To Ashes

Wishful Sinful Fuck

The walls are crumbling.

You stand there stumbling.

And you sit and wish.

Wishful Sinful fuck.

Looking for satisfaction.

Wishes and fools. Candy and nuts.

Wishful Sinful Fuck

Say goodbye to Hollywood.

You hopeless loser. Boozer.

Wishful Sinful Fuck

As you stare into the mirror,

Sweet emotion tells you goodbye.

Goodbye you reply.

Wishful Sinful Fuck

You’ve gone too far,

Searching for your star.

It’s just too damn far.

Wishful Sinful Fuck.

The paces, faces, and places of a rambling past recalled.

Fragmented spaces now, wait for tech support.

No address found. Enter new destination flashes.

To Ashes.

Wishful Sinful Fuck



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