The Attitude from Hell

The attitude from hell.

 It takes the attitude from hell.

 In a do or die.

It is simple die.

Ok lunger.

Say when.

Do or die.

Say when.

Do or die.

You know you have been here before.

The attitude from hell.


Thoughts from hell. You’ve been there bitchy.

Bury me now.

Bury me now.

Are we clear.

Say when.

Do or die.

Do or die.

The hell lol

Know it well.

And now you do too.



The Words Never Listen

The Words never listen.

And I can never find the words.

Dear dear words.

Please dear words listen.

Please star listener help me.

Make the words listen.

Let me find the right words.

Because I seem to find the wrong words.

My words always seem to hurt.

The Words only listen to bad.

How sad the words her bad.

This time I pray for listening good words.






Experience is simply, knowing no matter how bad IT SEEMS, APPEARS, it feels as if there’s NO WAY OUT, IT IS THE KNOWING THAT (YOU) will find a solution, a miracle solution, the moment you are supposed too, and not one second before.
Few will attain experience. Unfortunately. Because they do not seek it. Or they think they already have it. When indeed they do



Good Morning World

Just a dream it seems too carry me.

Soon I will be free from sanity.

It’s not far to never, never land and the bands.

And a little weed will carry my soul. Bold.

Rock with me and you shall see.

Fantasy a toke away sailing sways to carry my dreams.

Rock with me and you shall see.

The game of love.

From above.

Feel the heat and the beat.

Rock with me the night away.

Sing and dance, take it slow.

Feel the beat rock with me.

And you’ll see your dreams come true.

Love thrives….

All night and forever.

Rock with me.




A Spiritual Prophet

A spiritual prophet a spiritual angel.

The one who shines. The one who protects.

The gorgeous forgotten youngest child.

Wild child. Black sheep child. Never fit child.

Loyal child. Never quits child. Never smiles child.

Love child.

Shines brighter than the light.

She begs to untangle.

Begs to strangle.

Knows every angle.

Utters divinations.

Loves temptations.

Hates complications.

Bless us with your second sight.

Reveal our secrets.

We shall believe!




9:25 p.m.

Scream Dreams IT

Things come back to you.

Give it away it to keep IT.

It returns 10 times over.

Believe IT and IT is created.

Put it in the universe.

Scream IT. Dream IT. Scream IT.

Get on with IT. Scream dreams IT.

Now. Or you may be gone tomorrow.

Just do IT. Screw IT Do IT!

Right now!



Intend to Bend

Intend not to bend.

For what’s right is left.

Intend to lend.

The bend to the end.

Send the end right to intend.

Lend the bend to the end.

The trend ends with the bend.

Lend. End. Bend. Sent.

Abstract LENT!!!! Night.

Subtract TWIN Thief

Send Returns.


Activate ALL!




I am feeling reflective.

But selective.

Think I’ll get high.

Don’t sigh.

I want to be free.

Can’t you see.

Don’t dwell in hell.

Ring the bell.

Time for things to change.

So I rearranged.

The game for fame.

Sounds sort of lame.

It’s my turn to shine.

To unwind.

I get to pull the wool.

I get to be guileful.


But selective.





Spent my life running around.

Spent my life funning a clown.

Spent my whole life looking for the sun.

Spent my whole life looking for the Son.

Spent my whole life trying to deal.

Spent my whole life trying to heal.

Spent my life going crazy.

Spent my life being lazy.

Spent my whole life chasing a shadow.

Spent my whole life reading Thoreau.

Spent my life trying to belong.

Spent my life going along.

Spent my whole life under the thumb of,

Spent my whole life seeking truelove.

Spent my life being adjustable.

Spent my life being indestructible.

Spent my whole life being a sellout.

Spent my whole life ready to turnabout.