The Undone Ones

Add one, then subtract one. You get three.

I can’t prove it. Can’t you see.   

And so rightfully, frightfully, called new and improved.

That’s me.

I’m a model A or a model T or I could be a model X.

What’s in a name?  A number.  What’s in a number.

The answers to secret questions no one speaks of.

The secret alphabet of illusion.  Alphabet soup for the foolish.

An endless loop of loop the fate.

A leap of faith.  Two lumps of hope.  Add Crystals of hope to help you cope.

Cope with  the dope. Cope with  Pope. 

A rough diamond of hope. 

A new code of hope.  To help you cope.  Dope of hope.

The drug of the shining bright ones.

The undone ones.   The crazy like me of course.



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