Dictate Words

The computer wouldn’t say dirty words.

 It put little asterisks.

But Roger said dirty words and did not put asterisks.

We can’t say dirty words to the computer.

Who wrote the code for the computer?

Word won’t let you type a dirty word.

Someone should inform Bill Gates about this opportunity.

There must be a solution.

But they wouldn’t listen.

Because they’re full of dirty words.

Oh, my goodness what has the world come to

Dirty words. dirty words .

So, I think I’ll make some clean words up wash rinse and dry.

Oh, oh heck I think it’s Beck, spell check that’s not what I said.

This is called dictating, is that a dirty word?

Just the front part.

What about the back part?

OMG, I said Tate does not dick.

I said dictate.

But I remember when my name wasn’t a dirty word.

Do you?

So, let me tell you the solution.

Therefore, if we forget about the past, we’re bound to repeat it.

And indeed, we are doing just that.

But word won’t dictate **** .

See what I mean jellybean!

I can’t say ********** hell.

 You just said it.

But word wouldn’t write it.

What happened to freedom of speech?



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