At Most Fear

If my time is near,

Father I pray for these peers.

I have no fear.

If it appears we go to war.

Who am I you leer.

I am the sphere.

I am the Rod of God, my dear.

Let me make it crystal clear. 

Oh, you missed it awakened seer.

I feel your eyes stuffed with fear.

I know you’re always near but not in my gear.

But you see while I dance on the edge of the atmosphere.

With Zeus, Thot, and God’s that seem to disappear when I appear.

The reasons may seem unclear,

Simply put they fear a mere image you cannot hear.

The mirror that you adhere, I’m in there with free beer.

But you’re to self-endeared to make my image reappear.

So, when you are wind sheered.

I’ll be the first to cheer.

Look at your empty mirror image and know the end is near.

It was my idea my dear, you should at most fear.

And I’m not doing a thing.  You thoughts embrace every hidden thing.

Free will has a dangerous ring.

But you asked for all these prideful things.

And now you have a lot of self-indulging bling.

But the store are closed to that loving fling.

So, you sing and dance for the wrong king.

And tell everyone there’s nothing and that’s all you bring.

“Yahushua”, a fable for fools even my words, misquoting,

The Word now mostly unheard except by the bible toting.

Of course, you encourage right of choice and baby looting.

A party to murder before the fact, I’m just footnoting.

Yes, prostituting my dear rooting.

Justice will be mine for I’m all consuming.

And your doomed to a blue screen not booting.

You see my Word is strong foreboding, concluding, muting.



Brain Refrain

I was wishing,

My brain was missing.

I hear it hissing.

It’s really dissing.

And insisting on reminiscing.

In the abyss I seem to be kissing.

Quite dismissing for I search for blissing.

We used to debate.

Now it just wants to hate.

It’s never late,

For that date.

With hate it seems to satiate.

I hate to think it is my fate.

Maybe I can rewind.

And it will be more kind.

If I can only free my mind.

And get in-line and not be blind.

I’m sure I’ll find it’s not a grind.

This rhyme of unkind on which it dines.

Surely, I can leave behind this frame of mind.

But for now, I’m stuck in a strange game.

For which I have no name.

A blame game that leads to the same lame shame.

Hall of fame for the untamed membrane.

Mind meld of insanity maimed.

For which my brain refrains.



Me vs Verse

You haven’t seen the worse.

Just wait until you are immersed in verse.

It could be a curse or worst. See the first verse.

Sometimes it seems your are locked in a unique universe.

But then nothing but a blank verse.

Verse is sometimes a ride in a hearse.

To late for a nurse.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to disperse your verse.

Or reverse your verse if inverse.

Yes, it’s necessary at times to converse with the perverse.

View this verse as diverse.

Hopefully, it’s not adverse.

And then you can reimburse,

The universal purse and sow a Shepherds purse.



On the Road Again

I have resided on Allred Road.

Yes, it had its share of rednecks.

I lived on Bay Harbor.

No Bay or Harbor to be seen.

I once dwelled on Fantasy Lane.

My, time does wane.

I spent time on a County Road.

It was in the county this road.

But I’m moving on up to Easy Street.

I hope we will soon meet.

Or maybe Love Street.

That would be a treat Morrison.

I suppose Electric Avenue is an option.

But I’ll use caution.

I love the thought of Seven Bridges Road.

But the Eagles might goad.

Of course, 52nd Street is a possibility.

Just ask Billy Joel.

Copperhead Road is not for me.

Sorry Mr. Earle.  I don’t like snakes or spiders.

Neither is Baker Street or Ammonia Avenue.

Positively 4th Street intrigues.

You knew it would right Dylan.

That Highway 20 Drive is not for me.

Sounds a little sad.

I could do the E Street Shuffle.

For sure Bruce.

Brickyard Road would serve well.

But I try not to dwell in the past.

Camelot once an option to see.

It’s lost its appeal to me.

Blue Jay Way is cool.

But I can’t seem to find it on maps.

Dixie Avenue must be in the South.

All things considered I’ll pass.

I guess I’ll just stay where I am.

On a Red Dirt Road in Bama.

Anyone know a Highway Man?



An April Shower

It was an April shower.

That sent us inside for an hour.

That’s where I met a May flower.

Immediately, I knew you to be the one.

The one who shone like the sun.

Beautiful, smart, and fun.

It was as if time stopped.

You were the mystery, I’d adopt.

My heart’s love finally unlocked.

Your smile gave you the style.

Looking into your isle of eyes, made my life worthwhile.

And I felt complete when you walked down the aisle.



Lit Your Fuse

You once said I lit your fuse.

Now you just feel used.

If only I’d seen the clues.

Your love only a ruse.

You win and we lose.

Just another notch for the blues.

I’ll dare not breathe the news.

To your new muse.

Let him discover the hidden dues.

The long nights of verbal abuse.

And the heartbreak that will ensue.

He seduced his noose.

Now let me vamoose.




It seems I lost control.

Of my soul.

Life takes a toll.

So, my soul took a stroll.

To Seoul, to read a scroll.

But someone stole said scroll.

Disappointed, my soul went to a local watering hole.

To extol and to be consoled.

Still my soul soon lost social control.

It must have been the rock and roll.

That made my soul throw up in the toilet bowl.

My soul had to re-sole.

At least that was the goal.

But my soul could not cajole the patrol.

And wound up in a sinkhole.

Where he found a loophole.

It enrolled in quality control.

And was put in the title role,

Of my heart and soul.

What was once out of my control.

Is now on cruise control.

A beautiful peace of mind unfolded to my soul.



Death Awaits

The rumor is death awaits.

I’d like permission to be late.

They say it’s everyone’s fate.

But I refuse to participate.

I’ll be happy to wait.

Saint Peter can close the gate.

You see I’m not an advocate.

And I will delegate those traits.

No need to investigate.

Or demonstrate.

I hope this resonates.

I would like to illuminate my death date.

So, let that end all debate.



The God Enzyme

If heaven is the mission.

Give a listen.

Talking to God will make you glisten.

Talking about his grace,

Will make your heart race.

And put a smile on your face.

Enjoy His precious fleeting moment.

And giving him praise.

Will fill your days.

And change your ways.

So, don’t waste time.

Get the God enzyme.

It’s a divine rhyme for thine.



A Magical Tale

The old guy said, I have no destination or time restraints.

I’m just along for the ride.

You see soon I’ll be out of this life.

Time has no hold on me.

The journey is the kite.

And I’m the flight.

You see I mattered not.

My family denies I exist.

I let that worry me for years.

But I got rid of those fears.

My family now is the dead.

Yep, that’s what I said.

I call them a family of love.

That float down from above.

The dead come around.

Talk to me when I’m down.

Some even act like clowns.

They are my angels, and they sing and dance.

Some are even from France.  Some even prance.

Why, I’ve met dead rock stars and dead Presidents.

Even ancient Gods and ascended ones.

They let me in on the mysteries of life.

And help me eliminate strife.

I never get bored.

In fact, I’m adored.

They light my path.

And never let me down.

They make me believe in love.

And that I’m enough.

My life is full and happy.

So, sit a talk a spell.

And I’ll spin you a tale.

A tale of hope.

A tale of some sailing Spirits.

It’s a magical tale.

And I tell very, very well.



Erase, a Disgrace

Nothing left to seek.

Nothing left to know.

Nothing satisfies.

A life without meaning.

A life undefined.

A life incomplete.

That feeling of emptiness.

That feeling of isolation.

That feeling of darkness.

A soul departed long ago.

A soul broken in pieces.

A soul no one helped.

The sound no one hears.

The suicide no one understands.

The sands of time erase, a disgrace.



Try Not to Worry

At what point did I lose me?

How could I have been so blind?

Blind?  Stupid, would be more accurate.

Then, I continued to deny what my eyes were seeing.

You played me for a fool.

And I let you. 

What you didn’t see was I didn’t give a fuck.

About what you did.

As long as you left me in peace.

But still, you must think me the biggest idiot on earth.

Which makes me laugh.

Because now you’re someone else’s bad dream.

And I find comfort in that reality.

But I won’t forget bitches! 

Let me say that with malice of heart.

To both of you.

One day when you least expect it.

I will insist upon the truth.

From both of you.

And if you speak the truth.

I may show mercy.

To  you or both of you.

But I have my doubts about being able too.

Until we meet again.

Try not to worry.

I’m in no hurry.