Life’s a Beach Teach

I would gladly go back to school.

Why I would be a prodigy.

Book report?  Love it. Online cliff notes.

Term paper?  PayPal works for me.

Homework?  Copied and pasted shared not wasted.

The dog ate my homework teach.

I have a picture on my phone.

What does photoshopped mean?

Use a phone to cheat? Never mom.

Ah, teach you didn’t know.

Or care.  Even then.

After all, you knew it’s all crap.

We already knew it all.

And you were just waiting on your 25.

No need to deny.

I know you started with passion.

It was the system all along that kept your teeth a gnashing.

So, I say schools out forever Alice.

Except online Mr. Cooper.

No batteries, masks, or teachers required.

Except for the lesson plan.

Oh, I’ll just use the one you used.

For the last 22 and 1/2 years.

Yep, www a plan dot com buy one get one.

And www get a real job dot com.

Sorry teach.  Life’s a beach.



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