It seems I lost control.

Of my soul.

Life takes a toll.

So, my soul took a stroll.

To Seoul, to read a scroll.

But someone stole said scroll.

Disappointed, my soul went to a local watering hole.

To extol and to be consoled.

Still my soul soon lost social control.

It must have been the rock and roll.

That made my soul throw up in the toilet bowl.

My soul had to re-sole.

At least that was the goal.

But my soul could not cajole the patrol.

And wound up in a sinkhole.

Where he found a loophole.

It enrolled in quality control.

And was put in the title role,

Of my heart and soul.

What was once out of my control.

Is now on cruise control.

A beautiful peace of mind unfolded to my soul.



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