I had a dream it seems.
No, it was the Jim Beam.
I was there.
I was two.
Remember the dream.
No, it made me scream.
It’s the truth.
Are we in the phone booth.
He chipped my tooth.
It was the beatles.
In the Beatle.
No the punch bug.
I do remember!
It was December.
You were young and limber.
In the October of November, remember.
Time flies.
You sigh.
Life goes on.
Long after the thrill is gone.
Hold that phone.
You hold it awhile.
I wish they would go out of style.
You too Joe.


One thought on “Shhh….

  1. Your poems always make me stop and think. It’s like they are onions, with layers. I read them over and over again, and find new meanings. Do you think I would say this to you if it wasn’t true?

    On Sat, Feb 6, 2021, 11:05 AM Stream of Consciousness wrote:

    > @purplehayes posted: ” I had a dream it seems.No, it was the Jim Beam.I > was there.I was two.Remember the dream.No, it made me scream.It’s the > truth.Are we in the phone booth.He chipped my tooth.It was the beatles.In > the Beatle.No the punch bug.I do remember!It was December.You” >


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