Well, You Know

Those that can’t trust.

Can’t be trusted.

I have found this to be true.

Let’s just say I learned it in a hard way.

Blinded by love?  Possibly.

But at the time my reasons insisted.

Hoping for a miracle change.  Always.

But let’s just say I was your, you know, fool.

I like to think it was, you know, love.

Love for the others involved.

One In particular.

Love for you?  Sure.

But there came a time, well, you know.

You can only beat a dog so long.

Before it dies or turns on you.

And the lines you crossed,

Well, I won’t go there.

Except to say,

Yes, this dog turned.

Long before you think you burned me.

And I still love the one in particular.

More than ever, well, you know Shelby.



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