Match Game

That’s the game we play.

We’re in a game to match and level up.

We know how to play to win.

Put me in coach.

I know I can win.

And we do.


Until we don’t.

So, we find a better match game.

Cause we feel unhappy.

And justify our selfish actions.

Blame game just a fraction.

If only there was discovery,

Like a court tv drama or recovery.

And we think there will be no consequences.

Wrong answer Homer.

As the shit piles up.

We just keep eating it.

And say, aren’t you glad I didn’t step in it.

What do you know? You’re old.

Correct, I am more experienced.

And I won’t let that stop me from helping the inexperienced.

Think about that fellow gamer.

Sometimes you need to be still, chill.

Play a match game against yourself Phil.

And not take a pill.

A one off.

Remember your history.

Our history.  There is no magic eraser.

Feel the similar past.

And ask will it work at last.

Feel, listen for nothing.

Then listen for a peaceful voice.

Trust that silent calming voice.

You call b.s.?

It will work. Always.

I was made to go to church.

I could never make the big decision.

Because I was seeing one thing.

Show me that it works. Match.

Nope throw out that batch.

Your preaching what they say.

But the results, they make you pay.

And you’re unhappy every day.

So, I rode that pain fence.

And you just kept screaming foul.

But always the darkest sheep, come on.

And I could never reach that next level.

So, I quit your game.  I thought. But what the devil?

Things didn’t improve for this naysayer.

I had to take a long look at the main game player.

And the players. And the game.

Then I realized you were the issue at times.

And you didn’t even know it.

Most never will.  And I must deal.

That’s okay too.

Just remember I’m still playing boo.

Please try too for both our sakes.

Of course, I hope we can just shake.

But I must inquire some more.

Are we even playing the same game anymore.

Because the only way to win a match game,

Is to be perfect match and the game to be basically the same.

And the whole world to be wanting to get along in the maze game.

Don’t you see this game will have multiply winners.

We’re all the same.  But just think different about our dinners.

There is only one game for all.

Ultimately. I can’t change the game before I take the big fall.

I only think I can and what a shame.

Sometimes I must accept the game as it exists.

I’m right at the correct level for now.

And take my bow.

Now where do I go and figure it our somehow.

I can only try to be an honest match without fear.

Honesty, a forgotten word in the lame game with the end near.

Are we both playing the same game.

And is the game the same or insane.

Fame and fortune the game you say.

Wrong game. Let me pray.

Doubt me? 

Who put this guy in?

Yes, I am unfiltered.

One day you will be too.


Because in this match game.

Cheaters abound to destroy the game.

And just eliminate you and your game.

For nothing or no reason.  Just win baby.

And your unfiltered brain.

Tells your pure heart.

And you are behind a fire wall.

Protected but rejected.

But they’ve already hacked you.

Jacked you. 

Which gave them back-door access to me.

Personally, I’m tired of that stinging bee.

I’m still learning the ever-changing game.

And for that I grateful.

Yep, I got your back.

Do you have my slack?

Because some of us play the long game.

And learned most are insane in there pea-brain.

Or just don’t use that thing called a brain.


Because they opened there mouth.

Besides that, we believe in truth in the south.

Tastes good in my mouth.

See you later. Alligator.



Published by @purplehayes

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