The Cloud of the Watcher

Watchers watch. Watches watch. The watch of the watchers. The watcher hides behind the cloud. What are you hiding for? I’m afraid to let anyone see I’m watching. I see, you’re ashamed of what you’re watching. No, I’m just ashamed. What are you ashamed of? Everything, but mostly for being born. RGH 12/15/2020

As the Words Stream to Me

“A ruin! A ruin! I will make it a ruin!” – Ezekiel 21:27   2 1 27 What will be the next stone in the democratic republic of hate of the great divide and conquer.  To separate the spirit of souls.  Ezekiel holds pen in a divine claw of suspended virtual hypocrisy of claims, illuminated byContinue reading “As the Words Stream to Me”

*Five Trick Kings*

Five trick kings.  With a ring on a wing of an eagle prayer flies through the window of the doors of perception. And the mirror of illusion that leads to a Kingdom of Kings. Forty years and 20 spears lead to one King.  A King with two rings for the second time around. He circlesContinue reading “*Five Trick Kings*”

Groovy Situation

Lights arise and delight and fly We are going to change the world. Starting tonight Right now.  With one word. One little groovy word. I’m tired of feeling hollow. Groovy that’s the word. But we’re just going to cut to chase. Just name everyone Groovy. No numbers except a Groovy one.  Is that Groovy orContinue reading “Groovy Situation”

Waiting, Waiting

Waiting, Waiting Propagating. A theory about fating. While others are baiting. I keep waiting, waiting. Others seem to have found the Gating. But to my surprise they are not celebrating. Waiting, waiting. That empty feeling of not rating. I think I’ve found it but it’s abating. Time can be terminating. Waiting, waiting. Its, frustrating, grating.Continue reading “Waiting, Waiting”

Secret Poetry Cipher

Good Morning, I was reading the daily blues this morning, while enjoying a cup of Sumatra one source coffee when I came upon this headline on news. Infamous Zodiac Killer Cipher Solved After Five Decades The Zodiac Killer’s “340 Cipher” has been solved by codebreakers 51 years after it was sent to the San FranciscoContinue reading “Secret Poetry Cipher”

Investing Hero

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Heartwritten Story of a Daughter

—By Gabriele Schmetterling Richter

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Healing, Peace, Love, & Light!

Through our individual experiences, we can share and heal ourselves and help others in the process.

How to find a

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Silent Songs of Sonsnow

"I have enough time to rest, but I don't have a minute to waste". Come and catch me with your wise words and we will have some fun with our words of wisdom.