Steve do believe in a Higher Power.

I believe in God.

Do you believe the Bible?


Steve do you believe your soul is saved?

I do.

Steve do believe that you would go to heaven if you died right now.

If there is a Heaven.

Steve, I thought you believed the bible?

I do.

Steve do you believe anything else about the hereafter?

What else is there?

Steve what if there is something else?

Like what?

Steve I’m asking the questions here.

Not anymore.

Steve what if they changed the Bible or left part of out?

Who would do that?

Steve did you ever hear of religion?

Stupid question.

Steve did you ever think to find out about other religions and Churches?

I have been exposed.

Steve did you ever say for example google Judaism, Hinduism, Catholicism, or atheism and compare them
I had religion in college.

Steve answer the question?


Steve do you want to know the truth?

Yes, but it’s a faith thing.

Steve yes but there’s more. Much, much, much more.

I’m sure.

Steve want to learn about it.


Steve watch this video please it’s only three minutes please.


Revelation 12 in 3 minutes

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