Good Morning Love

I can’t tell you why.

Sometimes my vibration is high.

Why sometimes I cry.

But right now, I must feel like Frey.

As the morning peeks around the corner.

The glint of the sun stretches to reach.

A lost spirit of the forgotten.

To awaken the ones that wait to run.

My heart was once lost.

On a sinking ship.

The ship had no compass.

And as my spirited soul drifted.

The veil was suddenly lifted.

Not to what I once searched.

But of a world of wonder and hope.

And in the end.

There was no end only hope.

Hope like a star.

Billions of stars in the sky.

And my childlike wonder returned.

My wonder pretended.

That the stars in the sky,

Flew to you and you and you.

And all that was left was love.



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