Cloudy Drive


Glyn Hayes



Going down the line.

Just to unwind.

But my drive is clouded….

With the sound of a proud.


I’m already gone,do I

Feeling so alone.

What do I need.

You know dweeb.

Seed for feed.]

Water to lead….

Truth for words.

That’s all.

And you, me.

The Power of the Tower

The leaning tower of Pisa is a cultural icon that perhaps symbolizes the human ability to sometimes almost defy nature. It amazes many observers that the tower has not given in to the law of gravity, although it is in danger of collapse.

Construction on the Leaning Tower of Pisa took 176 years!The identity of the original Pisa Tower architect is unknown.The Tower used to lean in a different direction!There is a possible link to Galileo!The reason the Tower leans is still a bit of a mystery!Pisa has other leaning towers.Is there still a chance that the most famous Pisa Tower could fall?

What was the original purpose of the Leaning Tower of Pisa?Some speculate that part of the motivation to construct the tower was to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A more likely explanation is its original functional purpose, to store water for outdoor recreational swimming pools.

Leaning Tower of Niles –


When God paints by Alan…

When Roger paints by Stick Man…

Anyone can draw God said?

Draw what you C…

Every thought you have is correct…

Except when it’s wrong…

So which thought will you have today…

Thought that is…So think, think, think…

So you don’t sink, sink, sink…

Or drink, drink, drink…


If you get confused wash–rinse—-repeat…… 8….


Fiction about Life…

A recent phone conversation…

Person 1: I love you!!!

Person 2: I love you too!  But I can show you better than I can tell you.

Person 1: You can?

Person 2: I’m from Missouri, the show me state. Can you show me?

Person 1:  I love you! What do yo want?

Person 2: I just want your time…

Person 1 Excuse me I got to take this call…

Person 2: Okay, call me back.

Person 1:  Ok, bye…

Person 2: Bye!

Haven’t heard from them in six months!



The Great Escape

Little Women Orchard House Edition Hardcover – 1915


Louisa May Alcott was both an abolitionist and a feminist. She is best known for Little Women (1868), a semi-autobiographical account of her childhood years with her sisters in Concord, Massachusetts. Alcott, unlike Jo, never married: “… because I have fallen in love with so many pretty girls and never once the least bit with any man.” She was an advocate of women’s suffrage and was the first woman to register to vote in Concord, Massachusetts.
Photo by unknown [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.