Welcome to the Block

Hi, welcome to the Pearly Gates.

My name is Saint Peter and I’ll be your guide.

And who might you be?

I’m P (coughs).  Holds up book in hand and points.

Hmm. Hayes.  Yes, here we are a writer. Touché.

Purplehayes58.  A pen name I presume.  Let me see.

Says here died of writers block. Suicide.  So sad.  Is that correct.

No sir it was Writers Glock.  Not block.  I was worried about block.

But it seems I contracted lock first.  Let me tell you, all I could do was write.

Which was awesome for about a month.  Then it went into writers dock.

My ship finally came in and docked.  And the writing continued.

As my symptoms worsened it lead to something call Writers Mock.

I started to resent other writers and started to mock them.  One thing led to another.

Before you know it, I was back in Writers Mental Hospital Block.

Social distancing was non-existent, and I caught another block. Rock block for writers only.

It’s genetic or in my DNA.  So, I had the rock block blues.  But I was a rocking, writing machine gun block.

Other writers were envious and jealous.  They were always trying to steal my journal.

Talking behind my back and plotting against me.  One accused me of plagiarism so I Knocked His Block off.

Violence is never the answer.  I knew that but ego got in my eyes.  From then on, I tried to stop writing but the flow was always there. 

One of the writers had a gun snuck in to him.  He came to my room and shot me with a Glock Block.

Which led me here to you St Peter and the Pearly Gates. 

Sad, so sad.  People never cease to amaze.  But I think you’ll be happy here.  And I welcome you to Heaven.  Here the only block you will get is called Flock Block.  But right now, you’re showing symptoms of Dead writers Lock Block and a mild case of Dead Writers Heart Lock.

You may pass and the next door be sure to Knock, Knock so you won’t get Jock Block.

Good luck and remember from now on you have Off the Clock Writers Block.  Relax and enjoy so you won’t get Writers Squawk Block.  It’s just surfaced the Block that Writers Cuckoo Clock He’s a Writing Peacock Block. Welcome to the Block. Try not to Block.

Damn this is a WordPress Block. That’s funny I don’t care who you are fellow posters.

Purplehaze Block


Published by @purplehayes

Blogger, writer, father. Thanks for all your support. I hope you'll continue to spread the word. What If We're Already in Heaven Read if free with Kindle Unlimited. Death Wishes A Short Story also available on Kindle Unlimited RGH

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