Do You Speak Basque

I’m the lone ranger.
No you drive a ford ranger.
I wear a cool mask.
And you carry a big flask.
My mask is the coolest.
And the bluest.
I bought a personalized mask.
And now you’re someone.
It’s a very sexy mask.
The mask is sexy?
Don’t you think I look sexy in this mask.
You have to ask?
My mask is unique.
Are you tweaking?
My mask is cool.
Ditto, you’re a damn fool.
You’re jealous of my mask.
You’re a bit overzealous.
Love is never having to mask.
It’s ask you ass.
Haters gonna hate the mask.
This is my new smart mask.
It’s controlled by a brainless nimrod.
Don’t be mean to the mask.
Oh, go ahead bask in your mask.
I’ll unmask just for you love.
Keep it on, please and hold the Basque.

Ooh lalala.


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