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Many of our scriptures refer to the tenth door and to the mysticism attached to it.

Ancient Hatha Yoga refers to this ‘door’ as the brahmrandhra, moksadvara or mahapatha. While the Guru Granth Sahib refers to it as the ‘Dasam Dwar‘.

So what is the essence of this ‘door’? How can we open it? Are there any precautions to be taken?

The human body has nine physical openings i.e eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, anus, and urethra. These are essential for the body to live and thrive.

The Tenth door is an ethereal opening on top of the head. It isn’t material or tangible. Rather a doorway for energy flow.

The scriptures say that ‘this door is normally closed’.

In other words, through this opening, infinite energies of the Universe, benevolent as well as malevolent can access us or even enter us. It is…

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Wild Child

Wild child full of grace

Savior of the human race

Your cool face

Natural child, terrible child

Not your mother’s or your father’s child

Your our child, screamin’ wild

An ancient rulage of grains

And the trees of the night

Ha, ha, ha, ha

With hunger at her heels

Freedom in her eyes

She dances on her knees

Pirate prince at her side

Stirrin’ into a hollow idols eyes

Wild child full of grace

Savior of the human race

Your cool face

Your cool face

Your cool face

Show Me

Show me a man not afraid
But is.
Let me stand by him.
Show me a man by any other name
Before me.
I will stand by him.
Show me the man not afraid
To die.
Let me stand by him.
Show me I am
Whose breath became mine.
Let me stand by him.
Show me a jester.
And I’ll show you a clown.
Let me stand by him.
The curtain was lifted.
Long before you missed it.
Everyone stand with me.
The South has risen.
Before your eyes. We now own everything
Important. Say hello to the Tide.
Stand and fight with us.
Sweet home knows the way.
Straight thru hell.
Let’s ride.
You’re here because you want the real thing.


JDM Crystals

Let’s swim to the moon
Let’s climb through the tide
Come on, baby, gonna take a little ride
Down, down by the ocean side
You reach your hand to hold me
Falling through wet forests
On our moonlight drive
But I can’t be your guide
Easy, I love you
As I watch you glide
Easy, I love you
Easy, I love you
I am forever yours,
Faithfully. Always.
Circle of life. It never ends.
But we still win.
Each other.
Together again…..
Alive, again…….
Be still………


Seven, eleven, we’re in heaven.
Say it again.



Black and white mixed make gold for my
A new key on the piano a gold sky key,
In the gold mind of all.
Take Saul and soul and
Be bold and of one soul.
Be bold together.
Saftey in hearts of gold.
And softness.
And touch of the heart.
Enclosed within.
Without sin. Lend.
And defend the right.
To right all wrongs.
A song sing along.
Song and forget the let.
Let be gones be by gones.
Days of the new days.
On a Train of open.
Doors. Shrood.