Truth SPUN

Have you ever been spun.

Let me tell you about the fun.

And then, none.

First, you’ll see the sun.

And that is not a pun son.

Try not to come undone.

We’ve only just begun.

Because you are about to run. Run, run, run.

Make a bank run.

But try to avoid a cost overrun.

Call the cook your stepson.

He’s homespun!

He can help your bull run.

Alas, another dry run.

But hope endures,  soon you shall be number one.

Just in case, keep handy a hand gun.

Relax not for the long run.

Because you’re about to hit a home run.

One that will stun.

Enjoy the bread Sally Lunn.

Hopefully before you forget you were once someone.

That you even have a grandson.

Remember you bought him a mister machine gun.

His first and only water gun.

Do you feel you’ve done a gross ton.

I know. You enjoy this mock sun.

You will not be outdone.

So, keep watching the rerun.

Soon someone will call a Father and nun.

Or you could just use the shot gun.

Bye everyone.



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