Fortune Cookie

Some people can’t take a joke.

But you sure did smile Cookie.

Yep, that was her name.

But I told her it was a joke.

That night at the House of Mandarin.

The server brought the fortune cookies.

And I read mine.

Some men dream of fortunes other dream of Cookie, in bed.

My, my you did smile.

Then of course yours,

A friend in need is a friend indeed, in bed.

And of course, you asked for extra fortune cookies to go, in bed.

You read everyone, flattery will go far tonight, in bed.

Who knew you’d take it literally, in bed.

Never forget a friend of your true love, in bed.

Then there was your favorite, I am worth a fortune, in bed.

My personal favorite for you of course,

You can always find happiness on Friday at work, in bed.

And you seemed to with your new young dumb boss.

It seems you were a fortune Cookie junkie, in bed.

And now Cookie let me say good luck with Chuck, in bed.

Btw, did you tell him about your fortune cookie addiction Cookie.

Nope, didn’t think you did.  You’re  the Cookie Monster, in bed.

Some folks just can’t take a joke, but you can, in bed.



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