Failed Love

Failed love you say.

Love never fails.

Maybe I failed love.

Love always dwells.

And sometime that’s hell.

My opinion, if they say, I don’t love you anymore.

Then they never did love you.

Or they are just hurting.

I have been blessed to be loved by several.

At least they claimed to love me.

And I loved them. And I still do.

Time passes we move on, but I never stopped loving them.

I have wished and prayed not to love them.

But my heart is a sucker for love.

And as hard as I try to dismiss my love for them.

It still dwells in a heart filled with memories.

The memory of when you said,

I loved you the moment I saw you.

I called b.s. but I’m sure she meant it.

Because when I tried to walk.

She stopped me.

And looked me in the eyes,

I will not let you walk away.

No matter what the costs.

And she didn’t.

I like to hope I saved her.

I know she saved  me.

And when she told me at the end,

I don’t love you now.

I knew she was just trying to hurt me.

Some love harder than others.

I think some are in love with finding a new love.

But, to love is a mystery worth the pain.

And the one I knew I hurt the worst,

When I was gratefully given a chance to make amends,

I asked her to forgive me.

She smiled and said,

I forgave you a long time ago.

It broke my heart all over.

How could I have ever been so foolish?

Love is eternal.

And it burns my selfish heart.



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