Chosé to Be You

Chosé to bê you.

Or not.

Let us décidé,

To redecide.

Just one blink is all It takes.

One think.

And fake-It.

Until you make It.

As the French Say,

 “Imaginer c’est choisir.”

To imagine is to choose.
– Jean Giono

Guitar Champ

The greatest guitar player you ask.

I love them all.

But there’s only one purple haze.

The guitar does his talking.

See you over yonder.

And about the time you realize this shit’s good

You’re wondering again. Is this shit any good.  

Back to bottom of the sea.

His guitar does his talking.

Are you listening?




Experience is simply, knowing no matter how bad IT SEEMS, APPEARS, it feels as if there’s NO WAY OUT, IT IS THE KNOWING THAT (YOU) will find a solution, a miracle solution, the moment you are supposed too, and not one second before.
Few will attain experience. Unfortunately. Because they do not seek it. Or they think they already have it. When indeed they do