That’s Me

When I was a kid, I pretended I was Superman.

And then Batman or Spiderman.

I pretended to be Hammering Hank from Mobile.

Or the Say-Hey Kid. Even Freddie Patek.

I was Joe Willie in Super Bowl III.

I would pretend I was the King.

I’m in love baby I’m all shook up.

I was off the charts pretending to Hendrix.

After all my last name was Hayes.

They even called me that in school.

That was really cool.

Now I pretend I’m Brady.

Not because he’s a winner.

And he is simply the greatest.

You and then Montana.

No doubt in my mind.

And I know what drives Mr. Tom Brady.

The love of the game. It’s as simple as that.

And getting paid to play a game you’d play for free.

So, Brady, I’ve got a few years on you.

But I’m gonna run a post pattern.

Just throw it up.

I’ll be open bro.

I can get open one more time.

Thanks for the hope Kid.

Oh yea, think Clemson and Renfro.

Against my Tide.

That’s me.



Published by @purplehayes

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