because the clock ticks on.

But it makes no sound. And I’m around. Everywhere.



A Tone

My clock ain’t got no on.

Or no phone dial tone.

So, I got a loan alone from a distant tone.

To atone.

Did you hear a tone.

Dually denoted atone.

I know you were on the phone alone.

Did you hear the moan of the tone.

No. Listen for a tone of the distant dial tone loan alone.

Do not bemoan in Demoan alone, atone.

Your clock has a demo on.  Atonal demon tone.

And you atonality must atone alone.

Then from your dooly you merge,  immaculate, dually atoned.




Once upon a time fishing helped cope.

 This particular day I hooked a fish called hope.

It fought me tooth and nail.

But I finally got in my pail.

When I arrived at  the dock,

My friends began to flock.

They asked me about the bait.

I replied something called fate.

Sometimes hope will float.

Other times you need to float on faith in a boat.



You Must Feel

The dreams of my life are in hidden book.

Residing in a house of forever life.

As I wander through the world,

I seek my obscure pearl.

But indecision at the crossroads hinder.

At times I want to surrender.

But the driver in the mirror must be deaf.

He hears a different clef.

Stop I shout. I’m getting out.

To late he grins, no stops on this route.

I’m in charge here I tell him.

Sorry, I have my orders, Jim.

Just try to enjoy the ride.

But I’ve already tried.

I have my orders sir.

Then hurry, chauffeur.

No need to rush.

That’s what you always say so hush.

I’ll get you to your highway of dreams soon.

I’m really tired of that tune.

Soon I will have you trending.

Why must you be so unbending.

It is not a race my friend.

It’s a journey to ascend.

You made the deal.

And your dream wheel you must feel.




I long to be in your house of death.
I envision a faceless suicide.
Will this depression last for long?
My soul sings that song.
You knocked me down.
So, just let the ground surround.
Everybody knows I am lost.
One hundred likes to that post.
And I must close another story.
Staring at my face, I see an empty book.
No cover for me.
No hope do I see.
As my dead house of cards,
Tumble into shards.


Rotting on the Vines

Are you wanting inspiration?
You spill your secrets on me
Then you tell me with a whisper
Of things that will never be

The Black Crowes

Are seeking inspiration?

Do you need a new sensation?

People walking around afraid to speak.

People about to freak.

Where are the good times.

Rotting on the vines.

Can’t you see the root.

No, you are already on mute.

It’s time to stand up.

Sup from the courage cup.

We are all walking a tight rope.

Listening to new propaganda dope.

Rights?  Hidden, out of sight.

It’s time to fight into the night.

They throw us some dough.

But the sleep walker does not crow.

So, bow to the snakes.

Soon you’ll drown in the lake.

Sit and stare at your new device.

They’ll serve you first, sliced and diced.

A delicacy of pain.

For the apocalyptic insane.



Failed Love

Failed love you say.

Love never fails.

Maybe I failed love.

Love always dwells.

And sometime that’s hell.

My opinion, if they say, I don’t love you anymore.

Then they never did love you.

Or they are just hurting.

I have been blessed to be loved by several.

At least they claimed to love me.

And I loved them. And I still do.

Time passes we move on, but I never stopped loving them.

I have wished and prayed not to love them.

But my heart is a sucker for love.

And as hard as I try to dismiss my love for them.

It still dwells in a heart filled with memories.

The memory of when you said,

I loved you the moment I saw you.

I called b.s. but I’m sure she meant it.

Because when I tried to walk.

She stopped me.

And looked me in the eyes,

I will not let you walk away.

No matter what the costs.

And she didn’t.

I like to hope I saved her.

I know she saved  me.

And when she told me at the end,

I don’t love you now.

I knew she was just trying to hurt me.

Some love harder than others.

I think some are in love with finding a new love.

But, to love is a mystery worth the pain.

And the one I knew I hurt the worst,

When I was gratefully given a chance to make amends,

I asked her to forgive me.

She smiled and said,

I forgave you a long time ago.

It broke my heart all over.

How could I have ever been so foolish?

Love is eternal.

And it burns my selfish heart.



You Best Run

Do you think it a pun.

Being spun.

Why sometimes you can touch the sun.

Really, sometimes it is fun.

Why once I felt as if I were the one.

Now I’m the only one.

But I’m still spun.

No, I’m not undone.

I am a none.

Just kiddin’, see a fun pun.

I know I’ve won.

Cause I have a ton-o-fun.

And today I met my new hun.

She loves being spun.

Together we’ll spin the spun.

I know she’s not a nun.

But spun is spun.

Until you need a gun.

And that’s no pun son. You best run.



I Can Rap Pap

I can rap Pap.

Wear a backward cap.

Make you clap.

Even make you toe-tap.

Act like a stone-cold sap.

My woman she was a mantrap.

She was full of crap a hell brat.

And made me lose my map.

To the gap.

I was not a bit hap.

Then she sat on Fat’s lap.

Soon she take a perm nap.

You doubt that then stand pat.

You’ll see you snitch rat.

Shut up, you another mother or you be next at bat.

By the way, your ass be fat.

You Hillbilly cat

Get the fuck out or get got gnat.

Can you dig that maggot.

I’m just like 2pac an uncapped cat.



Fortune Cookie

Some people can’t take a joke.

But you sure did smile Cookie.

Yep, that was her name.

But I told her it was a joke.

That night at the House of Mandarin.

The server brought the fortune cookies.

And I read mine.

Some men dream of fortunes other dream of Cookie, in bed.

My, my you did smile.

Then of course yours,

A friend in need is a friend indeed, in bed.

And of course, you asked for extra fortune cookies to go, in bed.

You read everyone, flattery will go far tonight, in bed.

Who knew you’d take it literally, in bed.

Never forget a friend of your true love, in bed.

Then there was your favorite, I am worth a fortune, in bed.

My personal favorite for you of course,

You can always find happiness on Friday at work, in bed.

And you seemed to with your new young dumb boss.

It seems you were a fortune Cookie junkie, in bed.

And now Cookie let me say good luck with Chuck, in bed.

Btw, did you tell him about your fortune cookie addiction Cookie.

Nope, didn’t think you did.  You’re  the Cookie Monster, in bed.

Some folks just can’t take a joke, but you can, in bed.




I finally figured it out.

You see I was in charge of oversight, but I forgot, and it was clearly my oversight.

That I did not sanction said oversight but obviously my oversight I did sanction.

And I must resign myself to the fact that I must resign.

But first let me remove the dust and dust this word off.

And use it to describe what must be my issue with any issue.

I’m a contronym an antonym to myself.

It must be a disorder or disease.  Can I get a pill or something.

Maybe a lude.  Who would have thunk it?

Now please, quite for you know I’m quite right.

You can even google it. It’s most interesting.



Your Bestowment

I like to write about the light.

And make you feel alright.

But then the darkness takes my breath.

And I get angry and my writing pokes a stick at death.

You see I have no fear of that pretender.

If death appears at least be tender.

If it’s unavoidable.

I’m ready and able to be voidable.

You see there is not a thing I can do,

If the grim reaper says, peek-a-boo, I see you.

Just be quick, you know I hate to be late.

And I hate to wait or delay fate.

But please forgive me for just one moment.

While I hack your bestowment.



What’s His Name

Once while making sweet love to my bride.

She screamed a mutual acquaintance’s name.

Luckily, I blocked it out for the moment.

Afterwards, I mentioned the faux pas.

She said don’t be a silly willy.

You must have miss heard.

He’s not even my type.

You are my one and only.

The truth will always set you free darling.

Of course, the divorce is pending.

If we could just locate the defendant.

And what’s his name?



The Gallows

Please sit and listen.

To a man on a mission.

But it seems mission control has lost my soul’s patrol.

And hell is on a roll.

My soul a fool.

Rolling on an empty spool.

The thread torched or lost.

Satan now the boss.

A molehill on every mountain.

Another sip from the fountain.

That notion about happiness,

Sure, but first try this emptiness.

It’s wishful and sinful.

And will make your grin full.

I know you cannot ignore the lore.

It is just for you.  So don’t be a bore. Have more.

Swallow, wallow or just feel hollow.

I’ll meet you at the gallows.



Life’s a Beach Teach

I would gladly go back to school.

Why I would be a prodigy.

Book report?  Love it. Online cliff notes.

Term paper?  PayPal works for me.

Homework?  Copied and pasted shared not wasted.

The dog ate my homework teach.

I have a picture on my phone.

What does photoshopped mean?

Use a phone to cheat? Never mom.

Ah, teach you didn’t know.

Or care.  Even then.

After all, you knew it’s all crap.

We already knew it all.

And you were just waiting on your 25.

No need to deny.

I know you started with passion.

It was the system all along that kept your teeth a gnashing.

So, I say schools out forever Alice.

Except online Mr. Cooper.

No batteries, masks, or teachers required.

Except for the lesson plan.

Oh, I’ll just use the one you used.

For the last 22 and 1/2 years.

Yep, www a plan dot com buy one get one.

And www get a real job dot com.

Sorry teach.  Life’s a beach.




What if people knew you mind, liar.

You’re like a thief walking a high wire.

That’s your greatest fear, being though a liar.

It haunts your dreams, tears at the seams.

I’m sure that’s why you always run.

But where ever you go.

You’re still right there, liar.

So, go ahead point a finger.

Karma, it seems to linger.

Afraid to go to sleep?

Go ahead close those baby blues, liar.

I guess you can hide them after all.

From the one that loved the liar.




I know you’ve been told,

You’re born, live, pay said piper, and then you die.

There must be more. Got to be.

The older I get; I feel it in my soul.

No, I’m not bitching.

I’m just what ifing.

And yes, I’ve been known to have a bad attitude.

But for the most part, I’m good.

I’d just like to speculate.

Cause I have feeling there is more.

A helluva a lot more.

And for once I’m even with the house.

You see in the end you learn the grays.

As I watch the young,

I know we helped them to be better.

They are smarter, wiser, and stronger.

And it’s much easier to explore magical realms.

And I know we helped eliminate their fear.

If only I would have had that direction.

But then, there are no mistakes.

We just think they are.

Amazing how mistakes unfold.

Into the magic of your dream.

More.  There’s got to be.

And for that I’m grateful.

And I am for you to dear reader, thank you.

So, for future generations,

Just know and believe and enjoy more.

If you can’t believe,

It might help you to know I believe, more.

You see, I found more. I could tell you more.

But it’s best you explore, more.



Well, You Know

Those that can’t trust.

Can’t be trusted.

I have found this to be true.

Let’s just say I learned it in a hard way.

Blinded by love?  Possibly.

But at the time my reasons insisted.

Hoping for a miracle change.  Always.

But let’s just say I was your, you know, fool.

I like to think it was, you know, love.

Love for the others involved.

One In particular.

Love for you?  Sure.

But there came a time, well, you know.

You can only beat a dog so long.

Before it dies or turns on you.

And the lines you crossed,

Well, I won’t go there.

Except to say,

Yes, this dog turned.

Long before you think you burned me.

And I still love the one in particular.

More than ever, well, you know Shelby.



You and Me

In know I love you and me.

Cause we’re still together you and me.

So, I must love you and me.

No, you love the other me and you.

The one that’s not enough me for you and me.

Don’t you see you love the wrong me.

We should stick together you and me.

Try to love the both of you and me.

The one you see and the one that’s you and the one that’s just me.

You and I are more than enough to please the both of me.

Should you start to doubt you and me,  try to understand I will never leave you and me.

Again, cling to you and me,

And you and me will be, forever free, just you and me.



Face to Face

In my mind I have retraced your beautiful face.

Over and over my fingers slow it’s pace.

And find the trace of empty space.

Your eyes wide open, laced with grace.

Your memory it refuses to chase.

It haunts me everyplace, and though I try to replace.

My heart you displaced, encased someplace in your embrace.

It still burns for one more face to face.    Anyplace.



My Dear

Happiness but a notion.

It must be at the bottom of the ocean.

Peace of mind the sole solution.

If not for the soul pollution.

An abundant vibrant life.

If not for self-created strife.

What seems to be the problem you ask?

Nothing you reply, carefully uncapping the flask.

Everything is just peachy.

The 38 just out of my reachy.

Don’t be so dramatic,

You pathetic addict.

Have no fear.

Here, the safety if off my dear.



At Most Fear

If my time is near,

Father I pray for these peers.

I have no fear.

If it appears we go to war.

Who am I you leer.

I am the sphere.

I am the Rod of God, my dear.

Let me make it crystal clear. 

Oh, you missed it awakened seer.

I feel your eyes stuffed with fear.

I know you’re always near but not in my gear.

But you see while I dance on the edge of the atmosphere.

With Zeus, Thot, and God’s that seem to disappear when I appear.

The reasons may seem unclear,

Simply put they fear a mere image you cannot hear.

The mirror that you adhere, I’m in there with free beer.

But you’re to self-endeared to make my image reappear.

So, when you are wind sheered.

I’ll be the first to cheer.

Look at your empty mirror image and know the end is near.

It was my idea my dear, you should at most fear.

And I’m not doing a thing.  You thoughts embrace every hidden thing.

Free will has a dangerous ring.

But you asked for all these prideful things.

And now you have a lot of self-indulging bling.

But the store are closed to that loving fling.

So, you sing and dance for the wrong king.

And tell everyone there’s nothing and that’s all you bring.

“Yahushua”, a fable for fools even my words, misquoting,

The Word now mostly unheard except by the bible toting.

Of course, you encourage right of choice and baby looting.

A party to murder before the fact, I’m just footnoting.

Yes, prostituting my dear rooting.

Justice will be mine for I’m all consuming.

And your doomed to a blue screen not booting.

You see my Word is strong foreboding, concluding, muting.



Brain Refrain

I was wishing,

My brain was missing.

I hear it hissing.

It’s really dissing.

And insisting on reminiscing.

In the abyss I seem to be kissing.

Quite dismissing for I search for blissing.

We used to debate.

Now it just wants to hate.

It’s never late,

For that date.

With hate it seems to satiate.

I hate to think it is my fate.

Maybe I can rewind.

And it will be more kind.

If I can only free my mind.

And get in-line and not be blind.

I’m sure I’ll find it’s not a grind.

This rhyme of unkind on which it dines.

Surely, I can leave behind this frame of mind.

But for now, I’m stuck in a strange game.

For which I have no name.

A blame game that leads to the same lame shame.

Hall of fame for the untamed membrane.

Mind meld of insanity maimed.

For which my brain refrains.



Me vs Verse

You haven’t seen the worse.

Just wait until you are immersed in verse.

It could be a curse or worst. See the first verse.

Sometimes it seems your are locked in a unique universe.

But then nothing but a blank verse.

Verse is sometimes a ride in a hearse.

To late for a nurse.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to disperse your verse.

Or reverse your verse if inverse.

Yes, it’s necessary at times to converse with the perverse.

View this verse as diverse.

Hopefully, it’s not adverse.

And then you can reimburse,

The universal purse and sow a Shepherds purse.



On the Road Again

I have resided on Allred Road.

Yes, it had its share of rednecks.

I lived on Bay Harbor.

No Bay or Harbor to be seen.

I once dwelled on Fantasy Lane.

My, time does wane.

I spent time on a County Road.

It was in the county this road.

But I’m moving on up to Easy Street.

I hope we will soon meet.

Or maybe Love Street.

That would be a treat Morrison.

I suppose Electric Avenue is an option.

But I’ll use caution.

I love the thought of Seven Bridges Road.

But the Eagles might goad.

Of course, 52nd Street is a possibility.

Just ask Billy Joel.

Copperhead Road is not for me.

Sorry Mr. Earle.  I don’t like snakes or spiders.

Neither is Baker Street or Ammonia Avenue.

Positively 4th Street intrigues.

You knew it would right Dylan.

That Highway 20 Drive is not for me.

Sounds a little sad.

I could do the E Street Shuffle.

For sure Bruce.

Brickyard Road would serve well.

But I try not to dwell in the past.

Camelot once an option to see.

It’s lost its appeal to me.

Blue Jay Way is cool.

But I can’t seem to find it on maps.

Dixie Avenue must be in the South.

All things considered I’ll pass.

I guess I’ll just stay where I am.

On a Red Dirt Road in Bama.

Anyone know a Highway Man?



An April Shower

It was an April shower.

That sent us inside for an hour.

That’s where I met a May flower.

Immediately, I knew you to be the one.

The one who shone like the sun.

Beautiful, smart, and fun.

It was as if time stopped.

You were the mystery, I’d adopt.

My heart’s love finally unlocked.

Your smile gave you the style.

Looking into your isle of eyes, made my life worthwhile.

And I felt complete when you walked down the aisle.



Lit Your Fuse

You once said I lit your fuse.

Now you just feel used.

If only I’d seen the clues.

Your love only a ruse.

You win and we lose.

Just another notch for the blues.

I’ll dare not breathe the news.

To your new muse.

Let him discover the hidden dues.

The long nights of verbal abuse.

And the heartbreak that will ensue.

He seduced his noose.

Now let me vamoose.




It seems I lost control.

Of my soul.

Life takes a toll.

So, my soul took a stroll.

To Seoul, to read a scroll.

But someone stole said scroll.

Disappointed, my soul went to a local watering hole.

To extol and to be consoled.

Still my soul soon lost social control.

It must have been the rock and roll.

That made my soul throw up in the toilet bowl.

My soul had to re-sole.

At least that was the goal.

But my soul could not cajole the patrol.

And wound up in a sinkhole.

Where he found a loophole.

It enrolled in quality control.

And was put in the title role,

Of my heart and soul.

What was once out of my control.

Is now on cruise control.

A beautiful peace of mind unfolded to my soul.



Death Awaits

The rumor is death awaits.

I’d like permission to be late.

They say it’s everyone’s fate.

But I refuse to participate.

I’ll be happy to wait.

Saint Peter can close the gate.

You see I’m not an advocate.

And I will delegate those traits.

No need to investigate.

Or demonstrate.

I hope this resonates.

I would like to illuminate my death date.

So, let that end all debate.



The God Enzyme

If heaven is the mission.

Give a listen.

Talking to God will make you glisten.

Talking about his grace,

Will make your heart race.

And put a smile on your face.

Enjoy His precious fleeting moment.

And giving him praise.

Will fill your days.

And change your ways.

So, don’t waste time.

Get the God enzyme.

It’s a divine rhyme for thine.



A Magical Tale

The old guy said, I have no destination or time restraints.

I’m just along for the ride.

You see soon I’ll be out of this life.

Time has no hold on me.

The journey is the kite.

And I’m the flight.

You see I mattered not.

My family denies I exist.

I let that worry me for years.

But I got rid of those fears.

My family now is the dead.

Yep, that’s what I said.

I call them a family of love.

That float down from above.

The dead come around.

Talk to me when I’m down.

Some even act like clowns.

They are my angels, and they sing and dance.

Some are even from France.  Some even prance.

Why, I’ve met dead rock stars and dead Presidents.

Even ancient Gods and ascended ones.

They let me in on the mysteries of life.

And help me eliminate strife.

I never get bored.

In fact, I’m adored.

They light my path.

And never let me down.

They make me believe in love.

And that I’m enough.

My life is full and happy.

So, sit a talk a spell.

And I’ll spin you a tale.

A tale of hope.

A tale of some sailing Spirits.

It’s a magical tale.

And I tell very, very well.



Erase, a Disgrace

Nothing left to seek.

Nothing left to know.

Nothing satisfies.

A life without meaning.

A life undefined.

A life incomplete.

That feeling of emptiness.

That feeling of isolation.

That feeling of darkness.

A soul departed long ago.

A soul broken in pieces.

A soul no one helped.

The sound no one hears.

The suicide no one understands.

The sands of time erase, a disgrace.



Try Not to Worry

At what point did I lose me?

How could I have been so blind?

Blind?  Stupid, would be more accurate.

Then, I continued to deny what my eyes were seeing.

You played me for a fool.

And I let you. 

What you didn’t see was I didn’t give a fuck.

About what you did.

As long as you left me in peace.

But still, you must think me the biggest idiot on earth.

Which makes me laugh.

Because now you’re someone else’s bad dream.

And I find comfort in that reality.

But I won’t forget bitches! 

Let me say that with malice of heart.

To both of you.

One day when you least expect it.

I will insist upon the truth.

From both of you.

And if you speak the truth.

I may show mercy.

To  you or both of you.

But I have my doubts about being able too.

Until we meet again.

Try not to worry.

I’m in no hurry.



The Undone Ones

Add one, then subtract one. You get three.

I can’t prove it. Can’t you see.   

And so rightfully, frightfully, called new and improved.

That’s me.

I’m a model A or a model T or I could be a model X.

What’s in a name?  A number.  What’s in a number.

The answers to secret questions no one speaks of.

The secret alphabet of illusion.  Alphabet soup for the foolish.

An endless loop of loop the fate.

A leap of faith.  Two lumps of hope.  Add Crystals of hope to help you cope.

Cope with  the dope. Cope with  Pope. 

A rough diamond of hope. 

A new code of hope.  To help you cope.  Dope of hope.

The drug of the shining bright ones.

The undone ones.   The crazy like me of course.



Gratitude with an Attitude

Gratitude with an attitude.

Leads to unselfish sharing with the multitude.

Which leads to smoke, fire, and dreams that fulfill out desires.

And that can have an unintended consequence with sequence of the flow of golden synergy.

An induction of ultimate seductions of the soft energy function.

Behold, multiple lines of icommunication opening and functioning as one powerful fiery son.

And you will be ringing hell’s bells for free forever, and ever.  Magic hell’s bells.  Son and everyone.

So just settle down and feel.  Get real.  And deal.  The deal has already been sealed.



Oh well, it’s been a good day in hell
And tomorrow I’ll be glory bound


Read “Good Day in Hell” by Eagles on Genius