Strange Game

Let’s play a strange game.

I bet you know the game.

It’s called Strange Insane Magic Brain.

You never heard of it. I’m aghast.

Let me tell you. It’s a blast.

There are no rules.

But there are tools. Tools for fools.

Strange you say.  They are only words.

So, here’s what you do.

First, you say something strange.

Then pretend you have a magic brain.

And then go insane. Insane in the brain.

Then you obey.

After obeying, you become a zombie.

Oh, I forgot these are levels.

You can reach different levels

In other words, you can keep the game going.

Save it for when you meet up again.

And yes, this is a single or multiplayer game.

Today we’ll go solo.

Ready. Here I go.

Let it go. But first, let me put on my black mask.

Retrain your brain to rearrange your strange lane.

Does that make sense?

No?  I didn’t think it would. 

Retrain your brain and rearrange your lane, strange.


You’re strange your brain lane rearrange and retrain.

Okay, that’s my strange.

Now without further a due

My magic brain!

I’m alone in Bama.

Writing a poem.

With a magic brain.

It’s about a strange game.

A movie game. Strange movie.

My life.  They’re making a movie about me.

Damn, I didn’t get the memo.

That’s fine with me. I’ll just start over.

And over and over.

Until I like the ending.

That’s my magic brain.

Now.  My insane….





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