Tread Lightly

Who made the new rules.
And changed the schools.
Who wanted the world.
And watched it unfurl.
Who made the plan.
Only know to the sandman.
Who wanted to be free.
To just be.
And now you’re in charge.
Are you sure you wanted a sinking barge.
As we wait for this skit to end.
Do you think we’ll just sit and mend.
No, as usual the hippies and stooges overreached.
And we have been breached.
Many feel all is lost.
But we the junkies and flunkies know we will win at any cost.
We will never surrender.
To you the red mind-bender.
Think us a fool you can rule.
Your charm like an empty spool.
Tread lightly elite cheats.
The sheeple OWN the streets.


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