One Thing Leads to Four

One thing leads to another.

Did someone say that before?

For I recall one thing leading to four more.

Or was it the fourth that leads to forty-four.

What ever for?  Try again! 

One thing leads to the other four.

For the four it’s one four one,

And four for one is nine.  But, for why did say four.

Did you forsake us four. I thought it was one four all.

And four for one.  One of us four is acting he is only four.

For real.  But he’s really fourteen for four more days.

I am the youngest poet forever.  I’m only four!

Hi, four readers.  For the fourth time.

If it takes four men four days to dig four holes.

How long will it take one man to dig one fourth of four holes.

For sure. One day one man digs four holes. 4 days.

Wrong!!! You can’t dig one fourth of a hole.  It’s one hole.

Or no hole for you four.  Dig four?  Or one? For all?



12/9/2020           2 + 2 =4

12 + 9 + 20 +20 = 61




*When you keep seeing numerical sequences, the Divine is reassuring you that your connections with the Angels are strong and powerful. You will feel the positive energy and love all around you, in your life. Angel Number 744 means that you have garnered the attention of the Archangels.

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